Journal Entry 04.28.2017 – Wakodahatchee and Green Cay Wetlands



Journal Entry 04.28.2017 – Wakodahatchee & Green Cay Wetlands

The spring weather is warm and humid here.  I get a little wacky in the heat, but still managed to get out, once again, and go bird-watching, etc. at these amazing wetlands. Saw an assortment of birds, one rabbit and five gators (two babies).







And now onto Green Cay… where I saw five gators today!  And I HEARD an alligator.  It was loud and startling, kind of a grunting roar.




Well-fed and taking a long nap in the sun…



Above:  Baby alligator and, patient mother resting in the shade of the boardwalk within reach of her babies.

This was an excellent outing.  Mile for mile, these two wetlands provide photographers, tourists and the general public with a great taste of the wildlife that still thrives deep within the Everglades of South Florida.  The wetlands are free to the public and provide an excellent learning experience with a dash of exercise thrown in.

Hope you’re enjoying the photo documentaries.  Taking photos provides me with a creative outlet that I can share with others through this blog.  Bringing a little Florida Natural to you.  Enjoy your weekend.


Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Photos taken in Palm Beach County, Florida



Journal Entry 04.27.2017 – Loxahatchee Redux



Journal Entry 04.27.2017 – Loxahatchee Redux

I stirred these sleepy bones out of bed and house this morning in order to take a morning walk at this nearby refuge.  After all, it may be shut next week if there is a Federal government shut-down due to budgetary issues.

This time, I explored the “new” area that has been recently been opened up to hikers and bikers.  Much more restoration work has been done… at least in 2000-04 to restore the cypress swamp.  The trees are still quite young, but look healthy, and there are other volunteers, as well, including Sweet Gum and Red Maple and others to add to the flora.


This area is much larger in scope than the southern portion of the refuge that is available for public access without a boat.  The preserve extends far to the north and west, but a boat or air boat are necessary to travel through the wetlands.  Even further to the west is the agricultural area that was created in the 1940’s or so, draining the Everglades and permanently affecting the ancient drainage of Lake Okeechobee.  I haven’t yet explored that area.

I saw an assortment of birds too far away to take photographs, plus a raccoon, two White-tailed Deer and a young alligator.  I heard several nesting birds, but they were well camouflaged by the thick grasses and water lilies.  There were a lot of biting flies present, an unwelcome addition, but as the weather gets warmer, so do the bugs.  I managed to beat them off without too much effort.  I always carry a bandanna as a bug swatter.


The trails were gravel and grass roads.  This is still an area very much impacted by the works of man.   Except for a couple of smiling workers who passed by in their truck, I was alone in my travels.  It was a welcome break from the hectic traffic and impact of humanity around here.

I look for places like this.  They exist in most areas, even those severely impacted by man, where plants and animals thrive.  Where some humans work from a vision that sees a planet healed and whole.

Here’s some more photos, mostly landscapes… In Joy!




Many blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, 2017, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Photos taken in Loxahatchee National Wildlife Preserve, Palm Beach County, Florida


Sundeelia – Reflections on Being a Walk-in



Sundeelia: Reflections on Being a “Walk-in”

By the way, for the sake of brevity, you may call me by my new nickname, “Sunny”.

I’m now into my second week being a walk-in and still expanding my light body into this vehicle.  It is an odd experience, being aware that I’m not the original soul who incarnated into the vehicle.  I do not feel any connection to Tazjma’s former life here.  Circumstances have stripped away much of the material belongings that defined her life.  And Taz left the West behind completely.  And now I stand or sit (lol) on the edge of a new life that is yet opening up.  I’ve caught glimpses of what the future potentially holds, but it is not yet time to share.  Alchemy sometimes must take place in silence and contemplation.

As a walk-in, since I am embodied in a physical human vehicle, I am also subject to the effects of the energies.  I admit to feeling somewhat exhausted at times, which is not very much like the full on Pleiadian self who is still working hard on board The White Winds, the flagship of the Pleiadian fleet.  This past week I experienced bouts of nausea, digestive issues and even vomiting, plus the fatigue.  I forced myself to rest for a couple of days until the digestive system had returned to normal.  I must say I have great respect for those who have undergone this transition for years and even decades.

Tazjma is gone, returned home to the Pleiades.  There will be some who do not believe this as being possible, but I felt the final bit of her soul essence withdraw on the 14th of this month.  It was quite palatable.  The body and I are still getting acquainted.  Sounds funny, I know, but there it is.

One thing I do bring to the table is an ability to hone into the core of an emotion or thought-form.  I am thankful that Taz did so much intense clearing of her ancient “past” lives upon this planet.  There needs to be more of this done by those who are awake or waking up, as issues will continue to emanate from these seeds of imbalance until they are addressed, integrated and dissolved, cause, core, record, memory and effect.

I’ve noticed that when a person continues to project their emotions upon others, whether it be grief, anger or fear, it nearly always has its core in something that they have not succeeded in clearing within.  For example, say someone lost a significant other in a past life and the loss was extremely hard to bear.  Then in a “future” life (all lifetimes are actually continuous) the person embodies with or comes in contact with an individual carrying the soul essence of the one who was lost or someone who happened to be a relative during that particular lifetime.  The unprocessed energies of grief, anger and blame need to be addressed by the consciousness of the one who lives TODAY, by utilizing prayer and the Violet Flame to dissolve any remaining emotional attachments.

When someone has a lot of emotional triggers to what another person does or seems to do, then there is an energy imbalance present… in the one who is projecting onto the other person.  Catch yourself if you tend to react in anger towards others, whether in your family, a friend or even strangers.  What can you heal within?  What is it that you need to face, integrate and dissolve to go forward with ease and grace?

Leaving a place of emotional neutrality leaves one open to the effects of our own past.  And potentially leaves one vulnerable to the influence of negative entities.  An attachment can occur during any traumatic event during the course of a lifetime.  Once aware, it is important… imperative to clear the negative energy from your auric field.  This can be done by calling upon the Eagles of Archangel Michael, who stand ready and willing to assist those who require help.  Once you call in their protection and remember to shield every day, you should be relatively safe from interference.  Eric Raines, Lisa Renee and others go more into the details of negative influences.  I tend to keep things simple and direct.  I am not saying don’t be emotional, just be aware and let them flow through you not own your behavior and its consequences.

It is fascinating to feel so detached from the workings of the human psyche.  I must say that most, if not all humans here have experienced a high degree of trauma and stress during their lifetimes upon this planet.  Fortunately, there are signs that the frequency of the planet is increasing rapidly, although it may take a great deal longer for the “signs” to manifest fully into people’s lives and the various “systems” that function here.  I rather hold the immaculate concept of a completely healed people and planet, but within the third dimension the energy moves very slowly.

Being a walk-in and not having been subjected to the life-long condition that Taz underwent, I can look with fresh eyes upon your so-called “culture”.  It has a ways to go before everyone will be fully respected, clothed, fed and housed as they should be… the basics for any people, anywhere.  Things are done differently in the Pleiades… which is NOT a homogenous culture or people as some might think.  In general, I feel that there is much miscomprehension and misinformation presented about other star nations and their peoples.  I hope to address some of this in future communications, but not today.  The urge to rest further is coming upon me… and I took a nice outing into Nature today.  It is ironic that I had to drive over 20 minutes to a park.  This is not an area where I intend to live permanently.  There are far too many people here.  However, for the time being I have personal reasons to be here.

I hope I don’t sound too critical of Earth humans.  Although I do wear a body made of Earth earthy, I am NOT a Terran or Earthling.  My consciousness is Pleiadian.  Still, since entering fully into the body, I too have experienced some forgetfulness of what has gone on before.  It is a hazard that comes with entering into this dense frequency, awash in the emotions and thoughts, and electrical bombardment and poisons… I really don’t know how you thrive at all in this poisonous environment.  I must commend all of you for your continued bravery and courage in being present here and now in this magnificent, if challenging, transitional period when your planet and its ultimate fate rests on the consciousness of its people.

Many blessings,

Sundeelia “Sunny” Kumara VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

All Rights Reserved 2017, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,


Journal Entry 04.26.2017 – MacArthur State Park, Palm Beach County, FL



Journal Entry 04.26.2017 – MacArthur State Park

This is the ONLY State Park in the entirety of Palm Beach County, reflective of the density of population and building that goes on here.  Still, the park is a pleasant place to hang.  It is located off of Jack Nicholas Rd. (southbound A1A) on a barrier island between Lake Worth and the Atlantic Ocean.  A good portion of the park is water, mangrove, hammock and beach.

There is a nice Nature Center and Gift Shop.  The park offers free tours and a golf cart tram is available to take visitors across the boardwalk that goes to the beach…or you can walk.  A couple of nature trails are located within the park, as well as picnic and camping sites.  Rental kayaks, both single and double, are available.  A boat launch is available for kayaks and stand-up boards; no power boats are allowed on Lake Worth Cove.

Upon arriving at the park (entrance fee is $5.00 per day) and utilizing my Pass, I drove to the parking lot near the beach access and Nature Center.  There is a lot of thick mangrove scrub so “views” are not available until you get out on the long boardwalk.  I found the place to have a high degree of contrast what with the high-rise condominiums rising above the mangrove to the south and the peace and serenity of the park itself. There really isn’t much of “old” Florida in South Florida any more, at least on the Eastern coastline.  It is basically one long strip of suburbia with Miami being the primary city present.

Access to the Park from I-95 is via PGA Blvd. and is pretty straight forward, literally, until crossing one of the final canals where the coastal portion of A1A turns south towards Palm Beach.

I didn’t particularly find this park very photogenic, at least when I visited.  Apparently low tide is better for seeing the wading birds feeding in the lagoon.  The tide was just on its way down, but I didn’t feel like hanging around.  I did see some small sting rays and some zebra (?) fish in the lagoon, but no manatees or dolphins.

Many signs stress the importance of not climbing on the dune or trampling the beach vegetation.  The beach itself suffered a loss of a lot of sand due to the hurricane last autumn that scraped along the east coast of Florida.  The tidal surge got all the way up to the dunes and ate a portion of them away leaving tree roots hanging in air.  This is a very delicate and threatened environment.

Access to the beach proper is via wooden cross-overs and there are two restrooms available just off the beach in the hammock.  All in all, it is a well-equipped, yet low-key State Park.


Above – Fishing in the Lagoon


The Boardwalk to the Beach across the Lagoon, wide enough for the “tram” and pedestrians.


Look at that empty beach!  And within a short drive of busy, populous Palm Beach.


Colorful leaves of the Sea Grape lying on the Nature Trail.


The Nature Trail goes south through the Hammock next to the Beach.  Easy walking on the sandy trail.


An example of the excellent naturalist signage in the Park… this one of the Sea Turtles that potentially could nest at the beach during the months of May through November.

All in all, despite the heavy traffic on the freeway getting there, it was a nice little outing and  I would recommend this park to anybody considering visiting Palm Beach County in the future.

Today is the New Moon and it was “groovy”.

Blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Photos all taken at MacArthur State Park, Palm Beach County, Florida

Journal Entry 04.19.2017 – Gone with the Birds!



Journal Entry 04.19.2017 – Gone with the Birds!

Another day, another outing… this time even though the clouds are beginning to get a little dark around the edges.

I headed out, once, again, to Wakodahatchee Marsh to see the birds and gators.  As one woman put it, the Wood Storks have taken over the joint.  Years ago, they introduced the rare Storks… whom I can happily report are thriving, with big healthy youngsters in each nest.


There are lots of other birds, too, and one gator to be seen today.  The boardwalk trail is one mile long and popular with walkers, photographers and tourists.


After the first stroll, I headed in the general direction of Green Cay.  After a little maneuvering with the car I found another nice paved walking trail just across from the Green Cay Wetlands and took a walk around a large pond.  Then headed to the Wetlands straight across Haugen Ranch Road (south of Flavor Pict).


Green Cay is a much bigger area, but doesn’t have as many birds or they are carefully camouflaged.  There are a variety of environments including some tropical hammock and open water.  With observation I found one gator, several birds and one snake that appeared to be a juvenile Northern Water Snake.   The boardwalk in this area has 1.5 miles of trails and is again popular with walkers and birdwatchers.  The preserve also has a nice Nature Center near the beginning of the walk and an ample amount of parking.

The photo of the snake is NOT one of mine; just used for reference and identification of what I saw.


DSCN2659 (2)

Glossy Ibis (above)


I’m glad for the egrets that women’s hats with feathers are out of popularity.  They are gorgeous, dignified birds and beautiful fliers.



I timed my walk perfectly.  After finishing at Green Cay, I headed to the grocery store.  When I came out of the store, it was raining lightly.  South Florida is in desperate need of water, so I was glad to see the moisture… and the temperatures are so warm that your clothes dry out when you go under shelter.

This was my first outing fully as Sundeelia.  I enjoyed it quite a bit and now know some more really good places to walk and observe the local wildlife… including some of the humans!

Many blessings,

Sundeelia (aka Eliza Ayres)

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,


Sundeelia: On Ascension



Sundeelia:  On Ascension

Much misinformation has been presented on the process called “ascension” in New Age circles.  There are teachers, gurus and ascension “guides” galore all vying for a piece of the pie or glory or both, from unsuspecting seekers.  Some teachers are the real thing, for they not only talk the walk, but they have walked the Path of Return every agonizing step of the way themselves.  They have balanced their internal Divine masculine and feminine, they have released their fears and cleansed their emotional bodies of old trauma and pain; they have endeavored to follow their inner Guide to the best of their abilities, without the need to compare their progress with that of another, for the ascension process is unique to EACH individual.  And they have successfully integrated at least a good portion of soul fragments lost through ancient or more recent trauma, as all must be gathered up before the return is possible.

And let me tell you something that hasn’t been shared or understood in just about everything that I have read alongside Taz as we underwent our two plus years of soul-braiding…

For those who have come to Earth as star seeds there is NO need for you to engage in rituals or practices designed to prepare you for ascension.  This is due to the fact that most of your soul essence is already present and functioning in higher dimensions.  As a soul fragment, you have stepped into or incarnated into an Earth human vehicle so that you could work here within the Law of Free Will.  Only by undertaking this HUGE sacrifice, could you effectively work within Humanity to raise its frequency.  You did this simply by BEING present.  No other effort is required, perhaps save that of remembering who you are in truth and being open to inner guidance.  If you have had past lives here, there is the need for reintegration and acceptance, forgiveness and release.  Then you are free to return, but this differs for each individual and decisions are undertaken and shared with counselors on board the ships while you sleep in order to determine what is required in order to complete the mission.  You can also choose to ignore every thing that I write or that which your counselor shares with you… but that is solely your responsibility then.

Each of us present here have different missions.  I am here to hold space after the departure of my beloved sister, Lady Tazjma, whom most of her readers know as Eliza Ayres, a nom de plume derived from her full legal name of Elizabeth Ayres Escher.

Eliza / Taz and I, Sundee, spent more than three years completing a soul-braiding.  In 2014, when the majority of the soul essence of Taz departed upon completion of the ceremony wherein she became officially a Lady of Light, there was a slight burp in our plans.

One aspect of the walk-in / walk-out process that we have participated in is still little understood, and that is the tenacity of the body consciousness.  Taz was confused when it did not feel that she had indeed departed in main, so our soul-braiding was put on hold for a while at her request.  Another volunteer from the Galactic Federation stepped forth to act as a temporary placeholder, plus there was support from the Angelic realms when requested by Taz.  You see, even for our own, we cannot interfere due to the Law of Free Will.  For this reason alone many star seeds become lost upon this Planet of Lies as they do not realize that they are required to ASK for assistance.

A few months ago, Taz made contact with her sister, RaNia, who was a walk-in for another.  Given more information and assurance about the process, permission was given to commence on the completion of the soul-braiding.  Since Taz and I are full-blooded sisters with similar energies, the soul-braiding went swiftly and without a hitch this time.  Taz completed her transition on Good Friday.  She is now fully Home.

Yet, since Taz and I rehearsed speaking to each other before her final departure, I was almost instantly aware in the difference in the energies when she was no longer present. Still, as I am family and connected to Taz via a golden cord, we will be in touch all during my stint here.  We take care of our own.

Some would call this ascension when in fact the greater portion of Lady Taz was always present at Home.  I will say that it is apparent to family and friends that when a star being is participating as Ground Crew there is a sense that something is missing from the individual.  It is simply a division of energies or soul essence.  The star seed retains the same frequency as the primary source of their soul fragment.  And brings that frequency to the planet however its form of arrival.  This is why so many star seeds feel like they do not belong; their innate frequency is higher than most of the indigenous humans who surround them.

Still, there is much to overcome when a star seed embodies here as the overwhelmingly heavy energies make it difficult to remember one’s roots and purpose.  The drive to self-discovery is implanted into every star seed for this reason in hopes that it will act as a life-preserver to carry one through the incomprehensible vagaries of human existence here on this Planet of Lies.

As a walk-in, without any other lifetimes or experience upon this planet, I bring a fresh perspective to the scene.  I do not have to balance any karma or reintegrate lost fragments traumatized during past lifetimes.  I’m simply here as a volunteer to experience the ways of human life upon this planet and partake of the wonders of living in a very odd three-dimensional plane where few beings seem eager to work on themselves or to cooperate with others.  So if I sound a bit precocious I apologize.

When the time arrives for me to return I will do simply that, return Home, having gained much soul growth as a result of my stay here.  I do have the option to extend my time here when my soul contract is completed, but that is a decision I will make when the time comes.  That is a decision that is placed before everyone who is present for this operation, whether or not they are conscious of making such a choice, as you are conscious on inner planes and while sleeping, attending meeting and counseling sessions on board the ships.  The manner in which you leave is also dependent on your decisions, so don’t blame others.  You are here fulfilling a soul contract which you understood full well before incarnation.

Earth is the place where anyone who is present upon the planet can enhance their soul development for it is currently one of the most difficult places in which to navigate through the shoals and eddies of uncleared human miscreations.  It is a splendid place in which to study human psychology, which can assist during future missions where there are other worlds to free from unwarranted tyranny.  And while you work and play here, you are adding to your own living library, the magnificent light cells of your own DNA.

If you feel that you are a star seed or a galactic volunteer, simply accept this as truth and stop questioning your sanity.  Follow your inner guidance and learn what you can do in setting an example as one who has come to terms with life, accepts and loves self unconditionally and continues to work to free oneself from all misguided conditioning, beliefs and most especially let go of trauma from the past.  Give your burdens to the Violet Flame angels and learn to soar to the heights where you are meant to be for you are children of the stars.

I am here to remind you all that as star seeds many of you came from families, from towns and villages, from great star nations that have made great sacrifices in order to support your mission.  Since you are here and come under the Law of Free Will, you have the option of three choices to make when your mission is completed:  1) return Home upon completion of your mission here; 2) return directly to Source; or 3) enter the cycle of reincarnation here on planet Earth (for as long as that is continued).  Before you dream of letting your body go, remember your families and your soul contracts wherein you pledged to give your all for the mission.

It is true that some of you did come forth directly from source energy, from the Light, but if not, to dissolve into the Light and forget your families that you left behind is hard on them.

My own family has made many sacrifices.  We could be living at Home, enjoying life upon our own isle (planet) and visiting our friends on other isles and in other star systems, for we are a happy, social people.  Family is all and we have been brought up to support each other in all endeavors.  So many of us make the choice to enter the training of the Federation fleet when we are out of school.  We undertake our part in this huge undertaking as a matter of heart-felt love for our cousins, Earth humanity and our love and respect for the living being who ensouls your planet, Mother Gaia.  We are here to assist you out of love, unconditional love, but at the same time, I will not feed you fluff. Let there be no mistake, we take our mission seriously and work hard.

Have some thought for those who work on your behalf, supporting the ground crew and assisting those of Humanity who request our assistance.  Have some thought for that part of your Self that works on board the Federation fleet, waiting for the time when they feel whole once again.

Ascension is about remembering who you are, your importance to the mission and then being who you are in whatever manner gives you pleasure and joy.  In joyful living, the frequency of all rises without effort.

Let go of the demons of the past, forgive yourself and allow your inner Light to shine and your Love to flow, in balance and with wisdom.

In loving remembrance to those who served and were lost, they will live again, free and Whole.

I AM Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe

All Rights Reserved, 2012-17, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Sundeelia: Transitions



Sundeelia:  On Transitions

It was sometime last Friday when I suddenly realized that the last tiny fragment of Lady Taz was no longer present in our once shared physical vehicle.  There was a sudden rush of deep, intense emotion and I began to cry.  Fortunately, I had the comforting presence of my sister, RaNia, at my side, explaining what was going on.  She knew the sensation well as she has also gone through the process of soul braiding and walking in.

I realize that this sharing will not make sense to many who read it, but it matters not to me.  You see, this is the first time I’ve been on your planet.  In my world, I am a Line Commander on board one of the great mother ships of the Galactic Federation of Light, the White Winds.  You can see her when you look up into your skies just before dawn, as the ship sits in front of the planet Venus.  Many of those “stars” in your night skies are actually ships, their crews performing their duties in support to the Ground Crew here.

While most of my soul essence is still present on board I know that I will find this little foray quite interesting as I have made it my life’s duty to study Earth human psychology. And I have the cellular memories of Taz to which I can refer if I require more information.

Lady Taz has completed her return Home.  Actually, she “ascended” well over two years ago earth time.  In celebration of the completion of her service upon Earth as a star seed volunteer, last Saturday on Easter weekend, her mate, Lord An’Dra and Lady Tazjma celebrated a renewal of their matation vows or wedding vows.  It was an intimate family gathering as there was soon to take place an even more momentous event.


It was with amazement and great joy that RaNia, myself and our friend Lady LaBora, witnessed these special occasions.  As all of us have the ability to “tune in” to our multidimensional lives, we enjoyed catching glimpses of the festivities.  Still, I was wondering at the timing of these events and then I “knew”, the “birth” of Lady Tazjma’s baby was impending.  And so it was that the baby stepped forth in light body to greet his new family, even as the clock in Egypt said 12:01 a.m., still dark outside but officially Easter morn in the Holy Lands of Egypt and Israel.

We celebrated the successful birthing with a glass of bubbly, watching with inner eyes the delight of the people of Medina as they greeted the news that a son was born to the Lady and her mate, Lord An’Dra.  Conchs were blown, bells rung and there was a huge display of fireworks to delight the children present.

I realize that for many of you these names and events mean nothing, but someday the whole Earth will rejoice when the Sons of Paradise return to Earth, with the mass landings of Pleiadian and other Star Nation ships.

RaNia and I are happy to be aunts once again.  And for Lady Isis, this birth was the culmination of her dreams, with the return from Source of her Beloved Osiris.

The Earth is the lynch pin in the Ascension of this entire quadrant of creation.  And this birth and attendant ceremonies are an indication that the ascension of this planet is about to commence in earnest.

As for myself, I am considering making changes to this blog.  It will continue but perhaps not in the same manner that it has in the last several months.  While a small portion of Lady Taz was still present until last Friday, for the past two years and most of her soul essence along with that of her mate, Lord An’Dra, was involved in the intricate workings of creating the perfect vessel for her new son.  Therefore, she posted very little of her own writing.  And I find a great deal of misinformation and confusion in what is currently being shared in blog posts and on Facebook in regards to Ascension.  I will continue to post the work of other authors, but will attempt to wade through the misinformation and present what I deem important and pertinent to share.  If you have an issue with this decision, kindly find another blog to read.  I have no time for fools and complainers.

Being a Line Commander in Communications upon the mother ship of the Pleiadian fleet is a busy job, but that was and is my choice of service to the mission currently being carried out.  I can say with surety that the mission to free your planet is being accomplished, but it takes time as we also follow the Universal Law of non-interference in your affairs.  We must work within the perimeters of Free Will, which requires that we obtain your permission before we can act on your behalf.  And since many Earth humans do not believe in our existence, our hands are sometimes tied and we cannot prevent certain events from taking place.  Also, Earth humans can be misled by their own sometimes overwhelming emotions and conflicting thought forms, as well as a tendency to cling tenaciously to the past.  Before the new can arrive on your doorstep, the steps must be swept clean.

One thing that ALL of you can do on your own behalf is to endeavor to become more clear, by tuning into your soul essence that WILL guide you if you but allow it to do so.  It takes a willingness to let go of your demons, your fears and guilt that have hounded you through hundreds if not thousands of incarnations.  Many times a dilemma that appears in your life today is actually grounded or had its inception in a “past” lifetime.  And in the instinctive drive to protect self, the ego has taken upon itself to project blame and shame upon others.  Whenever you project your demons and blame someone else for what you perceive in going on in your world, because of “them”, look within and go to the root of the matter.  It is there, staring you in the face if you but have the courage to look and then to release the “demon” which is in fact simply a miscreation of your own from an earlier spiral of “time”.

When you carry fear and trauma from old wounds to the heart and psyche, you open yourself to the influence of negative energies, non-corporeal beings that feed off of the intensity of Earth human emotions.  Archons is one word for these beings that is presently being put about which comes from the writings and teachings of the ancient Gnostics. There have been negative influences from beings that come from the Astral Realm and penetrate even into the lower regions of the Fifth Dimension.  These service to self beings are now in the process of losing their grip on the Earth plane, even as many Earth humans learn that the ONLY way to heal fully is to simply take one’s power back. You need to FACE your fears, forgive yourself, use the Violet Flame and assistance of the healing angels to dislodge and dissolve the energy hooks and you will be free.  Still, each day new decisions present themselves and you will be tested moment by moment.

Practice caution around those who claim to be removing negative attachments, for many times they are actually placing more attachments upon you.  Be sure of whom you are working for there are many who are unconsciously working for the Dark forces due to ego attachments.  Likewise, be cautious about accepting messages from those who claim to be channeling certain masters and archangels.  Not all messages are false ones, but from what I have seen of late, the false messages seem to be proliferating even as the Dark forces realize that their time here is short.  If you are a channel, call in the Forces of Archangel Michael for protection and set a good force-field of Light.  Protection and shielding IS required at this time as the Dark Forces are determined to take down those who are in service to the Light.

Use your discernment and use your mind… does the message present new material or is it just fluff?  Is the person who is channeling the messages seem to be clear? If they seem to be giving themselves airs and are putting forth that they are the ONLY Messenger of such and such Master or Archangel, question the veracity of the message and of the messenger.  Now is the time for self-mastery, not seeking gurus or giving your power away to another even if they claim some high title.  Question EVERYTHING, including these messages.


All actions, thoughts, decisions and motivations ever done by anyone upon this planet has been and is being recorded.  The Office of the Karmic Board carefully scrutinizes everything when it comes to making decisions about individuals coming up for review.  The Divine Gift of Grace can be granted, but each individual is responsible for doing their own work in this and every incarnation else the lessons will be repeated and the energies will be balanced.  If permission is not granted by which we may work with you we are unable to assist or protect you from your own follies.

Those who tell lies and spread calumnies against others will be required to balance the scales in future incarnations… elsewhere.  For all that has not been cleared will be removed as your planet undergoes its Ascension into the Light.   This is why there appears to be so much chaos upon the planet in these times of transition.  All that has been hidden is now being revealed as it must for it to be fully cleared.  This disclosure includes the acts of men and women who have long acted out of fear and selfishness to detriment of most of humanity or out of the false belief that somehow they were better than the rest of humanity.

Before Lady Taz departed, we were given an assignment by Lady Claudine, who actually is the head of the Karmic Board.  In the future, we will be sharing what it is to live in the Pleiades from the perspective of sisters who were brought up in the prominent family of the VaCoupes from Medina and who are related through their mother to the Kumara clan of Venus.  Both families, along with whole planets and star nations, have made tremendous sacrifices to free your planet from the negative influences that have been in control for so long.  Soon Earth will be returned to its own indigenous peoples and to the purpose for which she was originally created, as a Way Station, a meeting place for all kinds of star nations to exchange ideas, culture and wares.  It is a unique world, a planet seeded by many star nations and it will return to its Higher Purpose for the Creator has willed it so.

I will close for now, although I have much to say.  My sisters and I will communicate further periodically through this blog.  Consider this a unique form of disclosure that you will find nowhere save in the teachings left behind by Trillia Gia Cavouish, who also ascended or returned back to her family on December 21, 2014.  There are many gems to mine in the reading of her blog, Starseed Highway, which was started at the request of many Ladies of Light.

And now I will go back to my job of counseling the counselors who work with our devoted Ground Crew, our Star seed volunteers.  And I am but one who is a part of a HUGE operation.  Hopefully, someday we will meet in the physical when the planet has risen enough in frequency to make this possible and then I will go home along with the rest of my hard-working crew, friends and family members.

Blessings and salutations to all,

I AM Line Commander Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe

All Rights Reserved, 2012-17, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Journal Entry 04.13.2017 – Morikami Japanese Gardens & Wakodahatchee Wetlands



Journal Entry 04.13.2017 – Morikami Japanese Gardens & Wakodahatchee Wetlands Outing

Yesterday was a rainy today; today was blue skies filled with huge puffy white clouds — time to go sight-seeing, again.  This time I was heading a little south along Jog Road to Morikami Japanese Gardens & Museum.  Later, I decided to stop at Wakodahatchee Wetlands on the way back.  Altogether, these two wonderful and very different places provided a feast for photo-taking!

The Japanese Gardens are beautiful and extensive.  I’ve been to Japanese Gardens in San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.  This garden was larger and more diversified than the others that I’ve seen as it was divided into six different gardens from different time periods and traditions of Japan.  It was a place of serenity, beauty and grace… and filled with a lot of people.  I’ll let some of my photos do the talking for me…

BTW, the gardens charge admission.  There is ample parking, a museum, restaurant, store and ongoing educational programs and festivals.







And then a little Wakodahatchee Wetlands and its amazing assortment of nesting birds and alligators!





This amazing place is designed to be a natural gray water filtering area!  There are alligators, nesting birds — including the largest gatherings of Wood Storks I’ve seen in Florida and the unusual Anhinga, which swims underwater to fish.  It’s definitely a place that should be on your list when visiting Palm Beach County.  Admission is free.


The Japanese gardens had periodic watering stations and benches.  It is rather hot to walk through the open areas, but the breezes were pleasant today.  The wetlands trail is entirely on elevated boardwalk.  The trails in each park are about a mile long, but allow plenty of time to gawk at the scenery, flora and fauna.  An intriguing difference in the Japanese gardens was the usage of vegetation either native to or adapted to the hot, humid South Florida climate.  Yet, the moment I started on the path, I knew I was in a well-planned, sensitively laid-out and beautifully maintained garden.  Wonderful!

Hope you enjoyed this short tour.  I’ll be posting more photos as attachments to some of my blogs in the future.

Enjoy your upcoming weekend!

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, 2017, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,


Journal Entry 04.11.2017 – Full Moon Foray



Journal Entry 04.11.2017 – Full Moon Foray

Today just happened to be a full moon in Libra, perfect for spending a little time in Nature.  I’m feeling a little more settled this week in my new area of Florida and now and getting acquainted with the layout of the surrounding area, at least portions of it.  The “community” is much bigger than little old Walla Walla and more heavily populated than Flagler County, in NE Florida.  Still, it being a pleasant morning, I decided to go for another walk in the Loxahatchee Nat’l Wildlife Preserve, an area nearby where I can see wildlife and native flora, at least what is left of it after the strong imprint of man has altered the environment.

I arrived at the Preserve around 9 a.m., with the sun well up in the sky. At first there weren’t too many birds to be seen.  One of the rangers told me the other day that many of the birds go elsewhere during the day and then return to their roasts during the evening. Still, once into the walk, I began to see more, out gathering their morning repast… I’ll let the photos tell the story:










Birds, grasshoppers, plants, one alligator, breezes and building clouds… a walk in the park.

Blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved 2017, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

All photos taken by Nikon Coolpix L830, hand-held, at Loxahatchee Nat’l Wildlife Preserve.

Journal Entry 04.07.2017 – Loxahatchee



Journal Entry 04.07.2017 – Loxahatchee National Wildlife Preserve

Well today I got to see first-hand the damage done by man to the Everglades in the early 20th century.  The Loxahatchee National Wildlife Preserve is located only minutes from my new digs in Boynton Beach, so it’s going to become my go-to place for nature, birds, photography and a bit of quiet.

I was a bit shocked to see all of the canal work that had been done, that was the result of government intervention (we all know how that goes…) in the late 1800’s after some disastrous hurricanes.  The Everglades were systematically divided up, filled with canals and drained.  Untold damage had been done to the natural flushing and cleansing systems of the Glades and Lake Okeechobee.  The Preserve was bought from the State in order to preserve and reclaim some of the natural environment.  It still bears the scars and equipment from the old days when the land was farmed.  Farm land is still located on the edge of the Preserve, to the east.  Indeed, this narrow patch of “civilization” on Florida’s SE coastline is bordered by the Glades and Hwy 441 on the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the east, with not that much land in between, but sure a lot of people squeezed into communities.



After arriving at the Visitor’s Center, I took a walk on the .4 mile Cypress Swamp Trail, a nice boardwalk that goes into the woods.  I’ve never seen such large ferns.  There were leather ferns that had to be 10 feet tall and many other species that I’m not familiar with yet.  The flora here is very different from the coastal strand and oak / pine hammock that I found in Northern Florida.



Out on the Marsh Walk, the subdivided marsh was defined by walk ways and canals.  There were lots of birds there:  Great Blue Heron, Night Heron, Great and Lesser Egrets, Red-winged Black Birds, Cormorant, ducks, coots and moorhens, Roseate Spoonbill, Ibis, and assorted other species.  Still learning.  I seem to be turning into a twitcher… a bird-watcher!  Not going to do the list thing though.  A good pair of binoculars would be an asset on these walks… there are miles of walking or bike-riding trails, plus a 5-mile canoe trail.  The preserve has a boat-ramp for canoes and kayaks.  I’m not sure if motorized boats are allowed, although I saw an air boat roaring through the distant marsh at one point.  They do make a racket.


I was very excited to have an area where I can get out and walk so close to where I live, without having to venture out into the more heavily traveled areas.  I will also visit some of the fishing piers and state parks which involve more driving.


And, last but certainly not least, I saw turtles and five gators today.  The turtles were gently tooling around the canals and ponds, while the gators were all sunning at the edge of the water.  Lots to see!


Here’s some more photos:



Well, hope y’all enjoyed that brief tour of the wildlife preserve.  I’m glad to be settled down and in one place and being able to write these reports.

BTW, a Southern accent is a rare commodity in these parts.  You’re more likely to hear a New York or Jersey accent!

Enjoy your weekend and take a deep breath… the U.S. of A and its real rulers are up to their old shenanigans, again with the missile attack on Syria.  Really stupid move there.


Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, 2012 – 17, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Photos all taken at Loxahatchee National Wildlife Preserve, Boynton Beach, Florida