Eliza: Down to Bedrock


Eliza:  Down to Bedrock

Here I am still in Florida, just being and allowing a deep healing and integration to take place.  As I was on my nearly every morning walk, I had a revelation or realization… there was no need for me to go anywhere right now.  This might seem obvious to others, but I’m not where I am used to be living.  This is a Westerner, a hiker and camper, used to living at higher elevations in a much drier climate zone.  Now I’m living in Florida, learning to survive in the steamy, summer heat.

I don’t think I’ll remain in Florida forever, but I can see why the never-ending sunshine can become addictive, especially for those people who have moved here from northern climes.

Anyway, I’m still recovering from recent events in my life and looking at some depth into the whys and wherefores of said events.  What I am currently undergoing is a ripping away of ancient trauma that is manifesting in my current life or timeline, by its being brought to my attention.

In my readings and through personal experience, I am aware that what we experience “today” has its actual source or basis in the long distant past, whether in childhood, early adulthood, wherever severe trauma has fractured our consciousness or even what is considered a “past life”.

Another happening that arises in one’s life or at least mine, is the repetition of a spiritual lesson, given in a slightly different form if I manage to integrate at least a portion of the lesson.  “My” lesson has been one of learning to trust Spirit completely by going within and seeking direction there.  At the same time, my lesson has been to seek out or more precisely to be aware when Spirit is speaking or reaching out to me with a message that seems to come from “out there”, whether through another person’s writings, the story line or content of a movie, through a song, or through interaction with another individual, face to face.

During the course of my spiritual journey, one that has been ongoing since childhood, I have met and interacted with individuals who claimed to have the answers to questions long held within.  They did… and they did not, for these individuals were also gravely wounded within and projecting their wounds out into the collective, often portraying other humans as being less than themselves.  This judgment was articulated in various fashions, but came down in essence, to being a dualistic approach, as in “us” versus “them”, e.g. “Those people are still sooooo asleep!” or an acclamation of “I can’t STAND to be around unspiritual people!”

You will find this kind of attitude frequently along some of those who aligned themselves with the so-called New Age teachings.  It is an attitude held by someone with a high degree of spiritual immaturity that has not recognized the divinity within ALL humans, no matter their origin, political views, nationality, color, race, gender or religious background.  As long as one judges either oneself or others, you have not stepped beyond duality and into Oneness.  There is a tendency to talk the talk, but not to walk the walk.  I have done this myself, frequently, so I know of what I speak.

I have consciously chosen to work with my dark side, to view with compassion what comes up during or after an uncomfortable interaction with an individual.  I chose to examine, to forgive and to release those things that have left me triggered, angry, frustrated or sad.  I am not looking away.  And what I clear today, will affect my “future” timelines as I will no longer need to repeat a lesson or experience the same level of discomfort that I have in the past.

It has become apparent that I am on an Ascension timeline.  This doesn’t mean that I am ascended yet, but that I am consciously working towards that goal intentionally.  Not all individuals are even aware of Ascension as being an option.  Most human beings are not even aware of their own divinity or potential, that exists within their very special DNA… one that is greatly envied by many galactic races (see the works of Lisa Renee for further information on Galactic History).

Even those individuals who are aware of ascension have some misconceptions as to how or what is happening especially when the s**t seems to hit the proverbial fan in their lives.  It is simply that when the frequencies of the planet rise, ALL that no longer resonates with that frequency is pushed to the surface for clearing.  Thus, you are now seeing the collective darkness or miasma of humanity arising into the collective awareness in the form of violence, uprisings, civil unrest, and the revelation of political, financial, religious, societal and personal “secrets” being revealed at an increasingly rapid pace.  In other words, if you have chosen not to do your own inner clearing of your own personal “demons”, they will arise for clearing in the near future, at which time you will be given yet another opportunity to take responsibility for your “stuff”.

The common way to handle these “events”, whether personal or involving other people is to react, to call for justice, to demand, to get angry, upset, sad and emotional.  In choosing to react, whether to political chicanery or revelations of wrong-doings on the part of a government, company or individual, one is giving power to that darkness and allowing oneself to be triggered and to wallow in the extremities of emotional conflict… which further increases the likelihood that you will continue to experience such events or similar ones until the lesson is learned and you can view the event or person (including yourself!) with complete neutrality and compassion.

Humanity is getting squeezed by the increasing frequencies and incoming cosmic waves.  The chaos and the revelations will continue, but you do not need to continue to be triggered by these appearances and events.  It is a choice.  Continue to judge others or look to seeking salvation outside of self and there will be events in your life that challenge these ego fears that continue to be projected out upon others.  There is no “other” outside of self as human beings belong to a collective consciousness.  We each act as mirrors for other.  What we react to is exactly what we need to work on clearing individually… and oftentimes for the collective.  As a light worker… former or otherwise, awake or not, that has been your job, to clear for others (who are not awake) what they cannot do for themselves… yet.  And it is what we have been doing for decades, some of us in a conscious fashion, but many in an unconscious manner.  It is what it is.  Our experience will be different as we each contain within ourselves different soul, monadic and galactic memories.

However, now the “job” or “assignments” of light workers is changing.  For myself, I am undergoing embodiment of my Higher Self.  Some way showers have long completed this process; others like myself are in the midst of this embodiment, while still others have not yet begun the process.  It is not my duty to “save” anyone or to try to prevent them from being hurt.  Nor is it my duty to carry another individual to salvation; each person is required by Cosmic Law to do that themselves.

I was told recently that despite the fact I have been on a spiritual journey for years, even decades, I had not reached the level of being “activated” or experiencing a high heart opening.  With some time and perspective, I can reasonably argue that I have been “awake” for some time, but residing energetically on a plateau, not allowing my light body or MerKaBa to fully activate.  At the time that the remark was made, I interpreted it as being derisive and demeaning given that I have spent most of my life striving to understand.  At the same time, I recognize that there was a kernel of truth in the statement, as I had not penetrated as deeply as the individual addressing me appeared to have done and so felt diminished in that moment.  However, the statement was not made from a state of compassion, but from an ego judgment, whether or not it was true in its essence.  Still, it was MY responsibility to take that statement and to see why and how I got triggered by that and other… many other such instances and comments made by an individual who, supposedly, was “more advanced” spiritually than myself.

The bare truth is that we are ALL divine and that there is NO difference, no being “better” or “more spiritual” than other.  To believe and act out of this mind-set is to come from an ungrounded ego, one that contains deep-set emotional wounds.  It is more important to realize and to accept that despite appearances, every person has their own soul journey; one that may or may not be similar to your own and we CANNOT judge them on the basis of outside appearances or experiences.  The beggar on the street may be a Master in disguise, with no need to have his heart opened (it is already) or gain wealth and power in this lifetime.  He is merely here to raise the frequency for everyone else.  The child who dies young, whether through disease or violence, may have made a soul contract in order to assist others to open their hearts and to learn compassion for those who are in need.

First… one learns self-love, self-acceptance and compassion for self.  This journey can appear confusing and perhaps selfish to the outsider, but it is one that is demanded of those who are consciously making a decision to raise their frequency, in conjunction with the changes currently occurring on the planet.  You cannot truly help or heal others until you are a whole and integrated individual… which is the true origin of “holy”.  And you cannot become whole until you are fully integrated with Higher Self, giving over your personal will to the direction and guidance of Divine Will.  This requires letting go of anything and everything… everyone… who prevent you from completing this phase of your spiritual evolution.  It is a choice, one that each of us is given, sometimes more than once during the course of a lifetime, especially during this time as the Earth moves from one grand cycle into another.  It is a window of opportunity.

Everything that is needed for the journey has been given.  The steps are delineated in the writings and channelings of many teachers who have worked with the higher energies for decades.  Other individuals are learning in a more direct fashion from their own spiritual guides or “teams”.  The manner of instruction or guidance is unimportant, as each individual responds better to one than another; it is a matter of personal choice and experience.  Yet as we walk our individual path, we are assisting the collective by our being able to radiate out from our center, our sacred heart center and divine mind, a sense of growing peace, at-one-ment and even bliss.

A sense of bliss, contentment and joy come with the full re-union with Spirit.  Anyone can attain this level of evolution for that is what “ascension” truly is, a mere step on the path of ALL human evolution and simultaneously, it is a returning to what humanity used to be, living at a higher vibration, in peace, harmony and abundance.

Humanity is entering a collective Dark Night of the Soul, where all that does not “fit” or “resonate” with the higher frequencies will be pushed out.  Thus, the chaos and violence will continue, but it does not need to be part of your experience if you have done the work on clearing your own inner darkness.  Although you are a witness, you will be able to look upon the individuals on both sides with compassion and understanding, as you have walked in those same shoes as they are now doing… during millions of years of lifetimes spent on this planet.  And for those of you who are aware of being starseeds or volunteers come here to Earth to assist in freeing mankind from darkness, do not make the mistake in  feeling superior to that of humanity.  There is much that humanity does not know of its own past; much that will be revealed in coming years, much that has been hidden due to genetic manipulation and the repression of the real history of this planet and its people.  Many galactic races do not have emotional bodies.  It takes great mastery and skill to live on this planet.  It is an honor to be here in any capacity.

With the inner work that I have been doing, I feel a lessening of anxiety or the need to “do” something today.  If it happens, it happens.  If it doesn’t, I chose to let go.  I am content to live a simple life and grateful that the Universe gave me a place where I can meditate, read, garden, exercise and do art at my own pace.  I am letting each day unfold and reveal to me what wonders that it presents.

This morning, I encountered a garden snake on the road as I was walking.  I prevented a car from running it over while I was there.  I looked up the meaning of the snake totem:

“The snake animal meaning is powerfully connected to life force and primal energy. In many cultures, it is revered as a powerful totem representing the source of life. When the snake spirit animal appears in your life, it likely means that healing opportunities, change, important transitions, and increased energy are manifesting.”  http://www.spiritanimal.info/snake-spirit-animal/

The appearance of a snake that seemed to want to follow me as I moved away from it, not out of fear, but in not wanting to step on it… is appropriate, as I am currently working with Kundalini energies, among other things, and undergoing downloads from Higher Self.  I am in the midst of an intense healing process that will continue for as long as it takes.  In appreciation of this fact and awareness, I’ve decided to abide where I am for now until I receive further guidance.  Messages arrive in many forms; it is up to each individual to successfully interpret them or not.  I have chosen to observe, listen and learn, with humility and gratitude to what is being presented for my benefit and instruction, from within through Higher Self.

Our indigenous selves knew how to interpret the world around them through observation of nature.  As modern people, sometimes caught up by trivial matters or simply trying to survive in difficult financial circumstances, we often forget to look to the simple things all around us, that is Spirit in form attempting to communicate with us.  The appearance of an animal, changes in the weather, the ability to connect with others… any little thing can take on new meaning when you realize that the manner of delivery is not what is important, but that the message contained therein is.  If you are unable to listen or understand, the message will come again in another form… and at some point; a 4×4 will descend upon your head that will have the effect of waking you out of your self-absorption.

In seeking out bliss, I am not turning my face away from humanity, but serving the purpose of healing others through healing self.  Peace must start from within each of us, as individuals, before it will spread to the collective.  There is much to clear and as a result there will be many who experience great hardship, but remember there is always a soul level choice on the ones involved as they have agreed to take on a particular experience, for their own soul growth and for the sake of the collective.  Therefore, do not judge or seek to judge even your own actions and apparent failures and mistakes.  Each and every experience adds depth and wisdom to your soul.  There are no mistakes in truth, only experience.

I have chosen to set myself free by submitting to Spirit and allowing myself to undergo a process that will ultimately set me on a path to heal others, but first I must fully integrate and heal within and it means walking on paths that lead me into dark, inner places… only to re-emerge into the light and warmth of a new day.

I am your Sister in Light and Love, follower of the Law of One.  I honor all who read these pages.  Feel free to contact me at: bluedragonjournal@gmail.com with your questions.  I am not an ascension guide or life coach.  I do not carry a degree in counseling.  Any wisdom conveyed from these words or any that I might utter, comes from deep experience and much study of life.


Eliza Ayres


Copyright, All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com

Photo Credits:  1) Singleton Beach, Hilton Head Island; 2) Wild Iris, Walla Walla, WA

5 thoughts on “Eliza: Down to Bedrock

  1. Beautiful words, thank you. Nothing written in my diary today, nowhere to go or people to see. So freeing to just be at peace with myself, and take each moment as it arose. Looking back maybe today has been the first time I’ve been able to do this since hubby took his transition 12 years ago ….. Blessings to you Eliza

  2. Hi Eliza,
    “I have chosen to observe, listen and learn, with humility and gratitude to what is being presented for my benefit and instruction, from within through Higher Self.”
    Love the steps you are taking on your path.!!!
    You Higher self knows it all…..are you ready to know it all?
    You seem to be. ❤ ❤ ❤ enjoy!!!

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