Lady Hope: “Hope Springs Eternal”

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Lady Hope: Hope Springs Eternal

Greetings on this magnificent day.  I AM Lady Hope, Archeia of the First Ray of Purity, Resurrection, and Ascension, the Divine Complement of Archangel Gabriel.  Our etheric retreat is located between Sacramento and Mount Shasta, in the golden state of California.

We are here in your Now moment to present you with the gift of hope, for the future, for the present moment and even hope that you will be able to clear all that needs to be cleared so you can move forward without the duress, the burdens and worries that you have carried in the past.

Hope is the essence of the White Ray that can penetrate into the darkest cave of despair when all seems lost.  It is that ray of sunshine that breaks through the clouds of misery.  It is the sunshine that lightens a burdened heart and gives wings to the imagination.

Hope springs eternal through the opened heart that is sensitive to the inner guidance emanating from the Sun, the Christed Self that is your own true essence.

Hope is the energy by which the delicate stalk of a flower pushes through the cold snow to emerge as a bright harbinger of spring, that brings hope of winter’s passing to those whose eyes can see, whose gaze  falls upon the bright crocus or shy snowdrop.

We come as heralds to let you know that the first days of your eternal spring have arrived, even though the darkness and chaos of the collective’s Dark Night of the Soul still seems to reign.  Spring IS here and with its coming arrives new choices, new adventures and new opportunities for those who can release their burdens and connect with the golden river of hope that ever springs eternal from your own awakened hearts.

As the White Ray contains within itself all the colors of the Rainbow, of the seven primary rays that light the basic chakra or energy system of the human form, in its fullness, Hope carries forth all the wisdom, love and power that is required to make miracles happen within your lives.

In the Light of this energy, in the Hope that now springs forth from your eternally young heart, see your greatest, most tenderly held dreams now come forward, to manifest fully in your lives.  See a world filled with joy, laughter and song, with abundance and health for all, from those who have been beggars to those who have been kings.  See all beings that grace this planet with their essence finding a new sense of purpose and focus.  See the petals of Hope unfold and reveal themselves before your very eyes.

Hope has arrived.  First, connect with its essence, with the energy of the Ray of Purity and let it wash away all the fear and worry of lifetimes spent in darkened circumstances.  Those who came here to anchor of the light of their chosen Rays have succeeded mightily and now the essence of those Rays and energies carried reunite within the White Ray of Hope.  This Ray of Purity is even now being translated into the next stage of evolution for your species, the Opalescent Ray, the 12th Ray.

So you have arrived at a time of intense change and transition as the old is swiftly breaking up and dissolving as its worn and tattered energy patterns are overwhelmed by the new, bright gleaming rays of Hope.  This is a Graduation, not just for your tiny planet, but for the Multiverse.  So, with the Earth as the Key, we take the golden Ankh of Eternity and unlock the door, the Veils that have kept this world and the Universe contained and in strife.  You are now free to be what you are each meant to be.  You are now free to do what you came here to do.

With this knowledge and awareness, and the supporting flow of energy of Hope springing from your combined heart flames there is little to prevent the coming forth of a new Renaissance, a new era of peace and creativity not seen upon this planet since the golden age of Atlantis.  And your new era will rival even the greatest imaginings of the great Ones of the Heavenly Realms.

So… we leave you now. Yes, you have questions: What is my mission?  Where am I supposed to live?  What am I supposed to do?  Dearest hearts, we bid you to seek the answers within your own hearts and to follow the guidance of your own balanced divine minds to determine what comes next.  This is your adventure that lies now before you.  The beginning of the new path lies as a seed within.  Shine the strength of your gentle hope upon it to bring that seed springing forth into the daylight of your daily life and it will unfold in ways that even we cannot yet foretell.  Let Hope be the wind in your sails and the energy that carries your lightened hearts forth in the brightness of your highest dreams.  And it is so.

Namaste, dear blessed ones, we honor and salute you all with deepest abiding love and respect.

I AM Lady Hope.

Scribe:  Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,  Permission is given to repost this message ONLY its original written form, with all links included. No videos or recordings are permitted.

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