Journal Entry 09.22.2016


Journal Entry 09.22.2016

It’s the first day of Autumn, the Equinox, when the 24-hour day is divided equally between night and day.  Now when I wake up, it’s still dark out and I’m doing my daily walk as the sun rises.  Beyond that, there isn’t much physical evidence of autumn in the air, no falling leaves or brilliant color.  The palm trees and slash pine are still etched out against brilliant blue skies; the sun is still shining unless it is clouding up in preparation for a fleeting Florida thunderstorm.  Shorts, t-shirt and flip flops are still the uniform of the day… even as my friends up north are preparing for the coming winter cold and darkness.

It’s been nearly four months that I’ve have been living in Florida.  It is so very different than Washington State sometimes it feels like I have been transplanted to another planet.  The people are friendly and reserved at the same time.  As I do my daily walks, neighbors wave and say hi!  I’ve become a familiar feature in the neighborhood.

I’m still pursuing my art, working on various paintings and sometimes drawings.  My work seems to be getting more refined as I work on each painting.  Yet I still experience a little stage fright when facing a blank canvas, until I start applying the colors.  Here’s my latest painting, “Morning Marsh”, from a photograph taken at… you guessed it, Princess Place Preserve.  It’s an acrylic on stretched canvas, 16″ x 20″.dscn1138

Next day (09.23.2016)… It’s 12:12 EDT.  I just got home from a little trip to Princess Place… which seems to be my favorite nearby park right now.  I’ve actually been a little under the weather this past week, having some light headaches, nausea, fatigue and coughing, typical ascension symptoms with a touch of possible bronchial issues.  So I rested a lot this past week, but this morning I just had to go somewhere and ended up at Princess Place.  Went for a short walk on another new trail, not a very interesting one (no good views of the water) but got to know more about the Preserve.  There is a nice camping area called “the Hill” which was put together by a local scout group.  Camping here is primitive, no electricity, porta-potties (locally called “Knight Jon Boy”) no potable water, although there is one shower house… located off the Loop Road at some distance (near the Moody Equestrian Campsites).


After the walk, I drove to Moody Cut and a couple of other more scenic spots to take some photos.  I like the reflections that come on the water depending on the weather (clouds versus blue skies).  I also tested my new mosquito repellent, “No Mosquitos”, that I discovered at the local hardware store; organic, with citronella, lemongrass, coconut oil, etc.  It worked pretty well.  Only a couple of mosies actually landed and a few landed and then immediately took off, again.  Considering mosquito season is at “extreme”, I thought that was pretty good.

Princess Place Preserve is sometimes used for festive occasions.  There is one such coming up on October 8 – 9th, a Blue Grass Music Festival.  The place will probably be jumping.  Every time I’ve gone there, it has been pleasantly empty of folks, but certainly would be fun with a group of friends and/or family, too.

Going to gather up some of my latest creations and take them to the gallery to trade out if my other paintings haven’t sold yet.  My land lady and roommate, Sonia, says that my painting skills have stepped up to an entirely new level in the last couple of weeks.  I humbly have to agree.  It’s fun being able to be immersed in creativity now and being able to set my “schedule”, which really just flows with how I’m feeling in the moment.  And thanks to Sonia, I have a place to create.

Autumn has officially arrived, but like I said above, you wouldn’t be able to tell by the weather here.  The nights are a point or two cooler, but the days are still quite warm, with the heat index reaching 100 degrees F.  So…if I go out, it’s usually in the morning.

Spring will be arriving, too, in the southern latitudes, so enjoy the increase in light and warmth.

Below are some more photos from my last foray:




Blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, 2016, Eliza Ayres,

2 thoughts on “Journal Entry 09.22.2016

  1. Nice art, Eliza,
    It shows that you have much more time now, judging by the number of blog you forward! Whew! I can’t keep up! wish there were some way to rate them.

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