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Eliza Ayres:  A review of the newest book by David Wilcox, The Ascension Mysteries

David Wilcox is an author of two best seller books, The Synchronicity Key and The Source Field Investigations.  He is also a professional lecturer, filmmaker, researcher into ancient civilizations and extraterrestrial influences on our planet.  David has had an extensive online presence on his website,, and is a regular guest and consulting producer on the History Channel’s top show, “Ancient Aliens”.

David has just completed a new book, The Ascension Mysteries, which should be coming out at the end of August 2016.  It was with some surprise that I received an email from Emily Brock, an editor with Penquin Books / Random House Publishers.  Ms. Brock was inquiring as to whether I would like to review Mr. Wilcox’s latest book.  A week and half later, I have finally completed my read through and will attempt to write a short review… without giving away all the juicy bits.

The first half of the book consists of a re-telling of David’s own personal journey and experiences, much of which drew him to finally align to the path of Ascension, primarily through his extensive work researching the unknown and suppressed history of our planet.  David shares his struggle with addiction to smoking marijuana and his difficulties with being bullied by friends and acquaintances for most of his younger years until finishing college.

Despite his difficulties, David had (and has) strong psychic abilities and has maintained a dream journal for years.  He also started doing personal readings with beings that later identified themselves as the Guardians (or Ra).  David kept journals of all his contacts, through dreams and readings, through the years and have discovered profound and sometimes startling correlations and synchronicities existing between events and people who have shown up in his life.

For some years, David has been in contact with insiders who are part of a secret space program run by our government since the 1940’s.  David explains the whys and how of these contacts thoroughly in his book.  As a young person, he also became aware that there were sinister forces present that were actively suppressing and controlling humanity.  He was determined to find out the secrets behind these unseen entities.  What he has found over the years is startling… yet goes far to explain the significant inconsistencies present in archaeological findings all over the world… as well as who is behind the secret government that REALLY runs the world.

In his research, David has also delved into spiritual books including the The Law of One series, and many others that he notes in his new book.  Using what he has learned from insiders within the secret space program (SSP) and what he has discovered in his extensive reading of over 300 books, David has discovered a secret that our erstwhile controllers have attempted to prevent us from becoming aware:  namely that at some as yet undetermined date, our Sun would send forth a great surge of energy that would trigger a mass Ascension event on Earth.  Stories, legend, myths and still existent writings from 24 different ancient civilizations, as well as the research of scientific insiders have supported the existence of a cyclical “event” that comes with the ending of a Great Year, the 25,920 year cycle of the precession of equinoxes.

Further, David presents findings that establish the real origin of our global elite, where they came from, how they ended up on Earth and what they have been doing for 55,000 years to keep control over the planet and its human population.  I’ll let you read the book!

And if that’s not enough, David has learned that our secret space program has gone outside the solar system and has bases on several asteroids and moons, including the Moon.

For you fans of the Star Wars movies and books, David has more revelations.  One big one is that Star Wars did happen… here… not in a galaxy far, far away.  Who and what was involved?  Well, you’ll have to read the book.  Remember the Death Star?

Then there are revelations of so-called extraterrestrials that are currently living on Earth or one some of the other planets, moons or large asteroids within our Solar System.  The personnel of the SSP have been in contact with over 50 species of humanoids.  And the present space program was originally started by the Germans long before World War II, with the help of the Draco, a negative extraterrestrial race.

If you’re like me, an avid fan of science fiction and fantasy since I learned to read, you devoured television series and movies like that of Star Trek, Stargate (SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe), as well as the many books published through the last decades of the 20th century.  Now it appears that certain secret information has been leaked to authors, writers and producers through the years… to disclose out in plain sight some of the “secrets” encountered by the SSP, including technological advances.

Recently I revisited the Stargate SG-1 series, watching it on my laptop.  I was drawn to the information contained within the stories about the Asgard, the Stargate system, Ascension… as well as many of the technological innovations that the Americans were able to make by using back-engineered alien technology… something that our secret government and others have been doing for years.  Where do you think computer chip technology, cell phones, and other technological advances have come from?

The stargate system is real; it exists.  What’s more, our engineers and scientists have created one of their own.

The second half of David’s book contains a ton of information, carefully gathered and cross-checked with several insiders.  If you’re not aware of David’s work or a fan of science fiction, a bad case of cognitive dissonance might set in… meaning you will not be able to believe what you read.  Since I’m aware of David’s work and have come in contact through other means of some of the information contained therein, I didn’t have much difficulty in taking in the vast quantity of data contained within… Yet, the book is easy reading, so don’t fret.  It is primarily geared towards the spiritual community, at least those who are curious about the motives and origins of the global elite and their erratic tactics, as well as learning about much of what has been suppressed by the elite, as it would give away their ability to control us.  The global elite, which are in reality a very small group, although extremely powerful, depend on secrecy to retain their control on world events, international finance and banking and corporate interests.

David considers this latest book to be a prequel to the ones previously published.  He recommends that newcomers read them in this order: The Ascension Mysteries; The Source Field Investigations, and finally, The Synchronicity Key.  David will be writing more works as he is still active in collecting information.  Currently working with a relative newcomer, Corey Goode, David is also presenting much of his newest findings online and during lecture tours.  It is paramount that David share this information as openly as possible as he and others have received death threats on more than one occasion.  It is apparent that the elite or Illuminati do not want this knowledge reaching the ears of the general population.

While a great deal of scientific information is presented in this book, it is easy to read.  Also, in keeping with the title, the book is about Ascension.  There are secrets about the genetic make-up of the human race that are beginning to come out.  We are far more powerful than we realize.  And we live in a Universe that supports Ascension.  Those people who are of a forgiving and gentle nature have nothing to fear about the upcoming light surge from the Sun; those who are of a negative nature do.  David presents some of what he found in his extensive reading, his study of the Law of One series, his own dream work and readings, correlating with the information shared by various insiders within the SSP… enough to establish that Ascension is real and will happen… soon.

Being a printing proof, my version of The Ascension Mysteries did not contain any photos, so after seeing a video of the 2015 lecture that inspired the writing of this book, I’ve decided to include a link to the video below for those readers who might be curious to see what information is touched upon.  It can be overwhelming at times, so take a break if you need it.  There is a lot to get caught up on…

I can highly recommend this book and the rest that David has written.  His writing style is very approachable and he is very knowledgeable about his topics, having done a great deal of research through the years.  As mentioned before, David also maintains a website,, and with Corey Goode has been presenting a series of lectures on, a subscription channel.  Do keep an open mind and prepare to be startled by at least some of what you read.

Thanks for reading this review; my first one!


Eliza Ayres

Blue Dragon Journal (

Link to 2015 lecture by David Wilcox on “The Ascension Mysteries”:









7 thoughts on “The Ascension Mysteries

  1. Thank you Eliza for that great review. I have followed David’s work for some time and plan on reading this latest book when it comes out. I also like the Gaiam site for all of its diversity of subjects to check out. Thanks much for the insight to this exciting subject.
    Love and Light,

    • Thank you, Luther. Parts of the book were like reading a heavy-duty science fiction novel… yet, it is the unknown, suppressed history of our planet and solar system. Pretty amazing!

    • Thanks, Ed. I enjoy reading and writing… especially information such as was given by David in his new book. It really answers a lot of questions about our origins as well as bringing up more… We are a curious lot, we humans!

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