From Lord Adrigon via Rananda Kumara and Trillia Gia…

Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness

Eye of God copyThe rate of passage of time is a function of mass . The greater the mass (and the steeper it’s gravity well) the slower time passes on it. (See Einstein)

Time on the Sun passes perceptibly slower than time on the Earth; this has been measured and verified; an electron in the Sun vibrates more slowly than an identical electron on the Earth.

The Galaxy is like a three dimensional releif map of the gravity wells of the stars and massive objects like neutron stars and black holes, and the wide reaches of interstellar space that are little affected by gravitational fields; therefore it is also a three dimensional relief map of the rate of passage of time in the Galaxy.

In the gravity well of a black hole, the side of the well is almost vertical, so that time would appear to stand still there, and any object falling…

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