Eliza: Dawn and a New Day


Eliza: Dawn and a New Day

It’s raining.  I woke up this morning to hear the growl of thunder and a flash of lightning.  It’s not time to go out on a walk through the forest.  The local hammocks get pretty soggy fast with these pelting rains.  So I will be focusing on working on some of my latest paintings and doing a little writing.

Things are getting rather interesting in the world these days, what with Hillary Clinton fainting at a gathering for 9/11; Zika spraying in parts of Florida (thankfully not here yet); a huge gathering of Native American tribes in the Dakotas; the defeat of TIPP; the American military getting kicked out of Philippine bases; a super typhoon heading to Taiwan; more revelations about a secret space program (SSP) coming from a variety of sources (beginning of real disclosure?) and so on.  It’s a bit overwhelming and mind-boggling… yet for me and other First Wavers, it is a time of rejoicing.  Finally, it is the beginning of the end for the secrets.  Humanity is waking up… rapidly.

Personally, I’m not doing anything mind-blowing or world-changing, yet by being here I have contributed to changing the vibration of the planet.  I guess that simple realization is pretty mind-blowing.  I’m not alone and certainly not famous, yet… everybody in their unique fashion is contributing to the evolution of humanity.

My current life “style” is pretty simple.  After a morning spent walking in the deep woods of a local hammock (a type of environment here in Florida) I went home and spent some time looking up native forest trees.  The hardwood hammocks have a fascinating blend of plants, sometimes with an overlap between subtropical and temperate species.  I saw a hickory tree with a trunk on it that was over two feet in diameter.  I couldn’t see the top of the tree, some 80+ feet high in the surrounding canopy.  There were huge sprawling live oaks whose branches easily covered a quarter acre, surrounded by smaller oaks and other under-story trees and shrubs.  And then I confirmed the presence of a now rare Florida species, the Coontie, a cycad or palm-like plant ancient in origin that was nearly wiped out in the wild by the commercial arrowroot processors early in the 1900s.  Remember arrowroot biscuits?  I do… they were fed to teething babies and toddlers once.  There were a few coontie near the marsh, thankfully undisturbed now on these protected state lands.  The species may yet recover, but it will take a while.

Having spent a lot of time in the woods as a hiker and backpacker, I have never understood the lack of respect for nature and the seemingly irrepressible desire to desecrate, destroy and pollute all that is beautiful.  If it weren’t a mine being planned in the midst of a wilderness, it was a fracking operation threatening the local aquifer.  Or it was a clear-cutting operation that would give way to huge housing developments, covering land formerly filled with oxygen-producing and water-cleansing woods and marshes.  Or it was an exclusive beach community built on top of protective sand dunes, paving the way for future ocean encroachment on slender barrier islands.  All around us, there is evidence of the psychosis that seems to haunt our species… but why?

Why has there been the presence unseen but certainly felt by sensitives of a malevolent force dictating the destruction of humanity and of the planet?  The answers can be found in our as yet barely known real history.  Much is yet to be discovered under the sands of the Sahara, in the wilds of America, in the frozen wastes of the Arctic and Antarctica, in the mountains of Asia and South America, in the forests of Central America and beneath the waves of shallow seas where the ruins of long submerged cities lay awaiting discovery.

What has it been like being aware that things are and were not always as advertised by so-called authorities? Well, it’s been a bit confusing, frustrating and it has taken a long time to have verification of much of my inner knowing to finally surface in the alternative press.  I knew that God or Source energy was in everything when I was in my thirties.  How did I know?  Did I study metaphysics from a great teacher?  No… I just knew because I sensed it with every ounce of my being as I walked the paths of the great Cascade mountain range in Washington State.  The trees, the stones, the waters, the vital air sang to me, to my heart and opened me up to the knowledge that wasn’t available in books or at least those I could then access.  So I wondered why other people didn’t see or feel as I did.  And I endured the lecture from an evangelical minister who thought that he knew more than what I was feeling.  No wonder I felt out of place, out of time… out of this world.  I was… a starseed, but that word and that awareness was decades away in my understanding, so I lived as best I could in this strange land filled with insane people.

And now, finally, humanity is waking up.  I am encouraged when I see the huge gathering of Native Americans, gathered in the unity of purpose intent on protecting their heritage and the life of future generations.  They have recognized and embraced their role as custodians not owners of the earth and her elements.  They understand with every ounce of their being the importance of pure water, pure air, and pure soil… and the freedom to live as a community.  Through the suffering of these people, they have come to understand the importance of acting as a local entity and uniting with others of similar thought and feeling to create a new unity of purpose… Life.  In one life I witnessed the shattering and scattering of a people; now I am witness to the reunification of not just one tribe but over 150 and with other indigenous people whose lands and way of life has been threatened with extinction through the thoughtlessness and greed of those individuals and corporations intent on stripping natural resources from the Mother, our planet.  I rejoice, for my purpose in coming here is coming to fulfillment in the hearts of those who hear and feel the pain of the planet and the pain of those who have had their ability to live and thrive upon the land stripped from them by others.

The indigenous peoples of the planet remember.  I remember.  In my so-called white blood, I carry the genes from the Celtic and Pict peoples who were overrun by the English and driven from their ancient lands.  The soul memory of that has guarded ancient lands remain and now is re-emerging as local communities struggle to protect their lands from fracking operations and other corporate and governmental invasions.  Out of the darkness, out of suffering, pain, and trial comes new compassion and understanding of the value of unity consciousness.  The true humans are re-emerging.  They are aware, filled with love for each other, willing to sacrifice their comfort for a greater good and determined to stand together in the face of seemingly overwhelming opposition from corporate and governmental interests.  This knowledge makes my heart sing and my spirit soar.  The pain of losing my people is being healed.  All humanity is now “my people”.  And what is more important, others are finally acknowledging the need to step beyond separation and duality and into unity consciousness, for together we can heal and create a new world where all people will live in abundance, joy, and health.

So…even as my life appears to be simple from day to day, with my walks, my painting sessions, my explorations, and chores… there is a deeper purpose.  I am a Watcher, here present as a witness to the creation of a new way of living on this planet, as one Age transitions to another.  The cycle of darkness is passing out of the world and the Light has come into ascendance.  It is time to wake up and step together into whatever the dawn presents, into a new world that we have created together.


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

Photo Credit:  Moody Cut, Princess Place Preserve, Flagler County, Florida

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