Sundeelia – Reflections on Being a Walk-in


Sundeelia: Reflections on Being a “Walk-in”

By the way, for the sake of brevity, you may call me by my new nickname, “Sunny”.

I’m now into my second week being a walk-in and still expanding my light body into this vehicle.  It is an odd experience, being aware that I’m not the original soul who incarnated into the vehicle.  I do not feel any connection to Tazjma’s former life here.  Circumstances have stripped away much of the material belongings that defined her life.  And Taz left the West behind completely.  And now I stand or sit (lol) on the edge of a new life that is yet opening up.  I’ve caught glimpses of what the future potentially holds, but it is not yet time to share.  Alchemy sometimes must take place in silence and contemplation.

As a walk-in, since I am embodied in a physical human vehicle, I am also subject to the effects of the energies.  I admit to feeling somewhat exhausted at times, which is not very much like the full on Pleiadian self who is still working hard on board The White Winds, the flagship of the Pleiadian fleet.  This past week I experienced bouts of nausea, digestive issues and even vomiting, plus the fatigue.  I forced myself to rest for a couple of days until the digestive system had returned to normal.  I must say I have great respect for those who have undergone this transition for years and even decades.

Tazjma is gone, returned home to the Pleiades.  There will be some who do not believe this as being possible, but I felt the final bit of her soul essence withdraw on the 14th of this month.  It was quite palatable.  The body and I are still getting acquainted.  Sounds funny, I know, but there it is.

One thing I do bring to the table is an ability to hone into the core of an emotion or thought-form.  I am thankful that Taz did so much intense clearing of her ancient “past” lives upon this planet.  There needs to be more of this done by those who are awake or waking up, as issues will continue to emanate from these seeds of imbalance until they are addressed, integrated and dissolved, cause, core, record, memory and effect.

I’ve noticed that when a person continues to project their emotions upon others, whether it be grief, anger or fear, it nearly always has its core in something that they have not succeeded in clearing within.  For example, say someone lost a significant other in a past life and the loss was extremely hard to bear.  Then in a “future” life (all lifetimes are actually continuous) the person embodies with or comes in contact with an individual carrying the soul essence of the one who was lost or someone who happened to be a relative during that particular lifetime.  The unprocessed energies of grief, anger and blame need to be addressed by the consciousness of the one who lives TODAY, by utilizing prayer and the Violet Flame to dissolve any remaining emotional attachments.

When someone has a lot of emotional triggers to what another person does or seems to do, then there is an energy imbalance present… in the one who is projecting onto the other person.  Catch yourself if you tend to react in anger towards others, whether in your family, a friend or even strangers.  What can you heal within?  What is it that you need to face, integrate and dissolve to go forward with ease and grace?

Leaving a place of emotional neutrality leaves one open to the effects of our own past.  And potentially leaves one vulnerable to the influence of negative entities.  An attachment can occur during any traumatic event during the course of a lifetime.  Once aware, it is important… imperative to clear the negative energy from your auric field.  This can be done by calling upon the Eagles of Archangel Michael, who stand ready and willing to assist those who require help.  Once you call in their protection and remember to shield every day, you should be relatively safe from interference.  Eric Raines, Lisa Renee and others go more into the details of negative influences.  I tend to keep things simple and direct.  I am not saying don’t be emotional, just be aware and let them flow through you not own your behavior and its consequences.

It is fascinating to feel so detached from the workings of the human psyche.  I must say that most, if not all humans here have experienced a high degree of trauma and stress during their lifetimes upon this planet.  Fortunately, there are signs that the frequency of the planet is increasing rapidly, although it may take a great deal longer for the “signs” to manifest fully into people’s lives and the various “systems” that function here.  I rather hold the immaculate concept of a completely healed people and planet, but within the third dimension the energy moves very slowly.

Being a walk-in and not having been subjected to the life-long condition that Taz underwent, I can look with fresh eyes upon your so-called “culture”.  It has a ways to go before everyone will be fully respected, clothed, fed and housed as they should be… the basics for any people, anywhere.  Things are done differently in the Pleiades… which is NOT a homogenous culture or people as some might think.  In general, I feel that there is much miscomprehension and misinformation presented about other star nations and their peoples.  I hope to address some of this in future communications, but not today.  The urge to rest further is coming upon me… and I took a nice outing into Nature today.  It is ironic that I had to drive over 20 minutes to a park.  This is not an area where I intend to live permanently.  There are far too many people here.  However, for the time being I have personal reasons to be here.

I hope I don’t sound too critical of Earth humans.  Although I do wear a body made of Earth earthy, I am NOT a Terran or Earthling.  My consciousness is Pleiadian.  Still, since entering fully into the body, I too have experienced some forgetfulness of what has gone on before.  It is a hazard that comes with entering into this dense frequency, awash in the emotions and thoughts, and electrical bombardment and poisons… I really don’t know how you thrive at all in this poisonous environment.  I must commend all of you for your continued bravery and courage in being present here and now in this magnificent, if challenging, transitional period when your planet and its ultimate fate rests on the consciousness of its people.

Many blessings,

Sundeelia “Sunny” Kumara VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

5 thoughts on “Sundeelia – Reflections on Being a Walk-in

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  2. WELCOME! I pray that you find peace n live in the beauty of our planet! As I’ve been told beauty it self is inthralled simplicity of life of this planet! Please share with us how we can make it better , how can we avoid the web of illusion which keeps us from living the nectar that is true beauty of life💜❤️💛

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