Eliza: “Finding the Peace Within”

Pellicer Creek and Marshes

Eliza: “Finding the Peace Within”

This morning, while looking through blog entries on my WordPress Reader, I saw one entitled “Pearl Harbor False Flag 75th Anniversary:  Time to Admit the Deception”.  This reminded me of the time I visited my uncle and aunt on Oahu and was able to visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial in early 2000.  Even then, I was aware of the truth that elements of our government purposefully withheld the knowledge that the Japanese intended to attack Pearl and even acted out a provocative manner to encourage the Japanese fleet to attack so the predominately pacifist United States would go to war.

Growing up in a conservative Republican family, I didn’t really understand why my mother hated (really hated) President Roosevelt so much for his role in the U.S. going to war.  Of course, Roosevelt was only a puppet carrying out orders from his masters, like all presidents before and since. As the maxim goes, “All wars are bankers’ wars”.  In other words, from at least the Napoleonic Wars and probably the French Revolution, as well, wars have been perpetrated, instigated and financed by those who could most benefit from them, the banking interests… and those hidden elite who desired to control and eliminate the “surplus” human population.


Now, finally, as more people are becoming actively aware and appalled by these purposefully planned and carried out deeds, it is important that those who are working on ascension carry themselves beyond the need to point fingers and blame.  As our Native American friends at Standing Rock have so elegantly shown us, now is the time for compassion and forgiveness, a coming together rather than a time for continued division.

Human nature naturally thrives and strives for cooperation.  However, as a result of centuries of trauma and conditioning, fear of those who are different still runs high in many people.  The courageous ones are demonstrating that compassion can heal wounds that run very deep.


Generational wounds; we all have them.  Even as star seeds, those of us who came from elsewhere and have taken on human vehicles with the intention to assist humanity, we, too, have taken on the karmic burden of our genetic bloodlines.  Those of us who have managed to awaken, are actively clearing those bloodlines of all traumatic memories, through prayer, meditation, and energetic grid work.  Not all of us are willing or able to be in the front lines as an activist, but we can all do our part by educating ourselves on what is going on and working to alleviate the pain that arises as more and more of what has been hidden (in plain sight) is being revealed now to the general population.

The elite who captured this planet thousands of years ago, now are in the process of losing it, but they will not go without a fight.  Yet it is not our place to fight them back… for that only fortifies their position and weakens our own.  Instead, we can embrace our humanity and bless these individuals and entities with unconditional love and compassion, something that is an anathema to them, so great is their self-hatred and self-loathing.  Unconditional love and compassion envelopes the darkness, the pain and hatred and shifts it in a higher frequency.  We rise to a place, a vibratory level where we are no longer affected by the out-spilling of venom and attempts to corral us back into a box where the elite can control us as they once did.  The cosmic energies being beamed upon this solar system and planet from the central sun and our galactic friends supports this mighty shift from fear to love Now.

Florida Skies

Lately I have reached a level of peace and inner serenity that has been unmatched before in my lifetime.  As a result, I am able to reconnect with Star Family, those who are physically incarnated and those who are “elsewhere”.  Raise your frequency and you will be able to contact and be contacted by those who you love… even if you can’t remember where you came from before arriving on this challenging planet.  As I can vouch for from personal experience, we are never alone.  Even if your telepathic channels do not seem to be functioning (“Can you hear me, yet?”) by giving your conscious approval that you want to be contacted at some level, you will be, whether it comes through your dreams, meditations or just while you’re out taking the dog for a walk.  Get out of fear and allow love to enter in.

Although my life is far from settled right now, I live in the knowledge that I am loved and over-lighted by high angelic beings… who are my “real” family and loved ones.

At the edge of the meadow

On a more prosaic note, I took a three-mile walk today at Princess Place and spent some time just soaking in the natural sounds around me, the swish of the breeze, the calls of a nearby osprey and other birds, the rasp of the saw palmetto hitting other trees and so on.  As the revelations of the dark underbelly of our “culture” is revealed, spend some time away from social media, leave your phone turned off, and allow your anxiety levels to drop a couple of notches.  Your body will thank you.  The energies that you carry within radiate out into the world.  The sooner we clear ourselves and raise our own frequencies by being responsible for what we think, feel and do, the sooner our planet and the human collective will heal and come together in unified heart and mind.

Blessings and salutations to all,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

Photo Credits:  All taken at Princess Place Preserve, 2016

8 thoughts on “Eliza: “Finding the Peace Within”

      • Cosmic truth ❤ This is a perfect reading and respite for me today. Your insights have opened contemplation within regarding my Irish and Cherokee dna and the karmic lessons within this. It is not widely known nor taught in our history books that the Irish were the first slaves in this country, often referred to as indentured servants. Then my mind drifts to the genocidal Trail of Tears as an example of how so many Native Americans suffered.
        I will meditate more fully on this and use the Violet Flame as guided. Each of us can use the insights you share herein with us as a guidepost to follow into areas within our dna to transmute history and free ourselves and others within the powerful energies of forgiveness. Within the Oneness of Creation as we raise up our eyes, open our hearts and fill our beings with love, we then can put the true power of love into action. By beginning within ourselves, viewing our outer experiences and lessons before us, and as your words suggest, carry forth from the past that which needs healed, we can each quietly do our parts in uplifting life on Earth through forgiveness.
        Thank you my precious sister for your sharing your inspiring wisdom with us on this beautiful day.
        ~ RaNia ♡

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