Sun (17 Aries) – Jupiter (18 Libra) Opposition (7-8 April 2017)

Love this:
At the vibrational level, love and compassion will not require you to mould yourself to fit into another´s expectation of reality.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Now, normally I wouldn´t be that worried about a Sun-Jupiter opposition. But given recent geopolitical events, it pays to pay attention. Jupiter Retrograde in Libra rules matters to do with diplomacy, rule of law, discourse, notions of Justice – and of course – relationships! The Sun in Aries is more about that utterly self-referential, instinctive, drive to act – without much thought as to the consequences of one´s actions. Think of the Maverick, Leader, Bully, Pioneer, Autocrat – these archetypes carry the Aries signature.

Now, politically speaking – most if not all of you will know to what/whom I am referring – so keep your eyes to the news headlines (if you do follow them) as major declarations can be made.

At the individual level, the challenge becomes that of managing the need to express and assert the self in relationship to other people. And that is a tricky balance…

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