Nature Walks – More Bulow


Nature Walks – More Bulow

This afternoon when I turned on the laptop, the time was “12:12” and that’s kind of the day I’ve been having… wowser!

After spending several hours painting yesterday, I decided to go on a series of short walks this morning to celebrate the chilly air that has settled into Florida for a couple of days (it’s forecast to get warmer by the end of the week, into the upper 70’s, still pleasant).  After a summer of sweating in t-shirts and shorts, it was actually pleasant to need a sweat shirt to start out the day.


I drove to the Walter Boardman Lane trail head for Bulow Woods Trail, going first to the overlook at Boardman Pond.  The last time I was there I was partially eaten up by ferocious mosquitoes.  Today — no bugs at all!  And lots of birds.  The pond is a large marsh and hang out for fisher birds of the egret and heron variety.  Sometimes an osprey or two can be seen there, too, but I didn’t see or hear any today.


Next on the agenda upon heading back to where my car was parked, I set out to complete a small chunk of the Bulow Woods Trail that seems to have been added more recently.  It takes off of the main “trail”, which is in fact a sandy access road to a well-hidden crabbing pool.  Following the road, I came to the “red” trail and followed the frequent marking through open woods.  I was glad of the marking as the path was a bit vague in places due to brush and leaves lying on the ground, thanks to Matthew and natural leaf fall this time of year.  This chunk of trail circles around returning back to the access road near the crabbing pool.  There are some peek-a-boo views of the Bulow Creek Marsh just to one side.


The path comes out just where the road has a turn-around and gate, near the crabbing hole.  I climbed through a fallen red cedar to get out on a pleasant little peninsula that allowed for some nice views of Bulow Creek and its marsh.  For water enthusiasts, Bulow Creek has a 13 mile canoe trail, extending from near the Plantation Ruins site to High Bridge on the Halifax River.



Returning back to the car, after encountering the only other human, a woman and her two dogs, I next drove to the Bulow Plantation Ruins State Park, north off of Old Kings Road (County Road 2001).  This is the first time I’ve entered the park.  It has a nice picnic area on the edge of Bulow Woods and there is the ruins of the Sugar Mill from when this area was the Bulow Plantation.  From the picnic ground, there is a Nature Trail (1/4 mile long) to the ruins, which passes through the area where the slave quarters were originally located.  Any sign of the cabins is long gone, but I was urged to call forth a Resurrection column of Light at the site, to gather up any long lost souls who had failed to go into the Light upon passing over.  I didn’t have any sense of “darkness” at the site — it was a pleasant, sun-dappled woods, just felt and responded to a silent call for assistance.


Finally I reached the ruins.  The plantation was burnt down by the Seminoles long before the Civil War.  To my knowledge, the crops grown there, namely sugar, cotton, indigo and others, are no longer primary crops grown in Florida.  Some 200 slaves once helped to run the place… a history that some Americans seem eager to forget.


After all the walking and sight-seeing, it was time to head home.  I tire easily these days, so many afternoons are spent resting, either writing, reading, doing some art-related chores (like wiring a painting or mocking up some sketches…etc.) or even taking the odd nap or two.  Also, last night was a bit “busy”.  I was in that now familiar state of betwixt and between in conversation with the Arcturians… or at least those who assist me with various ascension-related issues.  I could actually engage them in conversation without passing out this time.  I learned about the various healing masters through reading a book in the 1990’s and since then have called upon assistance almost nightly.  You do need to give permission in order to receive, this being a Free Will planet and all.  Our star families and friends are eager to help.  And no, I’m not an Arcturian starseed, but rather a Pleiadian – Venusian hybrid… or so I’ve been told (and that does resonate with me) with some connections to Sirius.  Doesn’t really matter much… I’ve accepted this as part of daily living that I barely think about it but then I’ve always been a bit “different” than other folks.  A rich inner life is more important to me than material wealth.

Anyway, little real deep sleep was to be had last night, along with waking up to kundalini symptoms, as well.  Do you get the impression that some of us spent more time “elsewhere” than here these days?

Getting out in Nature is a way to keep grounded during these days of constant change, chaos and flux.  The crystalline calm felt within as I gazed out at the quiet marsh filled my senses with a deep sense of well-being.  That calmness has become a part of me these days.  Even when I am momentarily knocked off kilter by something, I can snap back into balance by a simple inner tweak of attitude… accompanied by a good dose of Violet Flame application and unconditional love.  It doesn’t take hours of prayer and meditation any more.  The inner flame is quiet and aware and very much alive.  The Presence is at home in the Temple and the door is open.

Many blessings to all as the American holidays (Thanksgiving) approach.  Enjoy yourself wherever you are located on this wide, beautiful planet. (2:22 hour now when I finish!).


Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Photo Credits:  Bulow Woods Trail, Broadman Pond, Bulow Plantation Ruins State Park, Volusia / Flagler Counties, Florida.

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