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If youre feeling emotional or pulled downwards at the moment, remember it is the full moon tommorow designed to ‘pull’ out of you all your old wounds that have been holding you back
Another wave of clearing is about and its time to review your confidence in who you are.
You are a Divine creation and as such you have Divine gifts just like all of us.
There is no reason to hide from the world or hold back on your dreams.
You were created to manifest them as they are your soul’s mission and in doing so you will be fulfilling your part in Divine’s creation.
We’ve all been through a lot and have some scars.They shall not be your reason to lose confidence, for they themselves hold gifts no one else can have but you!
Stand tall and pull the richness of your existence out and shine forth…

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Michael Forester: The Powerful Effect of Heart-Centered Healing


Every cause of disease first begins with an imbalance in the body’s energy systems, specifically, the interaction between how the heart communicates with the brain and the body. Fix that and there is no disease, ever. The heart can produce an electrical field 100 times greater than the brain and a magnetic field 5000 times […]

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Arcturian Group Message, 4/9/17, by Marilyn Raffaele



The Arcturian group Message for APRIL 9, 2017 by Marilyn Raffaele

God, Source, Divine Consciousness, or whatever you choose to name IT is whole and complete, an equal balance of masculine and feminine energy. The Divine feminine is the Mother/God aspect of the ONE, while the Divine masculine is the Father/God aspect of the ONE. […]

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Yosef – Cobra – On Syrian Crisis


* Thanks to http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/2017/04/yosef-cobra-on-syrian-crisis.html Yosef Says….. * Below is why Trump has suddenly reversed his political and military position in Syria. http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2016/04/the-syria-pentagram.html?m=1 The irony is that the Chinese Elders are in full control of our military via finance; thus making victory in any new foreign war literally an impossible task for the US military (any […]

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Michelle Walling (How to Exit The Matrix) – The Path to Love is Through Darkness


By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, HowToExitTheMatrix.Com This topic is inspired by all of those who focus on love and light and ignore the darkness. While of course it is not ideal to dwell in the darkness either, most people do not realize that ignoring the darkness will veil the path back to Source. Transmuting…

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Full Moon in Libra April 11th, 2017 ~ Deep Within

The New Divine Humanity

The Full Moon in Libra is on April 11 at 3:08 am ADT. Sun Opposite Moon. The energy reveals what is not in perfect Harmony within you. The balance between ~ what is and what is not. Within and your external world. The masculine and feminine within.

Tension, pressure, emotions may run high, as the memories that are to be cleared, arise within you.

Moon Conjunct fixed star Spica, and Moon conjunct Jupiter, make this the most fortunate, generous and optimistic Full Moon. With great potential for spiritual advancement, abundance, success, honour and love. There are challenges with this. Yet, if you are in harmony and have completed your inner work, this may be the most blessed opportunity of all Full Moons for you.

Moon square Pluto ~ may lead to deep powerful emotions to arise, to be cleared. Power struggles may come up and memories transmuted. Destructive behaviours may be revealed…

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