Two RTs 3-30-17 (3-31-17)… “’Assad must go’ no more: US gov’t shifts priorities in Syria” and “Some are ‘ticked off’ about it”

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For those looking for data (“evidence”) that something(s) positive happening via the Trump administration, this appears to be one. This very much lines up with the work of Tulsi Gabbard who has introduced bill to stop funding terrorism, and made a personal trip to Syria to find out what is really going on there.

The USA CORP/NATO has been at this for a long long long long long long long time, and it is time for it to end. These articles indicate that time is now!

[Kp note: Okay, the second title in the title was mine (of course their title included the words “furious over Syria policy”, and when I see the “furious” word, you never really know if that’s how they really felt). But with McCain, at least, I wouldn’t be surprised.]

’Assad must go’ no more: US gov’t shifts priorities in Syria (3-30-17)

“Washington’s priorities…

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Sarah Biermann: Disclosure, Discernment & Cognitive Dissonance



Disclosure, Discernment and Cognitive Dissonance a message from Sarah Biermann Friday, 31 March, 2017

I haven’t been my “normal self” recently. Historically, I have not put my time, energy or focus on the ugly conspiracies and abuses that happen on our planet. That stuff really “brings me down” and I believe it has been important […]

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Hilarion (via Marlene Swetlisshoff) – Monthly Update, April 2017


Hilarion’s Monthly Update for April 2017 This video link may be shared with others: Beloved Ones, I come on the wings of love! The transformations of the Earth and all of her inhabitants is continuing at an unrelenting pace. That which is presented to the world at large, shows some of the signs that…

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A Visit from the Elohim

A Walk-In Life

When I woke up early this morning I was in the midst of a conversation with someone – or more accurate would be to say “someones”. I knew I was talking to a consciousness I had not heard from in a very long time. In the past I would have been nervous to talk to Them but this time I was completely comfortable. In fact, rather than feeling as if I was subservient to them, I felt to be their equal.

I received codes while in communication with Them. They came in sheets resembling computer code but composed of symbols, not numbers. Sometimes I saw the code on small, square screens. Other times the codes were presented to me individually. One such code is to be painted. When I saw it I heard “Shift” and saw what each part of the code/symbol represented.

Their message to me was similar to…

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