Nature Walks – Sun-filled Winter


Nature Walks – Sun-filled Winter

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of my adult life, I am still unused to waking up to sunny skies in the middle of winter.  Imbolc just past, it is now officially mid-winter, half-way between winter and spring.  I can imagine that our northern neighbors are looking for some respite from an intensely cold, snowy and icy winter.  Even Seattle and the Puget Sound has received some snow… which usually creates traffic chaos.

I didn’t get out earlier this week as I needed to take Bella the Kia to the shop.  The ten-year-old A/C and some belts needed replacing.  Needless to say, it was, for me, an expensive bill, but the repair was absolutely required, so we do what we must (any donations would be cheerfully and gratefully accepted!).  So, after the repair, I took Bella out for a spin, going hiking at a few of my favorite local spots, including Princess Place, the Sea to River Preserve and Washington Oaks Gardens State Park.


The weather was surprisingly warm.  While waiting at the dealership, the weather woman said that Florida is in a drought.  I can certainly verify that.  We only seem to get rain when a cold front comes through or a tropical storm tracks this way.  So too much sun can also work against the environment.  The local forests can become quite flammable, especially given there is still a lot of hurricane debris in some areas.


At Washington Oaks, I was surprised to see a Great Blue Heron stalking some baby koi that had recently been placed in the large pools.  The bird didn’t seem to mind my presence either while I was careful to be quiet and move slowly.  It flew off though when a young family walked by with a chattering toddler.   No rose photos today, either, as the gardeners were finishing up the last pruning on the bushes.  Hybrid roses need pruning even when grown in Florida.


The energies are flattening me on occasion.  One night I woke up several times with that now familiar sense of being wired and tired.  Then, last night I slept 10 hours.  Go figure!

BTW, I took steps to delete, hide and occasionally if I felt necessary to unfollow various Facebook friends.  It appears to be something that some of the more sensitive souls among us are deeming necessary to keep the vibes high and fresh on their Facebook Feed.  I read enough to generally keep up on the news, but do not feel it necessary to sweat the details.

Thank you, dear readers, for your continued support of my blog.  It is now four and half years old.

Blessings to all and have a great weekend!

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Photo Credits:  Washington Oaks Gardens State Park, Flagler County, Florida

4 thoughts on “Nature Walks – Sun-filled Winter

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    • Thanks. I always carry the old camera for who knows what (or who) lies around the corner, like the unexpected treat of seeing a blue heron fishing for koi in the midst of a well-manicured formal garden.

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