Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness

There is very little information available about life in the great “Mothercraft” or Lightships of “The Galactic Federation Of Light” (GFL) that are stationed in proximity to the Earth.

They are invisible to 3D vision and to our radar, because they vibrate at the higher, 5D frequency. There are also many of the much smaller, “Shuttlecraft”; “Vis Cars” and intermediate sized scout craft of various size that are frequently seen in our atmosphere and come under the blanket term; “UFOs”. The smaller ones are called “Vis Cars” and are four to six seaters, eqivalent to the family car, and are disc shaped. They can allow themselves to be seen by reducing their vibrational frequency. These smaller craft belong to several different ET races, such as Pleiadian, Sirian and Arcturian, etc, and all fly from their hangar deck on board one of the great Mothercraft.

These Mothercraft are truly “Great”. The…

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