Journal Entry 07.27.2016

Journal Entry 07.27.2016

Here’s my latest painting…another scene from Singleton Beach, Hilton Head Island, from a photo taken last winter.  Due to tropical storms and at least one recent hurricane, the beach was stripped of much of its natural sands and is now mostly mud flat and tiny grass-covered islands.  There are dead trees and shrub, plus storm wrack lined up in piles before the start of the indigenous live oak and pine forest of the island.


As you can see, my “style” is getting looser and more impressionistic.  When the weather cools down a bit for my northern blood, I want to get outside and do some Plein aire (open air) painting.  And apparently, there is a local art cooperative that teaches that style of painting.

Usually I do a preliminary sketch on a small pad, but for this painting I made a few outlines of basic shapes with a light pencil and then went right into the brush work, adding light layers and then building upon the basic background color.

Since the photo was taken in winter on a foggy day, the colors were quite muted, so I toned it up a bit by adding more blue to the water (which was quite shallow in depth) and purple and blue to the shadows.  It’s called artistic license… since a painting is merely a rendition of nature, not nature itself.  It’s fun teaching myself to paint.

As my old teacher said, “It’s the doing, the act of creation, that is important in art ( or any kind of art form).”

My landlady, who is an empath, has noted that my energy is very “high” when I’m engrossed in painting.  It is to me a living form of meditation, bringing me further into alignment with Higher Self.

As always, I encourage everyone to find some form of art or creative expression that brings joy to your heart and “lightens” your life.


Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

P.S. For those who are curious, my color palette is fairly simple: Ultramarine Blue, Titanium White, Burnt and Raw Umber, Yellow Ochre, Purple, Sap Green and Cadmium Medium Yellow.  Grays are made by blending purple/blue with Umber and White.  This painting was done on stretched canvas with acrylics.

4 thoughts on “Journal Entry 07.27.2016

    • Yes… I paint in the garage in the morning hours with the door open and bug screen closed. It’s not ideal (lighting wise) but gives me space to “get messy” and put out my painting gear. I can finish a small painting (16″ x 20″) in about four to six hours depending on the complexity of the content. Portraits can take longer as I’m still struggling with the intricacies of the human face.
      And my landlady encourages me to paint. It gives me something to do and I do enjoy the process. It is a blessing to have an understanding person who appreciates creative expression.

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