Setting The Stage For The Great American Eclipse

Viva Combusta!

great American Eclipse Trump Syria Viva Combusta Tomahawk missles over the Mediterranean. Photo by Ford Williams/U.S. Navy

So, while most of us were sleeping last night, America sent missles flying into Syria. If you’ve read my April forecast and my writeup of the upcoming Libra Full Moon, you won’t be surprised by this.

I do want to point out some of the astrology behind the timing of the attack itself. The attack started at 8:40 PM EST. The Moon had just gone void of course about 25 minutes previous. The Moon was also at 28 degrees Leo, the exact degree of the so-called “Great American Eclipse”, a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse which will make a path across the United States. This eclipse will be a North Node eclipse; while I liken the North Node in a person’s chart to their personal manifesto, in any chart the North Node shows a fulfillment of destiny and an…

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