Nature Walks: Princess Place


Nature Walks: Princess Place Preserve

Well, my friends at Princess Place Preserve put on a little show for me today.  I paused as I came up on the creek — which is, in this spot actually a wide body of salt water — as I heard a pair of osprey crying out and circling above my head.  I watched them for a moment and then… three large pelicans arrived and began to fish in front of me.  And if that wasn’t enough, I simultaneously heard a dolphin sounding nearby.  And as I looked around to find the dolphin(s) I also spotted the sleek dark head of an otter swimming close to the sea grass on the edge of the estuary.  Wow!  What a show!  A bit later I saw the dolphins chasing mullet, as the fish flung themselves out of the water attempting to elude the predators.  And the flash of white wings as pelicans plunged into the blue waters.  For me this was better than a three-ring circus.


The park was gently humming with the usual activities… fishermen, photographers, some handicapped students from Flagler County Schools on an outing to the one disabled trail (paved) in the park, a couple of equestrians and their sleek mounts and a family having a picnic under the spreading live oaks.  Besides that, it was a clear blue sky Florida day in mid-winter, with temperatures in the low ’70s.  Can hardly get better than that say I after spending years shivering in sub-freezing winter weather in Eastern Washington.


BTW, did anyone else get a message about the “Halls of Amenti” last night?  Apparently I went there, wherever there is.  I also slept very heavily and did not remember my rather active dreams upon waking.


Friday the 13th… a date that some folks regard with superstition as being unlucky.  It wasn’t for me, but the 13th of October, long, long ago, was unlucky for the Templars, who were the targets of a conspiracy by the jealous (and heavily in debt) French king and the reigning Pope.  The Templars were ostensibly wiped out in France; however, apparently many made their way to England and then to Scotland becoming the seeds for the later Masonic lodges.

Thirteen is also a holy number… if you think about it, as Jesus had 12 disciples.  Twelve plus one = 13.

Basically there is no unlucky numbers as they are simply symbols for energy.

Have a good weekend, everyone, and blessings to all.

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

4 thoughts on “Nature Walks: Princess Place

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  2. Wonderful indeed to be retired, to then take the ‘time’ to observe and objectively witness the three ring circuses of both man’s creation (politics) and Nature’s (a divine Creation). I always enjoy reading your perspectives on both. Being born this day it’s difficult to conceive of the 13th as anything but a blessing. If numerology has yet to recognize an inherent duality in every single appearance, then that remains its own limitation. What could be luckier than the air we breathe, in and out, Oh, the dreams we weave …

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