Eliza: Another Year Has Arrived — 2017!

dscn1813Eliza:  Another Year Has Arrived – 2017

Whew… we survived 2016!  Now what is this New Year, this new cycle going to bring us?  Well, probably whatever we need to continue to grow, expand in consciousness, move into our personal and collective power, weave our interconnectedness on a local and regional level, design new dreams and bring some into being… only time will tell.

For me personally, much occurred in 2016 that was both expected and unexpected.  I went into the new year knowing that I would soon be retiring and moving to an entirely new area of the country.  I had every intention of being with another fellow traveler and creating a new way of living.  Things did not work out, but instead blew up in the most spectacular fashion.  I ended up living out the remainder of the year as a lodger in a quiet Florida neighborhood, taking up paint brush and camera and doing little local explorations.  I widened the scope of this blog and deepened my own personal connection to spirit, in a more private manner than I have done so in earlier years.  There is much of the transformation that I have undergone this past year that I have not shared and will not at this time as much is still “under development”.  Sometimes, it is wiser to leave much unsaid than to spill all the beans at once.  Let it suffice to say that a circle has been completed and a transition restarted that was begun a while back.  My older readers will, for the most part, understand to what I am referring.  If not, it is better left unsaid at this time.

Not having relatives who care about me or friends nearby with which to celebrate the holidays, I do not make much of the celebrations, choosing instead to enjoy more quiet time alone.  Of course, last year at this time, I was coughing my lungs out, having contracted yet another bout of bronchitis.  This year, I suffered through a minor bout of digestive discomfort and a deep sense of fatigue.  Acutely sensitive to energies now, I feel the collective’s shifting and discomfort with the sea of rapid changes surrounding them.

While each individual undergoes their own inner revelations, we struggle to come into balance or not.  We choose to transmute the energies revealed by our own “mistakes” and follies or to accept that these things were and are merely opportunities to know ourselves better, to test our limits, to widen our perspective and deepen our emotional intelligence.  We have a choice to open to feeling compassion for our self and others or to continue to wither away burnt up by jealousy, fear and shame.

I for one struggled deeply with anger this past year.  I was brought up to regard anger as suspect, as losing control, something to fear and repress.  That repression ended for me.  It is not that I will go around and yell at people to their face for it is not in my nature to do so.  When I was subjected to such treatment this past year, I was thoroughly shocked and stunned and could only wonder what had brought on such a display of unbalanced and uncontrolled emotional outburst.  What I discovered was that in not being truthful to myself, to my own needs and putting myself for a while in the power of another, I had created this outburst as a way to free myself from a difficult situation.  The disdain of another was a reflection for the manner in which I had neglected self-care and self-protection while attempting to work for and please another in hopes of developing a sense of security, while building a new life.

It wasn’t to be, and so, once I began to cautiously allow myself to truly feel my anger, it burned away all need to cling to this other person out of fear of being lonely and abandoned in a strange land amongst strangers. I chose to cut all ties and let go, surrendering to the new without expectation or need to know what would happen.  The signs that relationship had turned sour long before the final outburst were all there, glaring.  Others could see what I was not willing to see…yet, until anger burned the clouds of self-delusion away for good and I saw that once again, I was free to be me.

I am here still, in Florida, where I landed so abruptly, much recovered in wit and physical strength.  The past seven months have been ones for healing emotionally and physically, for undergoing unseen changes within and gaining new strength and integration.  And towards the end of the year, I began to reconnect with certain individuals with whom I had been close some two years ago.  And so it goes, change comes upon us all, some of it new and some of it a picking up of threads of experience still yet to come to fruition and purpose.

Some people chose to close down before the unmapped possibilities and others chose to embrace all that comes their way.  I have chosen the latter way, but also realize that each person needs to make their own choices and not be dictated to by others.  It is the individual’s responsibility to acknowledge their own humanity and to forgo or let go the various labels of “good” or “bad” placed upon emotions and thoughts.  I have come to question everything and continually work on energies that arrive at a conscious level.  For this I have come into this world, to transmute and transform energies.  Not as a teacher although some will notice my work.  Not as a follower, for I question everything.  Just as a human among other humans, living through one of the greatest periods of transition and transformation that this world has seen in millions of years.

I tend to forgo many of the trappings of spirituality that others insist in draping about their shoulders, perhaps in a need to display their piety to the world.  I don’t know why I have let go of the need to share titles and graces received elsewhere other than they serve no purpose here save to prop up an insecure ego.  I do not have lucid dreams or visit other dimensions… or have any recollections of doing so, yet I know who I am, what I am, and that my Higher Self has integrated wholly within.  There is no need for exterior trappings or rituals; I am Spirit embodied… and yet human enough to be approached and to approach on a very personal basis.  There is no need to be or do anything to attract attention to what is, in the eyes of the world, a very common life and individual, a plain older woman, now retired and living quietly.

Yet, as this New Year arrives, change is once again on the horizon.  Dreams will or will not manifest, changes and adjustments will be made and once again, I’ll find myself in a different place and new situation.  I will adjust as I have always done… and yet utilize my inner sensitivity with greater confidence, for I finally understand that in being a highly sensitive empath in a harsh world is now a highly desirable attribute.   Having accepted my finer (more refined) senses and in coming to understand them in greater depth, I have the advantage of being able to respond to change and to the flow of energies more easily than many other humans.  While I have suffered through minor discomforts, I have also managed to overcome much that was formerly genetic weaknesses in my parental bloodlines, despite the added burden of endemic levels of pollution of air, water, food and soil.

Perhaps I arranged it so, in order to be more grounded than some who recognize themselves as fellow star seeds.  Perhaps it is merely the fact that I’ve been on the ground a long time, carrying a heavy burden for my fellow man.  I now have given up that burden to be devoured by the Violet Flame.  It is time for others to take up the mantle of “saving the world”, which in my eyes needs no saving.  Change comes whether or not humans find the will to accept it.  With the New Year’s arrival, even greater change and revelations are about to arrive, along with even more intense cosmic energies.  It is wise to let go and at the same time, brace your legs, relax your knees, and allow your body and consciousness to adapt to the waves as they lift your cosmic boat high above the endless and restless seas of energy.

Humanity appears to be faced with all sorts of unsolvable problems, yet the greatest challenge is simply accepting the gift of being human.  As more people begin to accept and acknowledge that they are consciousness or Spirit having a human experience, they will begin to understand their connection to the people and the planet in a more subtle and at the same time more intense fashion.  Healing needs to come through the individual, not the collective, and yet those individual heart cords will bind the whole together in a newly felt and experienced harmonious collective, as above so below; as within, so without.  It won’t arrive in a flash, yet it will feel that way…for those who have managed to open their hearts and embrace themselves as being already whole, already healed, already more powerful than their human imagination could handle.

Experience in the third dimension was made to purposefully play out in slow motion, with the effects being delayed greatly.  As we move in higher more refined frequencies of being, the return of energy becomes more rapid and eventually will be instantaneous.  Those who cannot deal with their own thoughts and emotions will be quickly overwhelmed by energies that they have attracted into their world.  Self-acceptance, self-care and self-love are called for now.  While it has been argued in the past that to love self is to be selfish, as we are now finding, everything has been backward and upside down in this world of lies.  Self-love is an acknowledgement of the sanctity of life, as one’s being a point of consciousness, of Spirit made flesh, come into the world to experience and work with the energies that present each moment of each day.  With this inner knowledge and acceptance of one’s true self, one will also acknowledge the inner compass that will guide them through life with confidence and surety, through and pass every obstacle or challenge that presents.  This inner compass, better known as intuition, is guidance received through the heart directly from Source energy, from the Spirit that dwells within all physicality, yet with an individual focus for each person.

If one learns nothing else from life, it is to revere the wholeness within.  One needs no outer temple or rituals to acknowledge the inner truth of being.  It is a sacred trust to hold within.  And by doing so, the Light that lights the world is reflected through your own heart and in the grace in which you move through the world.  Those who can see with the inner eye, will; those whose hearts are closed, will not see and will not hear, for their ears are stopped up by their fear of the unknown.

Find that inner sanctum within your being if you have not done so already.  Radiate the love that you are through acts of kindness, towards self and all others who come into your world.  Realize that not everyone will accept you as you are.  You have a choice, walk away or stay.  You always have a choice.  Seek that which will gain you peace within, no matter what circumstances you find yourself experiencing without.

Stripped of most (not all) of my belongings, renting a room from a friend, living in a strange new state, I find myself more at peace than at any time in my entire adult life.  And now I am emotionally prepared for whatever manifests for me in the future, starting with this new cycle in a “1” year, 2017.

Change comes to all, whether or not you are prepared.  Prepare by stripping the decks of all that is not required.  Clear the space of the old so you can receive the new.  You are more powerful than your human imagination will allow you to know.  Allow that knowledge of your true being to percolate through your awareness and come to a balance, between the utilization of intellect and that of intuition.  The ego serves as a guide and protector while we are embodied, so use it well and with discretion, all the while listening to and following the guidance that spirit whispers through heart and intuition.  You will arrive at many points of sudden understanding.  Can you allow yourself to follow these new points of knowing or will you continue to reject your own wisdom believing that you must follow old beliefs and old rules instead?  Only you can determine the outcome for yourself.  I have arrived at my own conclusions and still allow for more inner knowing to come to the surface for review.  It is all transition and flow.  Plans will change, adjust and come to fruition or not.  It does not matter.

Within this past year I have endured storms of emotion and physical storms up to hurricane level.  I have survived and emerged stronger and more flexible than ever.  I embrace what comes next with all my being.

May 2017 bring your brightest dreams into manifestation, with joy and abundance for all.


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com

7 thoughts on “Eliza: Another Year Has Arrived — 2017!

  1. Your writing has matured beautifully; reading it like a pleasant conversation with a dear friend. Thoughtful reflections. Thank you for sharing the Light.

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  3. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:

    2017 brought more changes to my life and a storm of change upon the planet. What will 2018 bring? All I know is that you need to face down your fears, open your heart and listen within to the sure guidance that comes like a quiet breeze through the palm trees.

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