Announcement for Readers of Blue Dragon Journal


July 12, 2016 – Announcement for Readers of Blue Dragon Journal

Some of my daily readers may have noticed a sharp uptick in postings on the Journal, both my own work (art work and articles) and some selected pieces from other blogs.  I “decided”… well, just was following intuition to post articles that I thought would be pertinent to what I’m personally going through or related to the ongoing Shift.  I’ll try to not get too carried away and post 20 reposts per day… just a couple.

Since I’m now “retired” I have more time to work with the blog and do other things, like “work” on my Ascension.

And, oh by the way, if anyone feels like donating to the cause, for the upkeep of this blog, as well as an energy exchange for help (if any) received, please contact me via email at:  I do have a PayPal Account but don’t have the technical knowledge on how to post the link on this blog, so snail mail will have to do for the time being.  I will not post my mailing address here, so contact me directly.  Any contributions will be cheerfully and gratefully received.

Since this blog is an individual endeavor, be aware that there will always be changes occurring.  We’re going into (and have been in) an intense period for the collective of humanity, so I’m taking this opportunity to do my little bit through this particular medium.

I welcome respectful comments and input.

Love and Light,




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