Jeff Rense & Ole Dammegard – False Flag Terror Attacks?

Good analysis of what and who is behind the false flag attacks in the recent past… it’s STATE-sponsored terrorism and it is predictable.  The hidden brotherhoods, the CIA, MI6, Mossad, etc. are working for the secret agenda of the NWO.  The agenda is to create FEAR and anxiety in the population of all countries in order to advance the NWO agenda of repression and control.  Listen to this in order to overcome your fear response to these pre-planned events… We can DE-FUSE this kind of terror!

Benjamin Fulford Typepad 4-7-17… “Trump missile attack on Syria is a sign of Khazarian mafia desperation”

Read my lips, globalists… Your day is done!

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Well, this is a bit of a kicker… but actually I’d not be surprised at any of it. The KM would stop at nothing to take out “the Trump”. In any event, read on and see how this resonates. I do know that I have read on some Dinar type sites that they predicted Trump would eventually be leaving the US President stage, after he’d “done his thing”.

Some might also like to read this latest “I told you so” Lada Ray about this.

“The missile attack ordered on Syria by US President Donald Trump is a sign of desperation, not strength, and will lead to the end of Trump’s presidency, CIA sources in Asia say… this attack will fail to cause World War 3 and will fail to prevent the bankruptcy of the corporate government of the United States.

“This attack came after the heads of state of Egypt…

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