Nature Walks – Full Moon Foray


Nature Walks – Full Moon Foray

Today just happened to be a full moon in Libra, perfect for spending a little time in Nature.  I’m feeling a little more settled this week in my new area of Florida and now and getting acquainted with the layout of the surrounding area, at least portions of it.  The “community” is much bigger than little old Walla Walla and more heavily populated than Flagler County, in NE Florida.  Still, it being a pleasant morning, I decided to go for another walk in the Loxahatchee Nat’l Wildlife Preserve, an area nearby where I can see wildlife and native flora, at least what is left of it after the strong imprint of man has altered the environment.

I arrived at the Preserve around 9 a.m., with the sun well up in the sky. At first there weren’t too many birds to be seen.  One of the rangers told me the other day that many of the birds go elsewhere during the day and then return to their roasts during the evening. Still, once into the walk, I began to see more, out gathering their morning repast… I’ll let the photos tell the story:










Birds, grasshoppers, plants, one alligator, breezes and building clouds… a walk in the park.

Blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved 2017, Eliza Ayres,

All photos taken by Nikon Coolpix L830, hand-held, at Loxahatchee Nat’l Wildlife Preserve.

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