Nature Walks – Anastasia State Park

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Nature Walks – Anastasia State Park or “the Clean-up Continues, but the Beach is OPEN!” (Post Hurricane Matthew)

Having most of the Hurricane clean-up (my portion) behind me now, I decided I needed to go on a little adventure today.  After reviewing online my options, I chose nearby Anastasia State Park, which is located at St. Augustine Beach, just SE of St. Augustine… the oldest city in the United States.  While clean-up continues, the beach was open for beach-combing.  There was a truck and tractor crew working to clean up the debris, mostly vegetative, from the storm.  It will take them a while as the park portion of the beach extends for some 2.5 miles along the Atlantic coast.

It was a magnificent day in Florida, sunny, partially cloudy (just big white puffs) and a heavy surf.  Swimming isn’t recommended right now due to strong rip currents and the high surf.


While buying a State Park Annual Pass, I spoke to the onsite ranger, a friendly lady.  She told me that the campground had a lot of damage to numerous trees.  While still open, there will be a lot of clean-up there, too.


After a long beach walk with plenty of sand and surf, I drove home along State Route A1A, through Marineland and then across the Hammock Dunes Toll Bridge.  The area around Marineland took a big hit from the storm, with storm surge and flood damage to many houses and buildings.  I stopped at the county park just south of Marineland and took a look at the beach.  The coquina rocks have been partially buried in sand; it may take awhile for them to be revealed again.  Along A1A, there were heaps of debris, household and yard debris, waiting to be picked up by county crews who have a HUGE job ahead of them.


According to the local rag, Palm Coast Observer, a portion of the beach at Flagler Beach is now open, the section south of the boardwalk, from South 4th to South 9th.  That is just a small portion of the beach front in this tourist town.  Clean up is slated to continue…


I’ve been offered a volunteer sales position at the Gallery of Local Artists in Flagler Beach so I’ll be over there more starting next month.  Getting involved whether or not I decide Florida is a place to call home permanently.


Florida is going to receive a “cold” front this coming weekend (10/22-23) which will drop the daytime temperatures down into the 70’s and into the 50’s F overnight.  I’ve been waiting for this for months… being a long time resident of relatively chilly Washington State.  Time to break out the jacket for my early morning walk.  Delightful.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.  Many blessings to all.

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Photo Credits:  All mine, taken mostly at St. Augustine Beach and Marineland.

3 thoughts on “Nature Walks – Anastasia State Park

  1. I too moved to S. Florida in January of 2015. We were blessed to not have as much damage as Flagler Beach and St. Augustine areas. Seems those who have a strong connection to the Violet Flame Retreat and Archangel Zadkiel have found their way physically closer to him.
    Although I grew up in cold Ohio, I relish the hot Florida climate and love beachcombing. The Atlantic beaches are lovely, yet if you prefer pristine white sand beaches I encourage you to venture over to the Gulf Coast… Sanibel and Captiva Islands are worth the trip. You will love the nature preserve and great shelling.

    • Trillia… it’s good to hear from you. I think I would like the Gulf better than the Atlantic Coast. I don’t like swimming in the heavy surf here. And I do have a connection to AA Zadkiel… I will venture further afield once the weather cools a bit more. Not a fan of humid heat.

      • The soft white sand beaches are incredibly beautiful at Fort DeSota Park just below Tierra Verde near St. Petersburg. They are usually rated one of the top beaches every year. All the beaches near Sarasota and Siesta Key and including Sanibel Island are worth exploring. The nature preserve on Sanibel is one you will appreciate.
        The humidity in Florida along the coast does not bother me as much as the humidity endured when I lived near Atlanta, GA. The breezes from the surf help refresh you ..

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