Genetic Engineering ~ April 15, 2017


This is a very comprehensive article written by Lisa Renee discussing the full scope of genetic engineering. Human genes have been tampered with in a variety of ways in order to keep human “cattle/sheep” both docile and subservient and…controllable by the powers that were.

As humanity “wakes up” and discovers that personal freedom is NOT mandated by the government you live under, more and more are reaching inside of themselves to question practices forced on us that are designed to change our DNA which, of course, governs the most basic of rights…our health!

Please read this very deep, yet frighteningly accurate portrayal of how humanity has been tampered with to keep us under control by dark forces, do your own research into DNA manipulation, and…


Genetic Engineering

Dear Ascending Family,

The war over consciousness is bubbling to the surface, with more pieces being exposed to the light of day…

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