Eliza: Reaching the Silence Within


Eliza:  Reaching the Silence Within

With some soothing music from the Lord of the Rings in the background, I am cooling off from today’s little hikes in Graham Swamp Preserve.  Living in a temperate subtropical forest near the beach allows me the opportunity to go walking pretty much every day, except when there is a thunderstorm, tropical depression… or the rare hurricane.  In the short time that I’ve lived in Florida, I’ve managed to get more daily exercise than any other place in which I have lived.  Although my present physical condition is not quite enough to take on big mountains, I can manage a nice mild four-mile walk without much effort, for which I am grateful.  My health upon leaving Washington State wasn’t the greatest and I can see an improvement now.

Having so much free time now, even with my artistic creations and walks, I have done a lot of reading of a variety of books.  I’ve been concentrating lately on “The Sophia Code” by Kaia Ra, which offers meditations and downloads from an assortment of Ascended Lady Masters, including Isis, Hathor, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Green Tara and White Buffalo Woman.  The codes received through doing the meditations free up or activate your crystalline DNA, allowing for a greater sense of Self to develop through time.  I’ll have to re-read the book, as well, to simply begin to assimilate the knowledge and wisdom contained within it.

Three other books that I am also assimilating have been written by Robbie McKenzie, “Metatron: This is the Clarion Call”, “This is the Healing Book” and “The Galactic Counsel, Part I”.  These books are meant to be utilized by workbooks as they contain some very dense material, activations, downloads and meditations to activate your MerKaBa or Light Body.

And then a week or so ago I was contacted by an editor at Random House, the publisher for “Ascension Mysteries”, the latest book in a series by David Wilcox.  For some unknown reason, I was chosen to review this volume, so I’ve been plowing through the 25 chapters.  This book contains new information relating to the secret space program or SSP that our nation and others have been building since the 1940’s.  This information will be startling to those who are not familiar with David’s work… but I’ve been following it for years.  And I’ve long been a fan of various works of science fiction and fantasy, so it doesn’t take much for my imagination to be able to incorporate some of this newest and somewhat startling information.  I must say that David is very thorough with his research, endeavoring to establish his facts, cross-checking with several of his inside sources before actually releasing the information on the Internet.  And even then, David withholds some of the information as it is just too…

Circumstances and my “retirement” have given me the opportunity to really concentrate on my awakening and activation, embodying lighter densities.  Since my physical body is much older, it is taking longer to get “results” I still feel that any effort on my part is worth it.  I have much to work on towards purifying and “lightening” up my diet… although I find I can’t eat much in the way of even chicken or turkey any more… and haven’t touch “meat” for some time.  The Metatron books stress that the light body activation is assisted by a lighter diet… moving from vegetarian to vegan, to raw vegan, juicing and fasting… and then to living on light.  It is not a process that should be rushed as you can damage your body if you just stop eating without the proper preparation.  I’m lucky that I already eat a lot of fruit and have been adding more vegetables.

I’m not sharing this information about diets to suggest that anyone MUST eat this or that.  I have had to eat heavier foods while I was still working at the prison, in order to manage the denser vibration there.  Now that I’ve let go of that job, I’m eating more lightly as it feels more “right” to me.  I eat when I’m hungry.

Pure water is also essential for cleansing the body so it can hold “light”.  Obtaining “pure” water these days is a challenge, as even most bottled waters contain unwanted ingredients like fluoride.  I’ll have to dig out my water filter from the remaining stuff in my storage unit.

The intention to concentrate on my ascension, through meditation, activations and downloads, cultivating peace, utilizing my creativity, sharing my journey… is a daily process for me now.  We truly create our own world each moment.

Well, enough for now.  I’m not feeling particularly profound and just a bit tired out from the heat, so I will switch to finalizing my reading of “Ascension Mysteries” so I can write my review.

I hope and pray that all will be able to sail through the upcoming eclipses and equinox season with grace and ease.


Eliza Ayres

©All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com


3 thoughts on “Eliza: Reaching the Silence Within

    • No froggies today. Sometimes they sing after a rain, but it hasn’t rained in days. All the tiny marsh creeks were “dry” or muddy, no water. Okay… violet flame for the water jug.

  1. No “accident” that you were contacted to review David’s book, Eliza…I love all these connections in the NOW…thank you, as always, for your sharings…I tune in…and then share !

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