Eliza: On the Sacredness of Life


Eliza: On the Sacredness of Life

It is 12: 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time as I begin to write this entry.  Just before beginning, I invoked the Presence of the Golden Light of the Christos to flow through me and over me.  And then I invoked the presence of unconditional Love to flow through my Heart Center and out into the world.  I have determined for myself that true change can only emerge from within each individual.  Truly we are the only One here and the only one who is the observer, the observed and the observing.

I find it interesting that I have not been able to write much lately except for these journal entries and a few other posts, even though I have considerably more time in which to do so, being “retired”.  As many writers have indicated, this year has been a difficult year to move through energetically.  It has been a year when the choices made internally (often before birth) by individuals, groups, and nations are now playing out.  The darkness that has been in control of our world is now being revealed.  It seems there is some new and direr revelation coming to everyone’s attention on a now daily basis.  These unveilings will continue until all that has been hidden (often in plain sight) is fully revealed to the general population.

It is therefore understandable that as people’s most strongly held beliefs are being seemingly threatened by some of these revelations, that there is also a growing resistance in some individuals.  The conditioning that we have all undergone to certain degrees by merely living in this world, is now being challenged by new facts.  Some people cannot handle the emotional and mental turmoil that can manifest in their lives as everything they have formerly held dear and “normal” is now revealed to be based on lies.

For myself, I’ve been aware of the dark underpinnings of our “culture” for years, having done my own research and extensive reading of a variety of counter-culture and alternative news sites.  It is the same for many other starseeds and lightworkers, as well.  However, lately, I have noticed a subtle shifting in my awareness that is directing me to focus purely on utilizing meditation and energetic light work to assist the planet rather than being for or against any movement or group, whether of the light or dark.

It has long been put forth by spiritual mentors, especially from Eastern teachers, that to be actively against anything simply ends up giving strength to that which is being fought.  Interestingly enough, I have always had an internal resistance to taking up “causes” and that intuitive knowing has not wavered even in light of the growing chaos in the world.

I understand the need for some to “save”, “heal” and “direct” outcomes in ways that they deem “good” and “right”.  I just shake my head, knowing that everything in this world will undergo huge changes, as nothing of the old will survive or can survive… or even should survive the energetic shift that is about to occur in our world, our Solar System… and the entire Cosmos, as well.

Our culture tends to be highly narcissistic, thinking its the high point of human evolution, when clearly it is not.  Much of the history of our world has been purposefully withheld from popular knowledge… so that 1) we would believe that we are alone in the Universe; 2) that our “rulers”, the unseen elite, are not human — that some are hybrids and still others are fully alien races; 3) that humanity has a sacred purpose for being, i.e., we are not meant to be a subservient slave race to a supposedly superior alien race.


Having read science fiction books since teenage years and devoured science fiction and fantasy tales in movies, I have little difficulty in accepting or at least be willing to consider the real existence of highly developed galactic cultures, some of which are our allies and others who have an interest in keeping the majority of the population in the dark about the true existence of alien cultures living within and upon our own planet, as well as having numerous bases scattered throughout just this Solar System.  “Ascension Mysteries”, the latest book written by David Wilcox, describes some high-level revelations that have come to his awareness through the years that he has devoted himself to being a researcher and scholar with U.F.O. information.

There are many levels of understanding what is currently occurring in our biosphere and within our own “personal” levels of consciousness.  I just know that I have been able to reach levels of peace and inner joy that have been before unattainable in this lifetime.  I attribute this to my willingness to do the inner work with my shadow self, as well as actively integrating for the past three years or more some of my more colorful and controversial “past” lifetimes.  I am no longer triggered by whatever has been done by me or shards of my soul or even by individuals who once held a similar frequency.  It is as if I have transcended the need to hold onto the pain, guilt or shame that might have burdened my consciousness as a result of my misinterpretation or judgment of the experiences of these individuals.  In effect, I have chosen to actively forgive myself for everything, past, present, and future.  I have chosen to love myself free from creating or re-creating any new karmic burdens, whereupon I would be beholden to balance the energies back to a neutral setting.


In keeping with that new (or remembered) inner awareness, I now choose to maintain a purely neutral stance and seek to continuously radiate unconditional love and the golden light of Christ Consciousness out into the world.  By doing so, I can assist in raising up the general frequency level, thus allowing more of what has been hidden to be revealed so it can be transmuted and released.  By radiating out from my heart center the Violet Flame, I am using compassion as a tool for the transformation of our world.  Months ago I was told that Quan Yin had joined my “team”.  Apparently her Presence is rubbing off on me.  I recently discovered a statue of Quan Yin in a large local garden which is part of a State Park.  For those who are unaware of this Asian Bodhisattva, Quan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion and works with the Violet Flame.  You can certainly discover more about this loving being by doing your own research on the Internet.


In light of my new level of consciousness, I am constantly aware of my thoughts, moving to come to center when I leave it (usually when driving in heavy traffic) although it seems that I am able to flow now more easily through daily chores and in my encounters with strangers and friends.  I am also compelled to do quite a bit of self-care these days as the intensity of the energies coming in from our Galaxy and the Central Sun, continue to expand.  This usually involves spacing out my little explorations, taking daily walks, maintaining a low-key profile in general and being friendly with all whom I meet, including animals, plants, and people.  Even today as I exited the house, I was careful not to disturb our local squirrels and ibis from their food-gathering activities.  We live in mutual respect and harmony.

Peace begins with each individual and expands outward.  This is in direct opposition to everything the Western man has been taught, about looking to the experts to solve things, to manage things, to save things.  The old ways cannot be patched up or saved. The new energies that are entering our world will not and do not support a continuation of the “old”, whether held within an individual, a group, an institution or a nation.  The cycles are moving on and the old is in the process of imploding and disintegrating due to its having been conceived within a low-frequency vibration.  Although there are elements of society who wish to see a continuation of their power, it will not be.  And it has been said, by off-world sources, that those individuals who cannot adjust to the new and higher frequencies will leave this world, through some means, within the next several (or even less) years.

I do not know what will happen or how it will happen; I just know that I have changed in a very significant way this past year.  I no longer need answers to questions, but have softened my awareness to tune into my own inner wisdom.  The knowledge arrives when I have a need to know it and before then, it is not necessary to grope around for it.

Certainly, I continue to have challenges to overcome and I do my best, but now I am able to recover faster emotionally.  It feels good, even blissful sometimes and that is a welcome change from the generalized sense of anxiety that I came into this world feeling.  I still can “feel” the emotions of others as my gift of empathy has not diminished, but now I am capable of distinguishing what is actually “mine” and “other”.  Whether either, I now send forth unconditional love and the transmuting energies of the Violet Flame to neutralize the triggers and bring the energies back onto an even keel… for me, at least.  My experience, rough though it has been, as an ultra sensitive empathic person in Western culture, that typically denigrates the value of empathy and intuition, has taught me some extremely valuable lessons.  That said, I have moved beyond a need to heal others or to balance their emotions and now just put forth compassionate understanding.  It is not my place to take away any person’s right to experience what they came here for in the first place.  This world is, currently, still a very challenging place in which to exist, but ALL of us, no matter who we are, have arrived here out of choice.  And it is through our personal choices that our soul learns.  All experience counts.  Ultimately, there is no good or bad, just experience.


Life is a gift.  All life is sacred.  That said, it is not up to the individual to tell another how to live their life.  Advice is okay; interference is not.  By releasing the need to correct or direct others, you will free yourself from the need to control your own life.  Self-hatred or self-judgment is often at the core of the need to “save” or “heal” others.  When you come into full acceptance of self, both your light and dark sides, and move into integration and balance, there is no need to seek to correct “other”, as you realize that you are the “other”; they are not apart from you or separate despite what your physical senses tell you.  Your heart knows the truth.  All that you see and feel IS you, the One.  You are God experiencing Self as the Universe, and what you sense here is just the smallest portion of your Beingness.  Limited, yes, but unlimited in potential, once the hold of the ego mind is released and the consciousness soars beyond the limits of the physical world to explore the limitless features of the interior worlds that exist alongside this one.

I wish all a Happy Holiday Season, wherever you are and however you celebrate.  My Christmas season will be a quiet one.  I’m still getting used to the lighted palm trees and missing (a little bit) the cold snowy late autumn weather of the Pacific Northwest.  Meanwhile, the cooler sunshine of Florida beckons me outside for a little bout of gardening or another exploration of this area with its exotic flora and fauna and sights.


Eliza Ayres

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7 thoughts on “Eliza: On the Sacredness of Life

  1. That was simply beautiful, thank you. Quiet snow time here in the Pacific Northwest, Gaia at peace. Love to you, Eliza, as we leave the old and enter into the new. B.

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