Nature Walks – There and Back, Again: Bulow Woods to Fairchild Oak


Nature Walks – There and Back, Again: Bulow Woods to Fairchild Oak

Dawn brought yet another warm, humid and sunny day to North Florida.  I had an itch to take a hike and do some more exploring, so I loaded up Bella the Kia and headed out to Flagler Beach.  Driving through the beach town, I continued down the coast towards Ormond-by-the-Sea, passing by Gamble Rogers Memorial State Park (good beach access) and the beach access for the North Peninsula State Park, a relatively undeveloped park.  I stopped briefly at the latter, hoping to take a walk from Smith Creek Landing, but the trail was closed today.

Next, I drove across High Bridge and onto Walter Boardman Road, heading towards Old Dixie Highway.  Just past the marsh, there is a small parking area and trailhead, which is part of the Bulow Woods Trail system.  I headed south towards the Fairchild Oak Trail and parking lot, some two miles, passing through salt marsh, pine plantation and coastal scrub terrain.  On the way, I had a short encounter with two graceful whitetail deer.  After taking a brief break to refresh at Fairchild Oak, I retraced my steps back to the car.  The next time, I’ll head north on the trail to meet the trail system that comes from Bulow Creek State Park in Flagler County.

The woods which I passed through had quite a few hardwoods, including red maple, Sweet Gum and Magnolia grandiflora, as well as assorted palms and saw palmetto.  It is an interesting environment and one that is highly threatened by development.  You can thank the people of Volusia and Flagler Counties for having the forethought to save some of this “old Florida” from future development.

Here’s some photos for your enjoyment:







Blessings and love to all,

Eliza Ayres

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