Eliza: On Stepping Higher


Eliza – “Stepping Higher”

I find it interesting just how much I have changed in four years, ten years, and twenty years and so on.  And the change continues to accelerate all around and within.  Sometimes it feels like I’m pedaling in place as nothing much seems to happen in my world, except taking care of basic chores, doing artwork, posting on the blog, gardening, reading and exercising.  And yet, I’ve changed a great deal in how I interact with myself and with others with whom I come in contact.  Yet most of the change is in how I feel about myself.  I have moved through the need to judge, myself or others, and into acceptance and compassion.

Right now, since I’m not heavily involved in my local community as yet, I seem to be skating on the edge of everything.  And the hot weather is not very conducive right now for much in the way of explorations, so I’m basically a homebody.

And yet, I constantly feel energies flowing through me.  Since I became aware of my empathetic (clairsentience) abilities, it has given me the understanding that energy is constantly flowing through our bodies.  It is how we react / judge it or not that determines what comes next.  For instance, I’ll be sitting, reading something when my heart chakra suddenly lights up or I will feel tightness in my solar plexus as I feel some degree of tension or anxiety flow through.  I feel and let go; there is no need to respond further to this stimuli.  It is nothing that I need to address other than refraining from claiming these energies as my own.

It is quite apparent that the greater collective is under a huge amount of stress and change, both internal and external.  Storms, earthquakes, geopolitical events and a general sense that something is going on, is causing a great deal of consternation and confusion.  Some individuals respond with a sudden explosion of compassion, helping those in need, assisting those in dire straits, whether family, friends or community members, whether two-legged or four-legged.

Some folks are acting out aggressively; others are withdrawing altogether, confused by their own reactions and interactions with those whom have been long a part of their lives.

In the ascension community there is a great deal of confusion as well.  People want and expect change to happen instantly; when it doesn’t they are tremendously disappointed to the point of wallowing in recrimination and blame.  The “new world” that was promised us has not appeared, a world that was perhaps based more on fantasy rather than practical reality.  No one is coming to save you on a white unicorn and you’re not sitting down to tea with angels.  Day to day 3D life appears to be basically unchanged in its outer manifestations.

As I am beginning to discover, living in 5D is a matter of feeling.  From your feelings flows your world.  You are a creator; you create your world or the timeline that you are on through your feelings that you hold when making a decision.  Your world changes, your timelines change and adjust according to your vibration.  When you are resonating to a lower vibration you will manifest lower vibrational experiences.  When you are in fear, you will bring more experiences into your daily experiences that support that vibration.  When you are able to rise above fear, you will attract experiences that support the higher vibration.

To release fear and reactive energies takes constant consciousness awareness of the thoughts that flow through your mind.  The key is not to react to the thoughts by attempting to deny, suppress or reject them with your feelings.  If you happen to think about someone who appeared to “hurt” you in the past, hold that person in the Violet Flame and unconditional love.  Surround yourself with the Violet Flame and pink flame of unconditional love and let go of any resentment, desire for revenge or continued clinging to past hurt and anger.  It is not happening Now; there is no other time but the Now.  Feel how you are feeling now, not in a judging or condemning manner, but thoughtfully and calmly.  Feelings are energy, as are thoughts; how you react to them creates your experiences until you make the decision to listen to your heart and then act with your mind from a place of personal sovereignty and balance.

Recently I was asked how I use the Violet Flame.  Personally, I have been aware of the Violet Flame since my days of being a part of Church Universal and Triumphant.  Some of the materials published by the Summit Lighthouse can be useful to some seekers.  There are many other sources, primarily channelers and ascension guides who offer different meditations and mantras to invoke the Violet Flame.

My personal method is very simple and direct:  I simply become the Violet Flame, visualizing the flames as they pour forth through my High Heart chakra (located at the thymus gland) and into my auric field.  Expanding the auric field, I see the Violet Flame dissolving all that is not for my greatest good and transforming that energy into golden light.  Next I send forth unconditional love, which is a pink rose color tinged with the healing emerald ray.  I bath in the light and send it forth towards any person or situation that I need to in that moment.  And then I release the outcome to the Universe, allowing the energy, which is inherently intelligent, to do its work as guided by divine will.  I’ve never had much patience for lengthy rituals.  Be creative and invent your own method of clearing your space.  Take responsibility for keeping your auric field clean and clear.  Your house-cleaning will affect your experiences when you’re out shopping and interacting with friends and family.

Some folks who are or will be coming online in the next months as the energies of change continue to accelerate will need those who have already completed most of their own clearing work, as examples, perhaps as mentors, but certainly just as a steady calm presence nearby.  People are beginning to question the validity of everything they have ever been taught or believed as events lead to further revelations about the secret government, corruption in politics and corporate management, and numerous other world-shaking disclosures.

Getting back to living in 5D; it is not about being suddenly translated to another dimension or taken onboard a light ship.  It is about living, moment from moment, decision to decision, from a place of sacred acceptance of your own personal sovereignty… and that of every other person on this planet.  Everyone… everybody here… is currently playing a role, wearing a white hat or a black hat… or perhaps no hat at all.  Everyone has a supporting role in the transformation of our world.  The black hats or negative forces act as the needed catalyst to activate those who need to wake up and take back their personal power and sovereignty.  And the people who are awake or about awake are becoming aware of the need for compassion, forgiveness and non-judgment.

Those who have committed acts of aggression against humanity and the planet will face consequences, as a result of the Law of Cause and Effect.  Whether these acts have been committed by themselves or through their minions matters little; the karma will balance, the energy will return to neutral once the effect is balanced out through experience and learning of lessons.

Retaliation or seeking revenge for perceived hurts and destruction wrought, whether individually or collectively serves no one.  Rather holding the energies of anger and hatred bring down your vibration accordingly to that of the ones whom you are judging.  In effect, through such an act, you are judging yourself, as all present in 3D are a part of the All That Is or Source Energy.

For those who want full disclosure and the landings of space ships to happen now, understand that a majority of the collective are not yet ready for this to occur.  It would not be safe for humanity and it would not be safe for the higher dimensional beings to land here.  Disclosure will come, just not yet.  Humanity needs to rise up in vibration as a collective to make full disclosure possible.  In short, we need to change ourselves and take dominion over our own emotional and mental bodies rather than expecting some off-world savior to do the work of ascension and cleaning up of our world for us.

You can live in 5D and interact with folks whose consciousness resonates in 3D or 4D.  Your own vibration will go between these levels and higher, depending on your growing willingness to trust your intuition and feelings (which are the outer manifestation of your Higher Self communicating through your body) and making decisions based on those feelings.  As you begin to discern your feelings, allowing the “negative” ones to dissipate and acting upon the “positive” ones, you will be able to move between the dimensions with grace and ease depending on your present activity.  Discernment, while it seems to be a form of judgment, is the way you can feel out a situation and then make decisions based on your best knowledge of the situation.  You then can apply reason and logic, utilizing the ego mind, to make the needed determination as what is required to be done (or not) in any situation.  There is no need to destroy the ego; it is a part of the body and designed to keep the body safe.  When your heart is where you live, where you find your guidance, you will know how to use the talents and experience of the ego to best use.

Your experience will not be the same as mine.  Each of us is an entirely unique individual or soul created from Source energy.  See what works for you and what does not.  Feel your way through situations.  If something no longer resonates, leave it or adjust the manner in which you are seeing or judging the situation.  For instance, there are lightworkers who have left certain job or fields of endeavors because they didn’t deem them as being spiritual.  It is not the outer degree of success that leads to ascension; it is the degree of self-mastery and activation of the Light Body.  Whatever job or career you seek to undertake let it be one that gives you great joy and satisfaction, whether you are an artist, teacher, a health worker, a mother / father, a policeman, a fireman, an engineer… Discover your joy and be the best that you can be in whatever fields of endeavor to which you are drawn.

If you are intent in living in 5D, keep in mind that it is a matter of feeling; the outer experience, the outer world does not matter.  In rising in vibration, eventually the outer world will reflect the inner, but you can live in the most humble of circumstances, without material wealth or outer success and still ascend.  An open heart, a humble presence and compassionate nature will serve you well.  Be kind to self and all others with whom you come into contact, whether they are of humble or high stature in the outer world.  Maintain your own integrity and you will be an example for those who are a part of your daily existence.  Love, light and wisdom flows into the world through your own connection to Higher Self, through your willingness to accept, nurture and move beyond the need to judge or react to duality.  Rise into unity in diversity consciousness and your life will take off as your spirit soars with the eagles.


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com

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