Eliza: “Revelations”

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Eliza: Revelations

Since last I wrote I was able to purchase a nice used car, so I’ve been driving around making up for not having wheels for the last five months.  Of course the purchase took a large chunk out of my remaining savings, but I’m not complaining.  I can’t express just how happy I am to be able to finally be independent of the “schedules” of others… as thankful that I am in being assisted by a few gracious people during that extended period.  As things are spread out here, a vehicle is required to do anything other than go to the bank or grocery store, which, fortunately for me, are within walking distance.  Everything else on my “to do” list has been waiting until now.  And since I’m on a budget, I will gradually finish those items as I am able.  One must be practical, a virtue that is, fortunately, ingrained within me.

Now that I can explore this new world that I find myself in, I can say that there are some surprising things about Florida.  When most people think about Florida, they immediately think about the tourist attractions, like Disney World and the like.  Interestingly enough, I’m NOT attracted to that sort of thing at all.  I would rather drive a back road and see what there is to see in the way the common people live here.

Away from the mansions and “beach” towns scattered along the coastline, Florida is a state of marshes, lakes, rivers, farmland and forests.  There are some really old towns here, especially in the interior.  I’ve only scratched the surface as yet, but plan to do some more exploring soon.

While I like walking on the odd beach or two, I’m not attracted to lying around for hours baking in the sun.  I would rather walk, take photos and walk some more… losing myself in wonder as I watch the thunderheads building in the deep blue skies overhead or hear the calls of birds in the tall sandy pines.

I appear to be undergoing a deep transition.  I’ve been working on a series of meditations and activations given through a couple of different book series.

Unlike some of the ascending ones, I haven’t received much in the way of visions or auditory connections with my guides or mentors of late.  In fact, it feels like they have withdrawn somewhat, which means perhaps that I am in the process of receiving new guides.  That is usually a sign of expansion.  Guides change and new teachers appear, whether in the physical or through other means.

Last weekend, a friend and I attended service at the Spiritualist church in Casadaga, Florida.  The village is known as a community of mediums.  People come from all over to receive messages and guidance.  I actually got a message from my mother through one of the student mediums, although the medium presented the message as coming from a male.  My mother’s name was Francis; however, the description of a thin, tall person suffering from a pulmonary affliction due to smoking was spot on for my mother.  This was the first time ever that I’ve been contacted by her, outside a moment of recognition some years back about the reality of soul contracts.

During the latter experience, I was in the process of reading one of the Kryon books where the magnetic master put forth an explanation about soul contracts.  As sometimes happens with me, I had a complete download and immediate understanding on the significance of my sometimes stressful relationship with my two parents.  It was a moment of clarity and recognition that life extends before and after lifetimes spent here on this Earth plane.

Through the medium, my mother commented about how she didn’t understand (while living) why I loved animals so much and why they loved me (dogs and cats often run up to me spontaneously).  And why I loved plants and gardening.  These interests are just a part of me and have always been, due to an inner recognition and acknowledgment in the divinity that exists within all form.

One of the books that I am in the process of reading is “The Sophia Code” by Kaia Ra, a young woman who has endured much hardship while being wholly supported by light beings so she could survive and continue on with her mission here.  The information and activations contained in the book will begin to free a lot of people from a lot of the disinformation related to spirituality and religion.  The book, which I have not finished, has brought together various codes, names and clues that I often wondered about during the course of my 30+ years of studying various bits and pieces of metaphysics and spiritual teachings.  It is like I’ve been gathering various scraps of material in order to stitch together a quilt, whereas “The Sophia Code” presents the whole scenario of what has been purposely hidden and/or suppressed through the dark ages.

Those who have done any reading at all should be aware that our world, our Solar system has entered a portion of space delineated by an ocean of light.  This is a cyclic occurrence.  To understand the flow of the cycles, you can study the work of theosophical authors or the Vedas.  The existence of cycles is well-documented despite modern scholarship dismissing the process as mythology.  Our world, humanity is much older than the 5,000 years advertised or put forth by Christian teachings.  It is also older than the 100,000 years now put forth by alternative researchers.  Man did not come from Africa alone; he came from a huge continent that was long ago broken up by a huge cataclysm.  The world has been destroyed more than once and humanity has had to start over, as it were, at least four times, as the legends of the indigenous Americans tell us.

Directions and guidance was carved into stone by our ancestors to give us clues for the future.  It has taken mankind a while to sort out some of these clues, especially when a limited world view dictated by Christian dogma has insisted in sweeping alternative viewpoints under the rug.  The existence of the Internet and the availability of information at a level unknown for thousands of years now allow anyone with half an open mind to access different points of view.  The Church and the elite cannot prevent us from learning more about our past, the past of our world and the past of our species, humanity.  Now, as the cycle moves from one age to another, many secrets are being revealed as was promised in sacred texts written all over the planet.  It is the time of the great Apocalypse, which is the great unveiling of mysteries purposefully hidden, which can be revealed now at the beginning of a new great golden age.

There has been more than one golden age.  Indeed, our world and species is far older than we now know, with our limited consciousness remembrance of our race’s shared memories.  That is changing; everything that has been hidden is now being revealed, no matter the resistance that some people are putting up to clamp down on the process.  As our planet and Solar System travels through the Photon Belt, the ocean of light, the continuous onslaught of waves of cosmic light emanating from the Great Central Sun of this Universe, is pouring out light upon the darkness that has, until recently prevailed over this world.  Light reveals all that is hidden despite any efforts to the contrary.

As above, so below; as within, so without… thus states the Law of Resonance.  What is taking place on a collective level is also playing out in the life of every person upon this planet, no matter their position or location.  Our personal unconscious debris gathered from lifetimes upon this planet and others, is also being brought up before our eyes to be acknowledged, released and transmuted.  What we do with these revelations determines where we go when the splitting of the world occurs.  There isn’t much time left.  Choices, whether conscious or unconscious, have already been made.  Many people will be physically leaving the planet; others will remain and undertake the rebuilding and healing of the planet and of society from the damage done by the battle of dualism.

In returning back to the Fifth Dimensional frequency, our world will be transcending duality.  That is not to say there will be no more polarity, as genders will still exist, but the long drawn-out illusory battle between dark and light will be over.  There is no wrong or right in the worlds of light.  Energy simply is…love.  It cannot be destroyed, only transformed.

While I may live a simple life, my heart and mind are engaged in a process of transformation on an individual basis.  I can only be responsible for how I choose to react or not to what enters my life.  Right now, I’m keeping it simple.  I exercise, meditate, eat what my body requires… and now have the opportunity to broaden my horizons by exploring the areas near where I am living.  I love to hike and take photos of nature.  It is both art and meditation.  Some of my photos find themselves translated into paintings.  I’m going to wait until the temperatures moderate in the early autumn before attempting to paint outside.  I’m still getting used to living in this steamy, sub-tropical heat.

I understand that many people are concerned about the present state of the world.  For me, this period of transition was not unexpected.  I had foretold it as I have lived through such times before, elsewhere.  And my heart knows what cannot be said to some people as they would only react with fear or anger.  So the counsel of the heart advises silence.

Now that I no longer “working” at a job, my schedule is fluid.  I can take more time to answer people’s questions if they have any about things that I know or just to share life experiences.  I will be re-writing my “About Me” page on this blog indicating a new willingness to share.  As one who has passed through many of the ancient mystery schools of many different cultures, I was bound by ancient vows of silence.  Recently, I released myself from those vows.  I do not remember everything, but what I do may assist others in coming to their own understanding of what is now occurring on our planet.  There is much information available if you take the time, but many have obligations to family and careers.  I am simply focusing on making ascension a priority in my life.  This choice does not make me better than any of my readers or other people; it is simply me continuing to follow the inner urging as dictated through my Heart, which emanate from Higher Self.

I smile as I look upon the ineffable face of Sophia, She Who Has No Name.  I have re-discovered the One who has given me form and made me in Her image, a divine being with unlimited potential, a potential that is only now beginning to unfold before me like a beautiful flower.


Eliza Ayres

©All Rights Reserved, 2012-16, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com

2 thoughts on “Eliza: “Revelations”

  1. My heart sings in recognition, Eliza, thank you. I’m so glad you have wheels. Me, too, I could walk everywhere for the necessities, but to be able to go where and when is extremely important. I don’t ‘go’ often, but when I do, it’s a freedom that’s hard to describe. Indeed, like as within, so without! Love your writings, B.

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