Lady Tazjma: “On Walking-Out”


Lady Tazjma:  “On Walking-Out”

In this article, “we”, as the blended consciousness of Eliza Ayres and Lady Tazjma, will attempt to put forth our perspective on the process of walking in and its companion, walking out.  Many of our older readers, who were reading the blog during 2014, are aware that the human being known as Eliza, has been a soul aspect or spark of Lady Tazjma, a lady of the Pleiades and of Venus.

While at home in the midst of a case of bronchitis, Eliza first made contact via the Internet with a woman called Trillia Gia, who was star kin to Lady Tazjma, being an Aunt through the Sirian lineage, as the daughter of Lord Krishna, the religious leader and spiritual “Father” to the people of Sirius A.  Her website, “Starseed Highway” is still up on WordPress, as well as a Facebook page of the same name.

During the course of several discussions via Skype, Trillia told Eliza that she was one of two Forerunners of the First Wave of Starseed Volunteers.  At that point, Eliza was already aware of having some sort of connection to the Kumaras of Venus, being a starseed from the Pleiades, as well as having a connection to Sirius.  All these seemingly disparate connections became clearer when Trillia, as a fully conscious starseed, was able to assist Eliza in connecting some of the missing dots from her awareness of her star lineage.  She was told that Tazjma, was a blended being of both Pleiadian (VaCoupe, on the paternal side) and Venusian, from the House of Kumara). Lately, Eliza/Taz has also learned that Lord Krishna is her Grandfather, through both lines, Pleiadian and Venusian (of Venus).  Soul lineage is VERY important to our Star Kin.

Although these connections…which make Lady Taz a sister / cousin of the being called Sananda Kumara through the Twin Flame of her mother, Lady Venus and his Father, Sanat Kumara, appear to give Eliza / Taz some cache in the higher dimensions, her most recent lifetime on Earth has been rather plain and uneventful at least to the casual observer.  And yet, in being presented more recently with this knowledge, fortified with several loving channeled messages, it is now apparent that Eliza / Taz feels that she can no longer deny her connection with these wonderful beings.  They are truly Family to her in every sense of the word.  Perhaps her experiences and sharing here can assist others who feel that they are truly from some other place, too, in realizing that you can reconnect and that you are never alone, except by distancing yourself through your own actions and thoughts.

At the end of this article, we have posted the still existent posts from the time period of October 2014 to January 2015.  It was in January during a time of much inner confusion that Eliza took down fully one third of her blog posts.  Yet some posts remain to give one a brief glimpse into what was occurring for Eliza at the time.

It was in October 2014, during Dwali, the annual Festival of Light held by the Hindus in India, that Tazjma underwent her ascension as a Lady of Light.  The ceremony was held with great honor and celebration aboard The White Winds, the mothership of the Pleiadian fleet and part of the Ashtar Command of the Galactic Federation of Light.  You can read the transcript of the ceremony here as visualized by Tazjma during deep meditation:

For those who took the time to read another more recent article of ours might note the similarities between the two ceremonies, one of ascension and the other celebrating a rebirth of a great Cosmic Being.  The two ceremonies, separated by over two years of earth time are connected.  See:

During the course of 2014, my soul spark known as Eliza was presented with major challenges, first and foremost being that she was in the process of walking out of her existing human vessel and returning to my Home in the stars.  Up until the time Eliza was told that she would be ascending Home in a matter of months, she had been quite happy to remain on the planet and do what she loved, mainly write and post articles about the ascension process here.  It was quite a shock to be told otherwise.

To be told that one is both a walk-in as well as a walk-out is difficult enough for the limited human mind to comprehend.  We have been questioned through the years why anyone would want to walk into an adult human vessel.  Recently we asked that question from another conscious walk-in and were told that coming into an adult vessel bypasses some of the 3D veiling that descends upon the incoming soul when passing through the birth canal.  This means of delivery is sometimes quite traumatizing to the consciousness of the baby.  Also, coming into an adult body is a way to bypass most of the conditioning that takes place as a child is raised by family and partakes of what passes for education on this planet.  Adults here do not realize that a baby is its own person, from the day it arrives into this world.  Few children are given the opportunity or option to follow their dreams without learning to transcend the boundaries and obstacles placed in their way… often for the growth and experience of the embodied soul.

If you read the stories of those who are awakened walk-ins, you will also begin to realize that even coming into an adult body is not an easy thing to accomplish gracefully.  First off, you sometimes have friends and family who begin to suddenly notice a change in personality.   Then you might also have inherited a job that you do not want or live in an area of the planet which does not resonate.  And then, there is the difficulty that arises when it means parts of your consciousness are not acting in sync; the cellular memories and body consciousness of the previous occupant can make it seem like you’re not too sure who is really in charge.  However, this experience is not what psychologists refer to as pathological multiple personalities, as the incoming being has been well trained to work through such dilemmas that arise.

Eliza has, herself, encountered several walk-ins during the course of her six plus decades upon this planet or has read material about their lives.  A walk in / walk out scenario also does not occur without a specific agreement being worked out on the soul level.  Eliza was aware that walk-ins typically occur during an accident or trauma, such as a heart attack, where the pain and trauma temporarily deaden the consciousness.  The being who then recovers or wakes up may be very different than the one initially involved in the accident.  The being that is “leaving” or walking out has for some reason either completed their soul contracts or has elected to leave due to an overpowering sense of loss.  The soul fragment who comes in as a walk-in has to deal with any physical trauma that has occurred during or after the transfer takes place.

When we were told that Eliza / Tazjma, was in the process of leaving the information came as a complete and total shock to her.  The human consciousness of Eliza didn’t fully accepted this knowledge as being true for being for a variety of reasons, as she didn’t feel that she was worthy of such a high honor.  Then she didn’t feel like she had done enough for the planet.  It didn’t seem that she had accomplished much in this lifetime. Yet in her initial analysis of this information, Eliza did not consider all the other lifetimes she had spent on this planet.  These were lives in which she had striven against great odds to find the way towards freedom for the people here on this planet and those who were directly under her care and influence.  Earth is one of the few planets, perhaps the only one in this Galaxy where soul memory and its lack thereof presents a problem for the embodied consciousness of star beings.

After the initial revelation of who she was in actuality, in August of 2014, Eliza was given the names of five historical, well-known and somewhat controversial individuals as being just some of Lady Tazjma’s past lives.  We have written at length about them elsewhere on this blog.  You can use the Search tool at the top of the page to find these articles.  The individuals concerned were, in part:  Marquis de Lafayette; Richard Plantagenet III of England and Wales; John Dee, alchemist, mathematician, astrologer and adviser to Elizabeth Tudor I of England and Wales; Lady Clare, the friend of Francis of Assisi, who created a nunnery for those ladies who wanted to serve God through prayer, poverty and obedience; and Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, cousin to Lady Mary mother of Jesus of Nazareth.  Later, we were also was encouraged to acknowledge the lifetime of Young Joseph of the Wallowa Band of Nez Perce, as being one of our “past” lives, as well.  There are others, but these lifetimes were quite enough for us to become reacquainted with during those few months in 2014.

Understand that past lives exist simultaneously with this one, as time and space move differently away from the Earth plane of 3D.  Higher dimensional beings have full access to soul memory and recognize those who have played a part in their previous experiences as family.  Recently as we sat across the table from my walk-in sister, RaNia Kumara VaCoupe, we felt the great love that our kin hold for each of us demonstrated as she channeled the consciousness of several “relatives” and acquaintances from Home.

My sister, RaNia, advised me that although time does not exist in the same measure as on Earth, Creation does indeed provide us with various time spirals in which time is measured unique to each isle… and star system… This provides a measure used to enjoy natures cycles of seasons to plant new seeds, know new life, enjoy life’s fullness, gather our harvest and restore our beings before we plant anew. As an illustration of this is exampled in the varying lifespans of for instance those of Medina and those who are born on Earth. Tazjma first came to Earth in the latter days of Lemuria and has experienced hundreds of lifetimes upon the planet.  Our uncle, Lord Adrigon, first came to Earth with his father Lord VaCoupe during the days of Lemuria as a young man of 19 years of age. Today he is within the same Pleiadian lifetime and is a grandfather.  Lady Tazjma is yet in her prime and mated with children.

Recently, we were privileged to receive several messages from loved ones.  One really needs to experience the sensation of recognizing the identity of the incoming energy as One whom you know and hold dear to your inner heart to fully understand deep within what it means to receive unconditional love. It was a wonder to see the glimmer of love and amusement through the eyes and to feel the corresponding warmth in my own High Heart Center.  We knew and felt the tremendous love flow forth.  It was almost beyond the ability of words to express, feeling the strength and great presence of a cousin… who happens to be an Archangel; to feel and see the amusement and love emanating from another cousin… a great lighted Master; to feel the dynamic energy and excitement of Lady Isis, barely holding it together such is Her anticipation of the coming rebirth of her Twin Flame, Lord Osiris; and so on… To sense and feel the room being filled with excited lighted beings was wonderful, beyond delightful.  We were floating energetically for the rest of the day.

And this experience was given in order to fully establish just how loved we are, as both my human self and Lady Tazjma, are in the higher dimensions that are her true Home.

So… what is going on for us now?  After some review of what happened a little over two years ago, it was noted that due to circumstances, the information that was given to us over the short course of six months was perhaps a bit overwhelming to my human consciousness and we still had some work to be done in reintegrating the soul fragments of our past lives.  Anyone who has studied history will easily understand that any of the lifetimes that we have shared here would be more than overwhelming to overcome the sense of trauma and suffering that took place due to the oppression and high degree of persecution pursued against most of these individuals.  Richard III and John Dee have both suffered for centuries from the calumny put forth by their enemies.  Only recently have there been those who have sought to search out the truth about these controversial historical figures.  Lafayette, while he was a hero in the eyes of post-Revolutionary War America, he was later rejected by his fellow French citizens as the former general and aristocrat turned down the opportunity to fight under Napoleon.  Today, the Marquis de Lafayette is almost entirely forgotten by the French.

So, during the past two years, we have been actively working on reintegrating some of these lifetimes, most especially that of Chief Joseph, as we were physically living near the lands that were claimed by the Nez Perce as their own until forced to leave by the U.S. Army and chased for 1,500 difficult miles across the wilds of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. We spent many days of vacation camping and hiking in some of the territory known to the Nez Perce people as “home” until the latter half of the 19th century.

What happened after Eliza rejected leaving, to walking out?  We put this question to RaNia, who is the walk-in for Trillia Gia, and who happens to be a full-blooded sister of Lady Tazjma.  She told me that about 85% of the soul essence of Lady Taz did, indeed, leave at the time of her ascension.  And when her human consciousness rejected the walk-in process, which would have left the other sister of Lady Taz, Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe, in possession of this body vessel, another as yet unnamed member of the Galactic Federation of Light, came in to hold space for the absent Lady Taz.

The substitution of another soul for Tazjma left some of her online friends in confusion, as it wasn’t apparent just who was at “home” within.  RaNia did some research, along with Rananda (David Spears) and discovered that an as yet unnamed volunteer from the ranks of the Galactic Federation of Light stepped up as a substitute to “hold place” while Taz / Eliza worked out her issues.  It was obvious to RaNia and Rananda that the substitute was of a lesser degree of soul evolution, leading some people to interpret that Taz / Eliza had been overtaken by a “dark” entity, a decidedly wrong conclusion.  Sundeelia has now, with permission and acknowledgment of Eliza / Taz, resumed her original intent to complete her walk-in and take up her own chosen mission while her body vessel is still alive and kicking.

What is confusing to the human ego is that even though the soul essence of the original occupant has departed in main, the sense of still being “here” on Earth is very strong.  RaNia, utilizing the cellular memories of Trillia, has told me that it took six years for her and Trillia to complete their soul braiding and exchange.  In part, this is because Trillia was a “Cosmic” and RaNia is full “Angelic”.  Apparently “Cosmics” are a slightly different evolution made up of both “Angelic” and “Elemental” lineages.  There is much more than the playing of harps going on in higher dimensions, folks.  Although Trillia has departed in main, she can still connect consciously with RaNia and come in while being channeled.  RaNia can fully access the cellular and soul memories of Trillia as well, which can be confusing at times as to who is present and who is not.  Be mindful that this isn’t a psychological dilemma, but a spiritual one and a bit confusing to the participants.

Fortunately for us and our incoming walk-in, Sundeelia, we are both Angelics and related as star kin.  So, technically the process of blending and separating should be easier.  Recently we were told that the remainder of the soul essence of Lady Taz would be departing and Sundeelia would be completely occupying this body vessel.  There will still be a strong connection between us, made stronger by many previous lifetimes spent together as twins. As of a week ago, there was only 3% of the soul essence of Taz / Eliza still present in the body vessel; most was taken up by Sundeelia.  Lady Tazjma is rather preoccupied with the duties of being a mother and mate at the moment…

The reason for Lady Tazjma’s departure is primarily due to the fact that she and her Pleiadian mate, An’Dra Lan Treya Dino, are having a baby.  The Pleiadian approach to creating new life is quite different than that of Earth or Sirius.  The mated couple go “into the silence” for the period of time necessary to create together an immaculate concept of the vessel for the incoming soul.  The two mates, male and female, are in full conscious communication with the incoming soul and are aware of the mission that the soul wishes to complete in the new embodiment.  What is new this time is the great soul that is arriving for Lady Taz and Lord An’Dra is a Cosmic Being, the rebirth of Osiris, Twin Flame of Lady Isis.  Thus, this is a time of great celebration and expectation as the rebirth of Osiris is a sign of the impending ascension of this Galaxy into another higher realm of existence.  During this entire period of becoming the vessel for the re-emergence of this Great Being, Lady Tazjma has received much support and assistance from her Higher Self, Lady Faith, and many other great Ladies of Light.

All of this sounds mighty high and out there for some people to read, but we do know what we have experienced.  Through much trial and error, Eliza has learned to trust her intuition and senses to come to the realization that there is more to existence than that which you can see, taste, feel, smell and hear with your five physical senses.  We are not only physical beings, we are souls or the sparks of souls sent here to experience physicality.  And some of us were sent here, volunteered to come here, with the sole purpose to assist the natives of this planet, humanity, to overcome the great darkness that overcome their own soul purpose long ago.

In 2012, as Lady Tazjma began to blend with her human consciousness, that of Eliza, she allowed herself to act as a scribe for many ascended masters and Angelic beings.  Even as her ascension date grew ever closer, Lady Tazjma attempted to assist her human consciousness to accept the possibility that she would be ascending in a manner that is not often taught in metaphysical and spiritual circles.  Indeed, the idea of walking out, in effect, felt to Eliza as some kind of failure to complete her soul mission and contract.  It is understandable now that she felt so much confusion up to and after her “ascension” ceremony, despite the assurances from her Family that all was well.  Due to free will, her Family was forced to withdraw for a time after Eliza decided to fully reject the idea of walking out.  Despite that decision, most of the soul essence of Lady Tazjma had already departed, leaving Eliza with the lingering sense of being abandoned.  Bitter, angry and feeling isolated, it took a long time for Eliza to fully return to center and to understand that she didn’t do anything wrong.  Today, she has been told that she “is on time” and will soon complete the walk-out process that was started several years ago.  The walk-in process can take some time and is entirely dependent on the free wills of the individual souls involved.

If you are curious about what we were feeling in 2014 and what is going on now for us, we encourage you to read further through this blog.  We re-read today the articles posted below and stand amazed with the wisdom that has come through, both from Lady Tazjma, and that of her friends and families in high places.  Those who are reading these words are no less honored and loved by your own soul families.  None of us are ever alone although there are certainly times when we have felt that way due to the heavy and challenging energies present.

The Light has won.  The Earth is being cleansed.  The period of transition and adjustment will continue for as long as it takes the people of Earth to wake up and reclaim their sovereignty.  The soul essence of Lady Tazjma has completed her soul contract to assist Mother Gaia and those of humanity sensitive enough to be open to the teachings given forth here and from many other sources.  Never before has so much been given so freely for the highest good of all, yet just how far the people go depends entirely on their own consciousness and willingness to let go of the old ways.  We, who have come forth as volunteers, cannot continue to carry the flag of freedom before the multitudes.  It is time for the indigenous population of Earth to step up and declare their own sovereignty as given to all by Heaven.

Even though Lady Taz is fully departing soon, her consciousness will still be connected to Sundeelia, who will also retain all of Eliza’s cellular memories.  It will not be apparent that Eliza / Taz have gone anywhere.

Recently, Rananda Kumara, the nephew of Lady Tazjma and her sisters, passed from this world.  However, his passing was only that of his physical vessel.  Due to severe health, Rananda suffered greatly in his final years, a fact that made it difficult for him to experience fully his transition to the Fifth Dimension.  His walk-in, Commander Zanna, of the Ashtar Command, held place while the majority of Rananda’s soul essence experienced a re-blending with his higher aspects on board the Ashtarian mothership.  However, it wasn’t until his body “died” that the connection between his physical vessel and his soul essence were completely sundered, with the final withdrawal of the Silver Cord.  Due to his physical suffering, Lord Rananda appealed to the Lords of Karma that his Soul Contract with Earth be completed.  His wish was approved.  It was with great rejoicing that he regained complete awareness of his life in the higher realms.  We recently “heard” from Rananda; I can tell you that He is very happy to be without pain and to live his life with his mate and family.  In his blog Lord Rananda, “Toward Chakra 8” ( has much material addressing ascension, as well as the walk-out process being done now by many advanced souls who have completed their soul contracts upon Earth and are now in the process of returning Home, as He has done.

So, given this information about Lord Rananda and learning about the experiences of Trillia and RaNia, it may be some time before we are fully cognizant of our life in higher dimensions.  Yet, Lady Taz will be free to live and bring up her new son as is the custom in the Pleiades who honor greatly Motherhood as a career and soul-calling.  As a Daughter of Lady Isis, Lady Tazjma will continue to serve Source as mother, mate, priestess and representative of both her birth cultures.  The Birth of her son, Osiris, is due sometime in May, so the time swiftly approaches.  We may be “there” more than we are “here” but only time will tell.  We do know that we are filled with love and happiness to truly know that Family is here and loves us unconditionally.  All we need do is to call for assistance and it will be there.  Free will is always honored, no matter from whence your soul has been sourced.

Know also that the processes of both walking in and walking out are highly unique and individual.  No one’s experience will be the same as another.  All we can share is what we see and experience in our own lives.  There is more to heaven, the higher dimensions and our starry worlds, than we, as humans can now imagine.  Allow your consciousness to expand so you, too, might experience things that now only seem possible in dreams.

It has been an honor to serve among you, even if few know my name.


Lady Tazjma

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