The Origin, Purpose, and Destiny of the Earth Game ~ March 14, 2017


 Humans Are Free

Understanding the origin, purpose, and true nature of the earthly reality that you are experiencing can be instrumental to transcending your current level of consciousness and moving up to the next level of the game.

For some, especially the unawakened, this information might be a bit overwhelming or hard to believe but it could prove to be very important to the future course of your life both, during this one and the next.

Within the Construct

As with all realities created within the One great cosmic mind, and there are multitudes, our earthly reality is simply a mental construct. There are many individual parts/aspects of the One who have chosen to put their focal point of awareness within this construct — to dive into, and play the Earth game.

And they all chose to do this for the same fundamental reason — because it provides extremely…

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Forbidden History: Are Scandinavians Slavs?

Long live Thor!

Futurist Trendcast

I found this question by a follower to be very interesting and decided to respond in detail.

Avimun 4h

“Thank you for the answer about impatience. I have another vital question, that you maybe prefer to write/explain about in a separate article. Are Russian culture associated with Scandinavian culture? All Scandinavians originate from Finland. Now I read that Scandinavians are Slavs on this link

#A small Slavic state was organized in 820 A.D. on the south shore of the Gulf of Finland where it flows into the Baltic Sea. This small state was organized by a small group of Varangians from the Scandinavian peninsula on the opposite shore of the Baltic Sea. The native population of this newly formed state consisted of nomad Slavs who had made their home in this area from earliest recorded history.# Has this relation effect in today situation?”

Lada’s response:

Yes, Scandinavians are Slavs or Rus, if…

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James Gilliland [3-11-17] ~ “Esoterics of Trump’s Presidency, Giants, Reset” VIDEO

Kauilapele's Blog

Some may enjoy this presentation by James which covers several topics.

Published on Mar 13, 2017
* There is some sort of hum on James audio from Saturday night. Sorry about the irritation, I hope it’s manageable! The term esoteric is being used here to denote occulted or hidden.., below the surface propaganda (sold by those that own the media, or work in subversive ways to make problems, evoke emotions and trauma, and then offer their solutions. All of these solutions serving the goals of the fallen Anunnaki / “Angels” / Pre-Adamites / Illuminati / Matrix Keeper’s / Archons). I think I can safely speak for James by saying the actual solution is to get some quite time in to sit with ones thoughts and dig the mind out from under the programming we were born into and recover the Heart & Soul out from the trauma! Taking…

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David Wilcock’s New Data Dump – Antarctica is Atlantis – Beware of Disinformation! ~ March 13, 2017


Jordan Sather does it again! He has produced another video alerting us to some new information…and alert us to an abundance of misinformation. Discernment should be at an all time high right now!

So…please watch this video, stay aware and informed of real news, and…


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Anastacia @ In5D – ENERGY UPDATE – We are In A Great Shift – 3-13-17

Higher Density Blog

Great Shift

Anastacia @ In5D   –   ENERGY UPDATE – We are In A Great Shift   –   3-13-17

“YOU WILL COME THROUGH this as a more evolved and stable person”

by Anastacia,
Australian Correspondent,

With so much going on right now as we are feeling the Full Moon energies which is leading up to the Equinox on March 27th, I was guided by Spirit to do a reading for humanity at this time.

We are in amazing times right now.

“It’s important you stay grounded at this time and not fall into old patterns of behaviors or reactions. This is an opportunity to deal with your feelings and the situation, in a healthier way.

In5D SidenoteGrounding will play a HUGE role in the upcoming days, weeks, and months!

You will not be affected in the same way should this type of situation occur…

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