Journal Entry 10.19.2016

dscn0946-2Journal Entry 10.19.2016

While perusing Facebook and Reader on WordPress, I often take a peek at the various lists of “ascension” symptoms.  I have or have had a bunch of them, now or in the past.  Does that really mean anything to me these days?  Not really.  I’m too tired to care.  Oh, yes… that’s one of the symptoms.

My sleep is either very heavy or broken up.  Last night or early this morning, I actually had a dream of which I remember a short bit.  I was walking and saw a broken field.  As I crossed the field I could just glimpse a lake below.  It was beautiful, clear and pristine.  I stopped at a barrier, a stone wall, which was radiating a stunning electric blue color.  I gazed for a while down at the lake, tracing its floor with my glance through the iridescent pale waters.  I felt uplifted by the experience and went on my way…

I haven’t been out for an exploration since before the Hurricane.  Before it, I was preparing; after it, I was cleaning / clearing up.  I just finished another bit of clean-up after the remnants of the oak tree were cut down and dragged or carried out to the swale.  The clean-up crews haven’t visited our neighborhood yet, but are due “soon”.  Meanwhile the debris is drying out.  It was also interesting to note the scars in the lawn where the tree had rested.  The diameter of the live oak exceeded two feet.  It was very heavy indeed.

I hope to get out on another adventure soon in order to gather more photos and see more country, but have allowed a while for the needed clean-up to occur in parks and cities.  Things appear to be returning to normal, at least a “new” normal.  When I speak to neighbors, they always ask how I did through the storm.  Most of the neighbors stayed at home except for those who are extremely frail and need medical assistance during the day.  The local community provided shelter for pet owners in a local elementary school, as well as one for those in need of assistance.  The community is coming together also with clean-up programs aimed at local parks and beaches.  A portion of the Flagler Beach was cleared of debris last weekend, but there is still much to do.

I’ve attended a few “events” at the local Flagler County Art League, one a coffee gathering to welcome new members and then another class – this time on landscapes.  I played with some soft pastels for a change of pace, but feel really more drawn to painting at this point.  Still, it is good to try new things.

As far as “advice” or news from my “team”, there really hasn’t been much of late.  I’m just feeling my way through things right now and trying to rest when needed which seems to be quite a bit of the time.  So between working on paintings, gardening, posting and assorted self-care items, my life has been simplified to the utmost.  I see that many former channelers are slowing down a bit, withdrawing as they undergo their own inner transitions.  It seems to be wise to focus within and to observe the outside as an indication of your own timeline, possible choices and focus for clearing, doing forgiveness rituals or whatever you deem necessary to get through the day.

I miss the mountains…

Autumn is here, but there are few indications of its presence here except for fallen leaves, busy squirrels dashing after acorns and other nuts, melodious mockingbirds and more flowering shrubs, who are returning to a growth cycle after being stripped of leaves and flowers during the storm.  When I take my morning walk, the mockingbirds seem to be singing away on the electrical wire above my head in every block.  There are also cardinals, crows, buzzards, raptors, finches and the occasional ibis family searching for grubs and beetles in the lawns.  I find myself constantly scanning, listening and enjoying the daily show, while greeting the occasional walkers I meet.

I hope everyone finds peace within despite whatever else is going on outside.

Love and blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

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