Journal Entry 07.24.2016 – Sightseeing in Flagler County, FL


Journal Entry 07.24.2016 – Sightseeing

It being Sunday, I went for another drive, this time to Washington Oaks State Park.  This is the site of another estate, with formal gardens and nature trails, on property adjacent to the Intercoastal Waterway.

The gardens are formal and quite lovely, an unusual combination of English garden style, using subtropical plants, with a touch of Asian influence.  If the temperature had been a bit cooler, I would have enjoyed the visit a little more, but it is still worthwhile checking out this place if you happen to be in the vicinity of St. Augustine and/or Daytona Beach.

I also checked out the county access points to the Atlantic Beaches in the Hammock area (north of Beverly Beach and south of Crescent Beach and Marineland).  There are several nice parking lots where folks can park and walk down to the sandy beaches gratis.  No fees.  Access roads are: Mal Compra (Bad Buy) Road, Old Salt Road, Jungle Hut Road… and there is a beach access at Varn Beach.  Washington Gardens State Park also has an entry, but there is a fee.

I didn’t linger at the beach; I don’t as a general rule enjoy crowds or the hot mid-day sun.  It was a nice drive and I am getting a sense of the area now that I’m driving again.


Eliza Ayres


Local denizen found on one of the Nature Trails… a very large spider with an impressive web.  There are six miles of trails in Washington Oaks State Park.


The Gardens has a formal rose garden.  The blossoms looked a bit burnt due to the hot sunny days we’ve been having during this so-called “rainy” season.  Florida is having a bit of drought, as is much of the East Coast.


The Intercoastal Waterway, passes between the barrier islands, marshes and the mainland portion of Florida.  There is lots of boat traffic.  Fishing is good, too.  Washington Oaks State Park had some areas set aside for fishing, as well as scattered picnic areas.


A more formal bit of the Gardens.  There are a lot of azaleas here; should be quite a show early in February and March, or whenever azaleas bloom in this warm area.

Photos:  Washington Oaks State Park, Flagler County, Florida, off Hwy A1A.

1 thought on “Journal Entry 07.24.2016 – Sightseeing in Flagler County, FL

  1. Eliza, thank you so much for sharing these discoveries.
    The pictures are beautiful, and it is really a happy moment. Just to read your account and look at the scenery.
    Heartfelt thank you, again ! ❤

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