Eliza: On Cycles

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Eliza: On Cycles

This past month, I’ve been nibbling my way through a book during my short lunchtime at work. The book’s author is Walter Cruttenden, and title, “Lost Star of Myth and Time”. Since I have very repetitive tasks at work, it is refreshing to sit with something that stretches the mind a bit. You may say that I’m getting down to some of my roots by reading this book, which was recommended by Santos Bonacci during one of his early lectures on Astro-theology. Light subjects, eh?

Light subjects, indeed… as these writings and works reflect the leading edge of scientific and cultural awareness. Mr. Cruttenden and Senor Bonacci, as well as other brave souls, have stepped beyond the box that still defines conventional “science” and accepted theories.

Even as a child and certainly as an adult, I sensed that much of what we have been taught as “history”…

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