Nature Walks – Gone with the Birds!


Nature Walks – Gone with the Birds!

Another day, another outing… this time even though the clouds are beginning to get a little dark around the edges.

I headed out, once, again, to Wakodahatchee Marsh to see the birds and gators.  As one woman put it, the Wood Storks have taken over the joint.  Years ago, they introduced the rare Storks… whom I can happily report are thriving, with big healthy youngsters in each nest.


There are lots of other birds, too, and one gator to be seen today.  The boardwalk trail is one mile long and popular with walkers, photographers and tourists.


After the first stroll, I headed in the general direction of Green Cay.  After a little maneuvering with the car I found another nice paved walking trail just across from the Green Cay Wetlands and took a walk around a large pond.  Then headed to the Wetlands straight across Haugen Ranch Road (south of Flavor Pict).


Green Cay is a much bigger area, but doesn’t have as many birds or they are carefully camouflaged.  There are a variety of environments including some tropical hammock and open water.  With observation I found one gator, several birds and one snake that appeared to be a juvenile Northern Water Snake.   The boardwalk in this area has 1.5 miles of trails and is again popular with walkers and birdwatchers.  The preserve also has a nice Nature Center near the beginning of the walk and an ample amount of parking.

The photo of the snake is NOT one of mine; just used for reference and identification of what I saw.

DSCN2659 (2)

Glossy Ibis (above)


I’m glad for the egrets that women’s hats with feathers are out of popularity.  They are gorgeous, dignified birds and beautiful fliers.



I timed my walk perfectly.  After finishing at Green Cay, I headed to the grocery store.  When I came out of the store, it was raining lightly.  South Florida is in desperate need of water, so I was glad to see the moisture… and the temperatures are so warm that your clothes dry out when you go under shelter.

This was my first outing fully as Sundeelia.  I enjoyed it quite a bit and now know some more really good places to walk and observe the local wildlife… including some of the humans!

Many blessings,

Sundeelia (aka Eliza Ayres)

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

5 thoughts on “Nature Walks – Gone with the Birds!

    • My pleasure to visit all these beasties. We don’t have anything like it at home or on board ship. Taz left me a nice little camera, too. Nikon Finepix L830. One woman asked me about the camera. She was older and petite and didn’t want to carry something too heavy. As you can see, pretty good close-ups, plus I do a tiny bit of editing / cropping at home on the laptop.

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