Eliza and the Angels: Ramping Up


Eliza and the Angels – Ramping Up

Note to Reader:  Before the end of this post, you will notice a change in “voice”… the angels came in to address you.  They are ever present and available to assist with your given permission.  As with any message, allow your own discernment to determine what to absorb and what to let go.  Accept responsibility over any reactions.  If this material is not for you, then go forth with our blessings.

While on the surface, my life seems pretty quiet – indeed, I’ve had the house to myself the past week – it still “feels” like something is ramping up, both within and without.

I am aware of the Lion’s Gate energies that are already with us and the impending eclipses of September that are just around the corner and probably already affecting each of us in our own way.  Yet, I’ve learned or sensed early on in my journey of awakening not to place too much importance on any one of these portals or gateways.  They’re meant to be taken altogether, for there is no time outside of 3D; all is happening in the ever present NOW.

Even in our present human 3D consciousness, we jump forward and backward in time… but seemingly feel uncomfortable dealing with the present moment.  We are learning to be present and that means letting go of dates, future expectations and most certainly, the failures, mistakes, victories and glories of our past.  We are learning to simply accept ourselves as we are now, not who we hope to be in the vaguely defined “future”.

In coming into an acceptance of self, it means letting go of self-judgment, self-hatred and self-recrimination and discovering a new sense of being comfortable with what and who you are now.  This can be a difficult transition for some people to make as they are comfortable with the old way of viewing self, of blaming self for what happened ten, twenty, thirty or more years ago.  Their ego clings to the old recriminations and self-blame for what happened and continually chews on the what-ifs, why did I do that, and most especially, “but I…!”

Let it go.  Bless your inner child and give it a hug.  Surround it with healing energy and Violet Flame.  Feel compassion for the one who suffered through difficult circumstances and give thanks for your survival and willingness to let go of these old energies and truly begin to live renewed by self-love and compassion.

As a child, a young person, a young adult… especially those of the First Wave of starseeds, your sensitive nature took on the conditioning of your adult mentors, parents, relatives and teachers.  You absorbed their fear, their self-hatred, and their confusion and pulled these confusing emotions into your own little bodies.  You were the emotional sink or toilet for your family’s inability to deal with their own suffering and misunderstanding about this world.

So much was hidden.  You intuitively understood that not all was well with the world, but did not have the support or knowledge of how to cope with the confusing energies since your own parents seemed to struggle daily with things that made no sense.  You did the best you could have done in the times and circumstances with which you were presented.  Let go of any needless judgment of whether or not you failed.  Simply to live through the latter part of the 20th century and into the 21st was to be a survivor.

And now, daily are the revelations coming forth to explain, at least in part, what was being hidden from your surface consciousness, the dire plans of a small portion of humanity intent on controlling and destroying nearly all the rest.  It is a wonder that you do not suffer nightmares nightly knowing these things, yet in your heart you know that there is something better, more pure that stands before you.


As a teenager and twenty-something, I was recovering from the emotional trauma of being an incest “victim”, yet I always felt that deep within there was a portion of my being completely untouched and unsullied by what I had experienced.  I was intuitively touching into my own divinity, the divine Christ Self who was anchored within my own heart chakra.  Although at the time I had no knowledge of chakras, I knew there was a part of “me”, of my consciousness that was “pure”.  I felt it to be an observer in this world, apart and separate and yet at the same time, one with me, protecting a very tender part of self within, similar to that of a mighty mother lioness protecting her cubs.  In that tentative fashion, I began to come into an early awareness of my own divinity.  Yet due to the heaviness of the surrounding energies, I did not fully understand this connection.  That knowledge and awareness would come much later in my journey and is still emerging forth.

What I am attempting to express here is… know that your divinity, your connection with Source energy has always been within you, secured deep within your own High Heart chakra.  You have never been separate from Source in reality.  Only through your own sense of shame and guilt, your self-hatred have you kept yourself separated, have you erected an artificial barrier behind yourself and your true Being.  Consequently, your frequency level lowered to the point where you did not allow yourself to feel the unity within.  Let go of the anchors of self-defeatism and rise into an understanding that you have never been alone in this world.  Your own Christed awareness and presence has always stood with and within you, waiting for your acknowledgment and acceptance of this holy union that exists beyond time and space.

Let the tears of release fall, dear ones.  Let the self-recriminations, doubts and fears go.  Let the soft sobs of release bring healing to your sorely tested awareness.  You are whole within.  Your spirit is eternal, an angelic being having a temporary human experience in order to advance in soul evolution.  This lifetime is not the only one that you will experience.  Mistakes can be rectified.  Experiences can be cleansed and purified and reviewed with new understanding as step stones on the way to wisdom and grace.

With the acceptance of your experiences, you can observe humanity with a deeper compassion than would have been possible before coming here.  From the point of view of an outside observer, looking into this world from a higher plane of existence… do you think or feel that they would successfully understand all that has been going on here?  No… so you volunteered to come here, to walk through the valley of darkness and deceit, to experience and feel the emotions and feelings pouring through your frail physical body, so you might know exactly what it takes to survive in this conflicted world… what is real and what is not.  In coming into an awareness of the power of your body’s ability to interpret energies, you have come into an understanding that all was not as it was being presented through the media, through governmental and institutional sources and so you began to question everything and everyone, even your own thoughts and beliefs.  As you stretched your curiosity towards those things you did not understand, you began to learn slowly about what was really going on, shocking things, disturbing things… and finally the puzzle pieces came together into a distinct whole.  It was a game, a duality game that was being played upon this strange world.  And both sides, white and black, were playing as if their way was the only way… when in reality there was an entirely different way to exist, in unity consciousness.

Still there are many persons who have not progressed so far in their understanding of the world and so they are presently overwhelmed by the challenges presenting themselves in their worlds, through the loss of property, jobs, family and friends, money, health issues and the like.  All that is out of alignment with the new energies now emerging upon the planet are being stripped away from each individual present.  What is resisted, change itself, will persist and continually translate into new and different forms within one’s life, until that person leaves embodiment or until they willingly begin to shift their own consciousness and release all that holds back their own evolution.  The choices have been made.  Humanity made its choice in 2012 and now the cosmic energies are knocking on the doors of every house and breaking down any continued resistance to change.


Let go that which does not serve you any longer.  If you do not, you will deal with what self-recrimination, guilt, self-hatred and so on that still exists in the form of self-inflicted karma through experiencing similar circumstances in another lifetime on another 3D planet.  Energies and lessons that have not been dealt with and learned thoroughly will be repeated.  This is not a threat; it is simply cosmic law, principles that have not been taught to many upon this planet during these days of lingering darkness and chaotic energies as rapid changes overpower what has passed for culture and society, most especially in the Western world.

The power and authority over this world is returning to the unity consciousness that truly overlies anything that 3D consciousness could possibly invent.  The Law of One will prevail in the coming days, months and years, and changes will begin to manifest into the physical awareness of all who are still present upon this globe.  The time of the erstwhile controllers has ended; the remainder of their ranks has simply not completely surrendered to that energetic reality… due to their own resistance to the light within.  Their fear and hatred of the Light is so overwhelming that they will do anything to escape what they know is coming.  Their hatred of humanity is so overwhelming that they have chosen to do all that they can manage to destroy and take down as many individuals with themselves, as they sink beneath the waves like a damaged Titanic, never to surface upon this world and reality again.

Step aside from that hatred that you have taken upon yourselves as sensitive, empathic beings and release it to the Violet Flame so that your own bodies are cleansed by the holy fires.  Your light can now shine forth as it was meant to, like you did when you were the innocent child.  Your innocence is still intact, stored carefully within the sacred chamber of your own Heart Chakra.  Open up the door of that sacred temple and walk through into the chamber lit with the flames of your sacred fires, which have been waiting for your presence, for your consciousness to enter within.  Take the hand of your Christed self and feel the blending of the energies and the understanding come over you of the unity of your existence.  Feel the ancient detritus that you have picked up during this and all of your embodiments upon this planet now washed away and cleansed from your emotional, mental and physical bodies by the tender administrations of healing angels.  Feel the innocence of the pure spirit that you are in reality come through and look through your eyes into a world now transformed through your understanding and release of judgment about what has gone on before.

Now you stand, cut free of all karma, cleansed and free to express yourself as a holy presence, aligned with One and individualized in consciousness through your daily experiences. Together, with your companions, you will rebuild a new world where children are allowed to follow their own inner guidance and are guided and taught by those who love and respect their ancient spirits.  Together you will construct a world where all life is honored and loved for its unique diversity, where abundance, joy and beauty are shared and enjoyed by every living thing.

We feel your pain as you doubt whether you are worthy of living in such a world, but we tell you that it is your birthright, one that has up until now been denied you here on planet Earth.  That is all changing now.  It will take time to manifest into the physical, yet the new world already exists, within your own heart and longings.  Allow your heart, mind and soul to be relieved of all its burdens, cooperate with your own cleansings and clearings and accept the transformation within that the cosmic energies bring to you as the entire world undergoes a great purging within the flames of evolution.

We honor you, dear ones, for all that you have undertaken, for stepping forth bravely into those places where even angels fear to tread.  You have done well, beyond any expectations, and will be rewarded as you continue to evolve into your true selves once more, empowered, enlightened and free.

Blessings and salutations to each of you as you undergo your separate and unified journeys, for we are One in the blessed Divine energies of the Cosmic Christ.


Eliza and the Angels

Note to Reader:  This “journal entry” quickly morphed into a “channeled” message.  The angels are close by these days.  Call upon them and they will assist you with your own changes and challenges.

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

Photo Credits:  Eliza

Word count: 2222!

16 thoughts on “Eliza and the Angels: Ramping Up

  1. Thank you, Eliza.

    I had a major meltdown the other day, ranting, raving and crying uncontrollably as I lashed out at —(whoever, imaginary telling off so-and-so, etc.) but then turned it all on myself, much as you describe. At least I was home alone. A day later, I was astonished at how much better I felt, and now 2 days later, I feel light and positive and almost giddy! EMPOWERED! My angst relates to career and income, money and obligations, but even while beating up on myself for my delusions of grandeur (insisting on doing what I love for a living and not for side income) and failing to rise above debt, I realized that I deserve to be happy, no matter what, and it wasn’t one simple thing that got me in between a rock and a hard place, it was many small choices or decisions where I did the best I could at the time. And it really isn’t the end of the world that it seemed to be. Inspired, I see some jobs I plan to apply for, and once free of anger, I magnetized a lot more work/income in the last few days!

    This Mars-Venus Square offered us a particularly painful lesson, but with that, valuable insight to make new, informed choices, so we can let go of what no longer serves us, and thrive.

    • Yes, these energies of late have challenged many of us to release and gain new insights. Well put and well done.

  2. This is beautiful! And we are soul sisters. I, too, have written on taking these power dates with a grain of salt. For many they can be very disappointing. Nice to learn more of your journey, too. Keep on Earth Angel. 🙂 ❤

  3. Thank You Eliza and Angels.. Perfect post for me in this now moment.. Greatly appreciated..
    Much love, Fiona xxx

  4. We step up,above and see!!!! “Now you stand, cut free of all karma, cleansed and free to express yourself as a holy presence, aligned with One and individualized in consciousness through your daily experiences. Together, with your companions, you will rebuild a new world where children are allowed to follow their own inner guidance and are guided and taught by those who love and respect their ancient spirits. Together you will construct a world where all life is honored and loved for its unique diversity, where abundance, joy and beauty are shared and enjoyed by every living thing.”

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