Eliza: You Are Embarked On A Course in Mastery

dscn1940  Eliza: You Are Embarked Upon a Course in Mastery

It’s intense!  Can you feel it?  The energies are pushing us to release whatever we don’t need any more, from deep within our cells, from our energy centers… especially the Solar Plexus, the seat or storage area for emotions in the physical body.  Who else has been experiencing physical cleansings, such as a little digestive upset, fuzzy head, slight headaches and body aches, unexplained sadness, a sense of detachment and alienation from the rest of life?

A couple of nights ago, I felt an intense pressure of deep melancholia descend upon me.  I felt like giving up, letting go… simply no longer existing.  Of course, the feeling finally let up when I turned my attention to simple, silly things like cat videos and other things, which indicated to me that, per usual, it wasn’t “me”, but my empathic gift tapping into the collective fear, depression and confusion.

This isn’t just about a little ceremony on Planet Earth… this is about a change that the entire Universe is undergoing right now.

Read anything on the Internet and you will get five different interpretations of what is going on, which is the one reason that it is so important to use your personal discernment.  It… personal discernment… is your compass through the labyrinth of conflicting information, feelings, emotions, and waves of energy.  Using your intuition, your internal guidance system, will allow you to maneuver and adjust to the changes with more flexibility, ease and grace, than those people who are unwilling or unable to trust their own intuition.

This is a time to demonstrate mastery, mastery or at least understanding and compassion for the flow of emotions going through the physical body… which is really only a focus of consciousness in a river of energy waves.  The emotions and thoughts don’t belong to you unless you latch on to them and claim them as your own.   Observe.  Acknowledge.  Release.

For me, the energy of the other day felt like something that reminded me of ancient Lemuria or Atlantis.  I was there.  I have seen myself there on the high cliffs above a dark, churning sea, watching white ships sail away to the north.  I have seen myself striding through marble halls, gleaming with gold and precious jewels.  I spent many lifetimes in and on the various isles and colonies of Atlantis.  Many of us here today, especially the lightworkers, are embodied now to assist in the release of the collective trauma experienced by humanity during the decline of the Atlantean empire.  We carry the cellular memories of the fall of mankind.  We can assist in the release of these memories and in the reintegration of the soul fragments lost during the midst of the climatic sinking and shifting of the island continent… which may now be in the process of being rediscovered as the hidden continent of Antarctica.

Our Venusian cousins and the Galactic Federation are attempting to assist our integration of these Atlantean energies, but we need to cooperate and actually do the work ourselves, primarily by simply letting go of the need to hang onto the guilt, anger, frustration and sense of loss stemming from the cellular memory of those cataclysmic events.

According to the information being received from various off-world sources, it is acknowledged that we have gone beyond the point where Atlantis failed.  In other worlds, the Light has won and is winning the battle this time.  The planet and humanity will not suffer a repeat of the Great Flood, an event that has been recorded in the legends of over 30 different cultures world-wide.

Any student of metaphysics eventually arrives at the understanding that there is no time or space; that all exists within an ever-present, Now.  And as such, what appears to be “past lives” are actually simultaneous.  When you tap into a “past life” you can actually begin to change the outcomes of that life time, certainly the emotional impact of certain defining events.  And those, in turn, affect your “present” lifetime or at least how you feel about yourself.  Understanding where some of these strange energies and illnesses stem from can aid in your ability to self-heal by releasing the ancient thought-forms, allowing the energies to revert to their natural state of neutrality.  Energy is, until you assign a value to it, positive or negative.  If no value is assigned, it remains neutral.

There are many stories about the origin of Earth, its purpose… as a training ground to experience physical sensation, to experience the wide disparity and array of human emotion; as a living library, a collection of a wide diversity of life brought here from all over the Universe; as a prison planet under quarantine due to the presence of laggard life forms, who, due to their superior technological and metaphysical knowledge have basically reigned supreme over the more emotionally complex human race… until now.  It is possible that all of these stories are true?

Information is being revealed now that indicates to those who are curious and doing the research and reading, that much of what we have been told about our planet and our solar system isn’t true at all.  We’ve been told just enough to make the story palatable and to keep most of the people in fear, just enough to get people to acquiesce to the outside control of entities who do not have the best intentions for humanity in mind.  Just to be told that we are not the only species of intelligent life to live on this planet is enough to send some people into a tail-spin of anger, denial and shame and blame.  For those of us who are aware and awake, it is important to keep a compassionate, neutral stance on all this diarrheic flow of information.  The collective underbelly of unprocessed, suppressed rage within the human heart is being unleashed as a result of these revelations.  It isn’t pretty, but it is necessary so that we can, as a collective, re-integrate the lost soul fragments and move on to where we can raise up our frequencies to the level required to meet our solar self, our Higher Self, for the ascension of the physical body and the descension of the Light Body.  This is a process of literally and figuratively bringing Heaven to Earth.

Not everyone will ascend in this cycle.  The process to prepare for initiation takes lifetimes of experience on the physical plane.  Some of the ones who are fore-runners of the forerunners have ascended from this planet more than once and have returned as Avatars and bodhisattvas to lead humanity back into Wholeness.  They are here out of Love, for humanity and for the welfare of the entire Universe.  This ascension cycle affects everyone, even those lives and planets that we have no knowledge of, yet.

When I experience a huge influx of strange energy like I did the other day, I have learned to rest with the energy, to give it “room” to communicate with my consciousness and to impart what information it has to share.  I felt a great darkness descend, a cloud meant to defeat the Light, to overpower it and bring it down, as was accomplished during the fall of Atlantis.  Perhaps the source of this energetic darkness was Archonic; I don’t know… and really don’t care.  When I felt it, I let go of all expectations and outcomes and released the need to know.  I simply let the energy be… and thence, allowed it to dissipate of its own accord, which it did eventually.  I have found the simple expediency of going for a walk a good way to let go and allow energies to release on their own accord without affecting the emotional body any further.  I made no claim upon these energies, simply acknowledged them, sent them Violet Flame and allowed them to dissolve.

Acting as a Light House or Beacon of Light during these times is to simply shine the Light you are into the world, to act consciously and with kindness to all with whom you come into contact, if only a simple smile, wave or greeting.  You are acknowledging the corresponding light within themselves, which will then radiate out into their daily encounters, as well.  As I wrote these last words, I saw the image of the passing of the Olympic Torch… as your simple smile going out to light many hearts with hope.  I hope, with these words, I have imparted just a bit of the deep love that I feel for humanity and all life upon this wondrous planet that I have called my home for many thousands of years and numerous lifetimes, all leading up to this great cyclic event as Earth is finally set free to return to what she was always meant to be, a Living Library and gathering place for many galactic races to visit and to learn from each other.

As an aside, I’ve noticed that dogs in particular are now attracted to my energy.  My little friend, Toby, is lying at my side while I type this.  And when I go for walks, I have seen tiny and large dogs refuse to move until I come up to give them a greeting and pat on the head.  This has happened four times in the last couple of days.  As those who live with pets know, animals can read our emotions and our energy body with ease.

And now, I end this journal entry, in hopes that all will discover the peace within, the Love that your family holds for you no matter what you are going through.  You are never alone.  And you are loved.  Call upon the Angels for assistance when needed and let go of the outcome.  Feel compassion for yourself and those who act as mirrors within your daily life.  Discover the Middle Way that Buddha found after much experimentation, trial and error.  You are Light and Love and you are here to experience the mysteries of the heart, through the physical realm, through challenge and change.  It isn’t easy, but it isn’t meant to be easy.  This is a course in Mastery, after all.


Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

Photo Credit:  Great Blue Heron, Princess Place Preserve, Florida

4 thoughts on “Eliza: You Are Embarked On A Course in Mastery

  1. Very beneficial guidance in an effective manner to move oneself beyond the trappings of the heavy shadows being purged as the waves of incoming Divine Light bathe us! It does take practice, yet each heart beating is well worth the effort. No others can do for us what is our responsibility to do for ourselves as we grow in self acceptance and love. Each step forward in freeing ourselves is being rewarded beyond human measure and Divine Decree and Loving Grace within these long awaited promised days of Ascension!
    Thank you for caring so much about all others to share your insights from within your own unfolding ascension. I especially relate to the response of dogs as this is so true… our brothers and sisters from all other kingdoms see easily what flows from the human heart. They display their natural mastery of needed discernment that humanity has the opportunity to master in these spiritually challengings days that are full of the greatest promise of humanity’s conscious awakening from shadow induced slumber!
    Much love dear sistar, RaNia/Trillia

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    Events have not simmered down much since the inauguration of President Trump. There is even more divisiveness and now major attacks are being attempted against the U.S. by the Rothschild proxy, Israel.

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