Journal Entry 09.15.2016


Journal Entry 09.15.2016 – More Art Work

I’ve been working on some more landscapes.  Got to produce now that I’m in a gallery!  All the subjects are from the Princess Place Preserve.  It is a very pretty place.



All are done in acrylics on stretched canvas.  My painting technique seems to be improving.

Tomorrow is a Lunar Eclipse.  Do take the necessary self-care if needed.



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8 thoughts on “Journal Entry 09.15.2016

  1. Wow Eliza, those are truly great! I like how the water seems to have depth to it and like it is moving in some places. Do keep up the fantastic work! Namaste. Luther

    • Thanks, Luther. I’m working on doing glazes for the water, building layers so there is some depth. It is a work in progress or at least a technique in progress as I gain more control over the medium. Having fun working on puzzles.

  2. Wow, the first one… do you have a name for it…. hit my heart and my solar plexus. I so hope, Eliza, your gallery showings bring you the recognition and the income that your artwork is so deserving of. Somewhere recently I read that we Starseeds etc. are up for some very good times now and I believe that. Well done, us! Love, B.

    • The first painting is called, “Stiles Creek”. It is a marshy creek that comes into Pellicer Creek just at the confluence with the Intercoastal. There is a wooden bridge over the creek, a nice touch harking back to the pioneer status of the old estate.

      The gallery that I’m in is a kind of community gallery, not professional. Artists join the gallery and hang a few selections. If the work sells, great. I will be periodically replacing pieces that don’t sell. The artwork is approved by the gallery founder. She started the gallery some 10 years ago as a showcase and starting point for local artists. As my work improves, hopefully it will attract the attention of a more professional gallery. We also have a Flagler County Arts League gallery that I need to see about joining. They also offer classes to members and the public. I’m very intent on developing my own style right now and doing some experimenting.

      Thank you for your kind comments.

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