Journal Entry 08.28.2016


Journal Entry 08.28.2016

This morning I was debating where to go on my daily walk when suddenly the heavens opened up… a sub-tropical rainstorm.  Okay… well then, I’ll work on some art projects.  I worked more on my swamp painting and started one of a hibiscus.  The flower photo was taken originally in Costa Rica, but since hibiscus are found in lots of gardens in Florida, I thought it appropriate for a piece of “local” art.

After four hours of painting, of course the sun came out to show a glorious late summer day, albeit a bit hot now to go on that walk…


As you can see more detail was added to the second painting.  There are towering pines in the woods here, which are suggested in the painting itself.  My style such as it is, is not particularly realistic, but more impressionistic; that is, suggestions of what exists within a space or shape.  Negative spaces are as important as positive spaces in design.

A quiet Sunday, a time of rest… although rest makes up a lot of my time these days.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and find time to relish those things that bring you joy.


Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

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