Journal Entry 10.04.2016 – Winds of Change

dscn0592Journal Entry 10.04.2016 – Winds of Change

It is now 05.25 hours EDT as I start to write this missive.  It is still very dark outside, autumn, with shortened days.  Matthew, a Category 4 hurricane will soon be making landfall on an already stunned Haiti and the eastern end of Cuba and then aiming for the Bahamas.  By Friday morning, three days hence, the huge storm will be taking aim at Florida and the East Coast of the U.S.  It is too early to tell whether or not the storm will make actual landfall in North America or just skirt the coastline.  Either way, there will be substantial impact due to the intense rain and wind that is likely to affect most of the Florida Peninsula as well as the Carolinas and Georgia.

As most of my readers are now aware, I am currently living in Central Florida, just miles inland from the coast.  Depending on the direction and potential landfall of the hurricane, this area will mostly be impacted by heavy rain and wind, with local flooding from ditches, canals, swales and creeks.  There is potential damage caused by falling trees, as many of the local pine trees are shallowly rooted.  The sturdier live sand oaks will endure the winds, protecting the communities further inland.  There is bound to be quite a lot of beach erosion along the coastline, as well.

Right now, my heart and prayers go out to the people of Haiti and Cuba as they brace for the oncoming winds and rains.  Haiti has suffered so much due to poverty, neglect and corruption.

Before I lived in Florida, it was relatively easy to view the tropical storms and hurricanes with a high level of detachment.  The detachment is still there, yet here I am…holding down the fort as it were, taking care of a friend’s house and dog while she is gone on a trip.  So I am keeping tabs on the news reports and making simple preparations before the storm gets any closer, obtaining food and water for myself and my canine charge, and gathering up loose items from outside that could get windborne in high winds.

Remember that hurricane season does go through until November and pray for those most affected by these intense tropical storms, in the Atlantic basin and that of the Pacific.

Keeping in mind that Mother Earth uses the energies of water, fire, air and earth as cleansing elements, it is wise to simply visualize the storm moving a bit eastward off the coast, allowing the purging waters and winds to do their work without inflicting excessive damage.  There is a purpose to all things whether or not we wish to accept it.

I find myself more of an observer these days, rather than a participant.  I simply do not resonate with much that is going on “outside”, knowing full well that it is a reflection of my inner being if I react to anything that is observed.  I choose, for the main, to be neutral and compassionate, striving to rise above the partiality that I observe in most people.  I am not judging them; they are simply experiencing and reacting to the lessons presented for the growth of their soul.  I have let go of any desire to heal or influence people to take my point of view as gospel.  I no longer need to save the world.  It is what it is and will be.  I strive to live in and through the heart, while using my intellect to make decisions when action is required.  Balance is what I strive for in life.  I guess I am a very “old” soul who has seen too much of hard living in other lifetimes.  I know that I cannot change other people, but I can make adjustments to my own awareness by being open, adaptable, compassionate and kind to myself and others.  It has been a long time coming, but I have finally arrived at a place of feeling peace within…a peace that has always existed but that I was not yet quite able to embrace.

It is now 5:55 as I end this communique.  Blessings to all and may peace find you this day wherever you may be.


Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

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    Memories from pre-Matthew, with the effects of the more recent Irma still piled up on the verge of local roadways, branches, palm fronds, etc. I’ve come to know more about hurricanes and tropical storms having lived in Florida now over a year…

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