Journal Entry 07.21.2016


Journal Entry 07.21.2016 – Explorations

Now that I have some transportation I can start on exploring my new state.  Today I ventured over to the Princess Place Preserve, a Flagler County Park.  It is the site of a former large estate situated alongside the Mantanzas River, a vast salt-water estuary, also known as the Intercostal Waterway.  The site is slightly rolling, covered with Live Oak (Quercus virginiana) and Saw Palmetto, as well as other tough, salt-resistant plants.

Being it was another very hot day, I only took a couple of short loop trails to get acquainted with the area.  I’ll be back when the weather is a little more mild.  It is a pleasant place to spend some hours wandering around.  Hikers, bikes and horses are welcomed on most trails / roads, which are also well-signed.

There are various buildings on the site, including a Lodge and Information Center.  I didn’t visit the main house, for which the Preserve was named. For more information, see:

Here’s a few photos.  The sun was rather brilliant, so the blue skies are a bit over-exposed.





This kind of walking is vastly different than hiking in the high mountains of the West, but not unpleasant.  There are still insects with which to contend, but I managed by moving along the grassy / sandy trails.  Being a weekday, there were few other people.  Every once in a while, unseen creatures scuttled through the heavy brush, probably birds or lizards.  I could also see bright orange crabs ducking for cover in the mud banks as they heard my approach.  I also startled a heron or stork out of an oak tree on one of the islands.  It’s call was entirely prehistoric in tone, a loud squawk!

So… that was a good start on my explorations.  I will continue to update my readers on various places visited in the vicinity of where I am presently living in the State of Florida.

Blessings and love to all,

Eliza Ayres

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4 thoughts on “Journal Entry 07.21.2016

  1. Sounds like a heron 😊 They do sound very prehistoric. Photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

    Sent from my phone 🌻


  2. Pretty nice. I’m awaiting your first encounter with a Boa or Python.
    We will have a longer blooming season above 5000′ due to the mild summer, this year.

    • The only snakes I’ve seen so far are garden and black snakes. And I haven’t seen an alligator or rattlesnake…yet. They do live here. The Boa and Python are aliens. I think they’re more active further south. Miss the mountain blooms of PNW. There aren’t as many flowers here oddly enough in the wild. Lots of wild palms, oaks, wild olive (Osmanthus) and Magnolia grandiflora.

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