Journal Entry 08.08.2016


Journal Entry 08.08.2016 – Happy Lion’s Gate

This morning, for some unknown reason, I was vacillating on what to do today, whether to venture out towards the ocean, visit an art gallery or… Well, I ended up working on another painting.  There is still some detail and finishing to be done but not a bad effort.  The scene is an inlet at Princess Place Preserve, a large Flagler County park located north of Palm Coast on the Matanzas River or Intercoastal Waterway.  There are lots of marshes and islands in this area so I will be able to get usage of my earth tones, greens and blues.  The thunderhead is actually from another photo taken in Eastern Washington.  I thought the sky needed a little more drama so added the clouds.  It’s called artistic (or poetic) license.

Guess I’m practicing up for Plein Aire (outdoor painting made popular after the Impressionists) which I want to become involved in as soon as the weather cools somewhat.  We’re having 90+ degree F days with 75%+ humidity, which makes for a heat index of near or over 100 degrees F.  I am painting in an open, screened garage, but can go in when I need to cool off or get something to drink.

Hope everyone is enjoying this work.  I’m having fun doing it… getting into that wordless creative mode that is betwixt and between this dimension and the next.

Much love and blessings,

Eliza Ayres

Copyright All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

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