This process can take years… I know.

Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness

What follows applies to those that are “First Wave Wayshowers” or GFL “Ground Crew” that have been working on the Mother Earth, and whose tour of duty is now finished.  Many of these 5D and 6D volunteers have been working on the Earth since the start of the evolution 26,000 years ago, that has just ended on the 21st December 2012.

The prerequisite for reascension to the ships is to be in communication with one’s Higher Self, of whom one is a Soul Aspect working on detached duty upon the Earth. One’s Higher Self will be holding a position in one of the ships of the GFL, and one’s aim is to reblend within Her / Him.

The first event leading to one’s reascension occurs when one is allocated a walk-in by one’s Higher Self.  One may experience the arrival of this walk-in during one’s meditation, or in the dream…

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