Nature Walks – Windy Day


Nature Walks – Windy Day

First thing off — Happy Valentine’s Day to my world-wide readers.  I know that some of you are already on the 14th of February.


Another issue with the Kia got me out of the house today.  The brake light switch had apparently “died” and was causing the battery to go dead.  After yet another jump start, I got safely to the dealership and had the part replaced.  And yes, I looked up the problem and found the answer to my dilemma on the web.  Very handy that… as I could tell the mechanic what I thought was wrong; he checked it out… yes… and got the part.  I’m not handy with fixing cars so I let the professionals do the work.  And I’m glad to have AAA coverage for the jump start.  Getting to know the tow truck operator!


After a couple of hours at the dealership, I was ready for a little outing in my almost brand-new or repaired Kia.  I drove over to Flagler Beach and had lunch in one of the many little cafes… Kokomoko’s, which is located on Flagler Avenue.  Then I headed to Washington Oaks Gardens in order to walk around my favorite park.  There’s always something new blooming.  There was also a stiff breeze (small craft warning today!) on the Intracoastal Waterway, so I was glad to have a light pull-over for warmth.


After a tour of the gardens, I headed for the coquina beach.  I caught another crowd of birds waiting for lunch as the tide was receding, leaving behind tasty morsels for the quick and hardy to grab.  I climbed over the rocks a bit and headed back.


Since the recent work on my auto has put a dent in my erstwhile “budget” any donations or love offerings would be gratefully accepted.  See the “Donations” page for details or email me at:   I don’t charge for the blog, but living on social “security” is somewhat tenuous at best when large expenditures come along.  Thanks for any assistance or blessings received.


Eliza Ayres

P.S.  Later this week I’m going to visit Del Ray Beach, Florida, and finally meet some other light workers “in the flesh”!  Exciting times!


All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Photo Credits:  Washington Oaks Gardens, Flager County, Florida

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