Exopermaculture: Global Warming or Global Cooling? (and does it matter?)


If you have spent any time with Guy McPherson videos, you know that he assumes the extinction of life on earth — within, he now says, a decade, or is it eight years?— due to global warming which, he claims, is proceeding at such an accelerated pace due to atmospheric and geophysical feedback loops ignited…

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9D Arcturian Council (via Daniel Scranton) – Re-creating From the Past


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. When you are capable of truly letting go of something from your past, you create space for something new, something better. Letting go often means redefining what it was that happened. Seeing it in a new light will help you […]

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The more powerfully you make the intent to be loving in every moment the more intensely will you feel the Love that envelops you.

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Saul Audio Blog for Saturday April 1st

To be One is to be awake.  If you are not aware of being One you are asleep and dreaming, and the vast majority of humanity is asleep and dreaming.  In your human state the “big dream” of normal life on Earth seems quite real as opposed to the dreams you experience individually in bed at night, and from which you awaken in the morning.  The only difference between them is that you wake from the bedtime ones but not from the daytime one because you truly believe the latter to absolutely real, and so refuse to awaken from it.

When you pay attention to the pain, suffering, and conflict that are endemic on Earth, and that have been ongoing for eons, you cannot be unaware that it is essential for enormous changes to occur in the way that humans respond to and…

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