Exopermaculture: Do you still beLIEve in Medical Tests?


Oh my. Not just big pharma, but big medical technology is now coming under focused fire, thanks to Jon Rappoport, who can be counted on to point his steady, steely finger towards especially the way “health care” works in Amerrika. Which means: first ruin the environment (earth, air, water) to make ’em sick and make ’em spend money…

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Sophia’s Children – Energy Weather: Waves, Recalibrations & NarciPath Management



DSCN0469I’m writing this on Day Two of our snow-infused Winter Wonderland here in New York, with at least two feet of fresh snow since the wee hours Tuesday. In case we were confused about it, Mother Nature has, once again, emphasized what real power is, eh? When I was out walking yesterday early afternoon, in […]

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Be Aware Of WHAT You Are AWARE Of!

the celestial team


Hail, Beloved Masters of Illusion!

We are the Frequency Technicians of Sirius transmitting from within the Grand Orchestra you know as the celestial team.What we are about to address is not information FOR you, however, but the other way around. We are responding to what YOU have been transmitting to US.

We are addressing the unprecedented phenomenon that is currently occurring in your earth, radiating through all of Gaia’s life forms, and thus radiating in powerful waves out into the cosmos.  (This is an example-in-progress of what your word “media” really means.)

Please read that last paragraph again.
We don’t know if you took that in. Please DO take it in. You will not be able to take in the next thing we tell you, otherwise.

The “news” you are radiating is so unprecedentedly powerful that your entire cosmos is at full attention, recalibrating wildly in order to get up to speed with what YOU are experiencing as well as what you …

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The Arcturian Group Message for MARCH 12, 2017 by Marilyn Raffaele | ONENESS OF ALL

Forever Unlimited

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The Arcturian Group Message
for MARCH 12, 2017
by Marilyn Raffaele | ONENESS OF ALL

Dear readers, once again we greet you in love and respect as we witness personal and global struggles. We honor your courage as you continue to unfold into an ever deepening consciousness of oneness much like a bud opens to the fullness of the flower.

You have become the wayshowers, awake and ready to fulfill your chosen reasons for being here at this time.

We see many of you working to resolve day to day issues as well as to spiritually evolve while still using tools that no longer work simply because you have evolved beyond them. They are familiar to you and still work for those who resonate with them, but most of you have evolved beyond them–you are no longer that state of consciousness.

Every truth that unfolds in awareness must be held…

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Zero Point Energy – The Most Important Information on Earth – by Event Chronicle


* Event Is Coming Soon * Published on Mar 14, 2017 Event Is Coming Soon – Zero Point Energy — The Most Important Information On Earth After reading and watching the below video, you will know the answer to what is the biggest coverup in human history. This affects all humans on this planet, yet […]

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OPEN HAND – How to Follow Your Path of Light through the Accelerating 5D Shift – by Ascension With Earth

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OPEN HAND   –   How to Follow Your Path of Light through the Accelerating 5D Shift    –   by Ascension With Earth
Thanks to   http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/2017/03/how-to-follow-your-path-of-light.html
It’s a challenging world out there no doubt. And it’s getting more challenging by the day as the 3D world consciousness gets decidedly wobbly. If you’re still trying to shape and control the old reality in some particular way, or are dependent on it going in a specific direction that provides resources and support, then think again. We must find a new way of being and creating. Conversely, if we can align with the shift into the higher 5D paradigm, we’re going to find all our manifestations supported. How do you make the switch? What’s involved? Here’s how to follow the path of light through it all…

A change in perception, a change in reality

The first thing to say is…

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Selecting Timelines to Embody the Light

Living Life in Between

I’m going to try to put into words something that I was shown last night relating to timelines and embodying the Light. It may make absolutely no sense but then it was mostly images and impressions so translating those into words can be a challenge as you know.

I awoke at 11:11pm from a mass of dreams that seemed to pile one on top of the other. The last thing I recall of the dream sequence was of being inside a subway or train station of some sort. I saw a woman walking away from me. I said to her, “So you don’t want to?” She did not reply and kept walking. I shifted focus, moving on toward a point of light.

I woke up before I got to the light and there was a sudden Knowing of what I had been doing.  My guidance was also close and assisting. I…

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