Journal Entry 09.03.2016


Journal Entry 09.03.2016

The rainy season has descended upon central Florida with a vengeance.  Early Friday morning, Hurricane Hermine came ashore on the Gulf Coast.  The Category 1 hurricane was the first such storm to make landfall in Florida for over a decade.

Locally, we had the effects of a tropical storm, with rain and windy conditions lasting well into Friday afternoon.  This morning, I managed to get in a long walk and some gardening before the heavens broke open with a thunderous downpour.

Our area didn’t seem to take much damage from the winds, but I know other parts of Florida were heavily impacted by flooding, storm surges and downed trees.  I guess I can count my blessings to be in an area that always seems to be on the edge of any tropical depression / storm that comes through.

Labor Day weekend has arrived, which means “summer” is winding down, although around here summer is pretty much most of the time except in the middle of winter when some cold northern air occasionally drops this far south.

The last couple of days I was homebound due to the hurricane and had a general feeling of fatigue, possibly due to the potent CME and solar storms on our Sun.  Sleep was interrupted although when I did go to sleep, I slept very hard.

Thunder is still rumbling in the skies above.  Florida is a very stormy state at times due to all the tropical moisture coming from the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.  Yet our area has been experiencing a drought during this particular “rainy” season, so any moisture is welcomed.  The forests around here do burn with gusto if conditions do get too dry.

As far as “ascension” goes, my team is remaining pretty quiet these days.  Periodically I can feel strong energies move through.  And I’ve been experiencing a lot of “hot” flashes… burning off old karmic debris I suppose.

I’ve been working on some more art projects and will post them online once finished.

Nothing in great depth seems to want to come through right now… so signing off.  I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.  Autumn for the northern latitudes is just around the corner, as is spring for the southrons.  Enjoy!


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Photo credit:  Stiles Creek, Princess Place Preserve, Flagler County, Florida

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