Nature Walks – Wanderings


Nature Walks – Wanderings

Today is my Grandmother’s 121st birthday…that is if she had lived this long.  She did make it to a ripe old 93 years.  She was a long-time grand matron in Eastern Star.  In dreams I used to visit “her” house quite a bit.

Ah, there was just a crack of Florida thunder.  I got home at the right time, as the roads tend to quickly flood when it rains here.  Thunder doesn’t mean a lot of rain but it’s always a potential in Florida, as is lightning.

I finished the last leg of the Bulow Woods Trail today, going to Broadman Pond Lookout and up to the bridge over the canal.  It was extremely buggy today and my new mosquito repellent sadly did little to deter the little beasties from attempting to suck my blood. It was so buggy I was busy swatting mosies and missed some good bird shots.  Better luck next time…


After that short walk, I drove across Bulow Creek and Smith Creek to North Peninsula State Recreation Area.  I took another 2.25 mile walk on the Coastal Strand Trail, a nature trail that wanders through a miniature coastal oak and palm forest and then through coastal scrub.  Again, it was buggy, so I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked.  Think I’ll go back on a windy cooler day.  It is a nice place.

Next, I went to the GOLA (Gallery of Local Artists) gallery to change out a couple of paintings—first Friday is coming up in a week or so.  Flagler Beach was bustling per usual; it is a vibrant little touristy beach town.  I had a delicious fish taco at the Flagler Beach Fish Market.  You can choose the fish that you want for your meal.  There are both lunch and dinner menus.  The food is good and very fresh.

Next stop, I got Bella the Kia washed.  I park under a Live Sand Oak that drops a lot of litter, so have to keep the mechanical beastie washed periodically.   Then it was off to Michael’s (the craft store) to buy some smaller canvases.  And last stop I joined another gallery, Flagler County Art League.  They offer monthly showings and have a variety of weekly classes.  My art work does keep me occupied and interested.

Such was my day; what a tough schedule!

A reader of mine asked me the other day if I am doing much writing.  I have been in kind of a void period, once again, so while I’m doing these short journal entries, I haven’t written much of what I would call profound.  I am also grounding my presence here in Florida through my art, my explorations and my walks in nature.  This is a transitional period and may be that way for some time.  I am open for messages and in touch with my “team” everyday.  And I feel it is up to everyone to discover their own way through the maze of chaos and turmoil.  We are all expected to step up in our sense of responsibility for our own development and growth.  That includes letting go of expectations.  I love paradoxes!

Here’s a few more photos of my day:




Blessings to all,


All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

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