Denise LeFay (HighHeartLife) – The Profound Intensity of Embodying More of Divine MOMMY


“As with any major influx of Cosmic Mother-level divine light, your embodiment experience is amplified.” Sandra Walter – April 2017 And ain’t that the painful but glorious truth. Mercy me. The few times I experienced further Embodying of Divine Cosmic Mommy in late 2015, much more intensely and for longer periods in 2016, then every […]

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VICTORIA: “I’m Not That Kind Of Lightworker”

I know what you mean… sometimes the Spirit moves us in ways paradoxical to all so-called spiritual memes. So be it.

Dreaming With Dolphins

Ascension Avatar note:  Just yesterday I grumbled toward heavily chemtrailed skies… “You fuckers… I’ll get all of you… and you’re little jets, too.”  Yeah… I’m that kind of ‘Lightworker’.  😀

Chemtrail Lightworker (2)

Earlier today, as I stepped outside to enjoy a very rare treat of warm sunshine, I noticed the chemtrail thugs were at it again.

“You fuckers,” I mumbled.

Then I heard the words of others throughout my life, including some in the Ascension community: “Language, Victoria. Watch your language.”

Then I remembered the movie “Michael” with John Travolta, 1996.  He’s at the breakfast table, shoveling large piles of sugar-coated cereal in his mouth.  The newspaper people are asking him questions about his unusual behavior.  For an angel, shouldn’t he be clean.  Shouldn’t he have a halo.  Shouldn’t we be hearing beautiful harp music around him.

Michael leans in, smiles and says, “I’m not that kind o angel.”

Well, I am not that…

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Journal Entry 04.11.2017 – Full Moon Foray



Journal Entry 04.11.2017 – Full Moon Foray

Today just happened to be a full moon in Libra, perfect for spending a little time in Nature.  I’m feeling a little more settled this week in my new area of Florida and now and getting acquainted with the layout of the surrounding area, at least portions of it.  The “community” is much bigger than little old Walla Walla and more heavily populated than Flagler County, in NE Florida.  Still, it being a pleasant morning, I decided to go for another walk in the Loxahatchee Nat’l Wildlife Preserve, an area nearby where I can see wildlife and native flora, at least what is left of it after the strong imprint of man has altered the environment.

I arrived at the Preserve around 9 a.m., with the sun well up in the sky. At first there weren’t too many birds to be seen.  One of the rangers told me the other day that many of the birds go elsewhere during the day and then return to their roasts during the evening. Still, once into the walk, I began to see more, out gathering their morning repast… I’ll let the photos tell the story:










Birds, grasshoppers, plants, one alligator, breezes and building clouds… a walk in the park.

Blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved 2017, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

All photos taken by Nikon Coolpix L830, hand-held, at Loxahatchee Nat’l Wildlife Preserve.

Readings by Yerevan – A Full Moon in Libra with some words about Equality…


Eliza:  This conjunction is particularly interesting to me as it is in direct opposition to my Natal Libra (sun and rising) and Moon in Aries.  Discovering balance within between my own internal masculine and feminine esssences and being able to discern true equality has been a constant theme within this lifetime spent on this interesting planet…

The Full Moon at 21 degrees of Libra, April 10th/11th opens up a can of whoopass in that iron-fist-under-velvet glove style that could have rippling effects throughout the week. Libra is a sign that is as much about payback as it is peace and harmony. It is a masculine air sign ruled by a feminine […]

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Missing Cruise Missiles Strike an Annunaki Base in Syria? (courtesy of Roseramblesdotorg)


Eliza:  Fascinating account.  If anything, it makes a good story.  Use your own discernment and keep an open mind.  Fact is often stranger than fiction.

This is the most plausible explanation I have heard thus far about the American attack on the largely abandoned airbase in Syria. Please read, think about this, feel the truth in your heart, and… InJoy! On Thursday evening, United States Naval vessels launched fifty-nine Tomahawk cruise missiles toward Shayrat airbase in northeast Syria. In Moscow, Vladimir Putin […]

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Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman: “You Are the Inbreath of the Creator”



A timeless message from Archangel Michael: 

You Are the Inbreath of the Creator

ArchangelMichael Channeled by Ronna Herman Ronna Herman, , Star Quest, All Rights Reserved, 775-856-3654 • * 6005 Clear Creek Drive • Reno, NV 89502, USA.

You_are_the_inbreath_of_the_creator/ Beloved masters, for many years, we of the higher realms have been speaking of an accelerated global shift of […]

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