Nature Walks – Linear Park, Palm Coast, FL


Nature Walks – Linear Park, Palm Coast FL

Well, folks, I saw my first Florida alligator today.  It was swimming in the middle of the Matanzas River, a brackish waterway that separates the barrier islands from the main Florida peninsula.  People with small children and dogs beware!


I started my walk in Linear Park, a skinny park located between the east and west bound lanes of Palm Coast Parkway.  Access can be had off of Colbert Lane.  Trails in this park link up with a network of bike and walking trails throughout Palm Coast.  I continued my walk along towards Waterfront Park, another Palm Coast Park located off of Colbert Lane to the south.

The walk is very pleasant, although hot this time of year.  Still, I saw plenty of people out both riding and walking, taking advantage of a bright sunny day… with the added excitement of seeing a wild alligator up fairly close (safely out in the river).  I have seen people allow their children to play on the edge of this waterway — something I wouldn’t recommend given the size of the gator.

The trail from Linear Park going towards the Matzanas River follows the St. Joe Canal, one of numerous canals and ditches built in the early days of mosquito control.  A bridge connects the trail to Waterfront Park heading south along the embankment above the river.  Benches and the occasional picnic table are spotted along the path for respite and refreshment.

I’m enjoying my little explorations.  If you’re thinking of visiting this area, you can rent from local bike shops.  The paved trails are mostly fairly flat and easy riding.

Blessings and love to all,

Eliza Ayres

Photo credits:  Taken in Palm Coast, Florida


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